Panera Bread

1240 NJ-33, Hamilton Square
(609) 438-4000

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Maddie L.

worst customer service ive ever experienced. they didnt know who i was but my mom spends thousands catering with them and they all know her and are nice to her but have never seen me before. they have the worst attitudes. i also tried to pick up my order in the drive thru which i know you aren't supposed to do but i had the flu and didnt want to walk in the restaurant and they still made me turn around and come in (also very rude interaction.)

Vince S.

Every few years I get suckered into trying a Panera location. This one has been in my neighborhood for awhile and I had no interest in going. But after deferring lunch for too long and being nearby it seemed like a quick place to grab a sandwich. I had heard about their new chicken sandwich so that was what I was thinking about ordering. As I walked in there was no one at the counter taking orders, I saw a few touchscreen kiosks where you can place your order. I've used these at other restaurants, the Panera ones were a bit wonky and harder to navigate. But I was able to place my order well before any employees came to my aid. By then there were a few groups of people waiting to order in person, and an employee eventually came out. I was told to go to pick up window and my order was just being bagged, so it was pretty quick. But the bag felt light....... At $12 this was a pretty small sandwich and devoid of toppings I thought I had added. But it was decent. I got the spicy version but with light sauce. The brioche bun was good and chicken was tender but not very crispy. It came with a child portion bag of chips. I also grabbed a chocolate chip cookie as the dessert selection seemed depleted. It was ok. Nothing was bad about my meal, but also nothing to say on a positive note except that it was indeed food. The $15 spent here could have gone much further at several places very close by. I guess I'm too old to understand the appeal of this chain, but I'm pretty sure I'll get suckered into trying them again in a decade when they feature a new burger.

Tatiana Solovei

Employees rude and unprofessionalThey offer me to buy old bakery and all fresh was hold for the next day! They have a lot but don’t want to sell it! Why I should eat expired food

damaris thuita

I love their chipotle chicken avocado melt (no cheese). And ever since I discovered their drive through, Saturdays have never been the same.

Magritte C.

I stop in this Panera every few weeks or so to pick up their very good turkey or tuna sandwiches when I'm on the road. I love the place. However, in my most recent "to go" order my sandwich came with a tomato that was tan in color. Tan? Yes, tan! Meaning unripe and tasteless. However, here is the rub - it's August in New Jersey. Ripe red juicy Jersey tomatoes are everywhere. I don't know where they are getting their tomatoes from, but they are certainly not Jersey fresh.

Samantha A.

Never can just make a order right. They always hit that my order has been completed when I do to go and time after time it's over 40 minutes and the order was bumped off the screen and never made. Now the computer messed up and didn't tell me when my order was ready so instead of walking over to a table they yell at me "why do I have to remake it ", bc it's ice cold and you never tried to notify me. Sloppily handed over to me . Would literally drive 25 minutes to a different location then ever come here again.

mp kelly

love this place. chicken frontega, beef and cheddar, cheddar broccoli soup is bomb and the pastries are on point too.. now I'm craving the cinnamon crunchy bagel

Daisybelle B

Horrible attention to detail. Ordered a bowl of soup and a family size soup. Just 2 pieces of the French bread for a family of 4. This location , Hamilton NJ on 33 seems to have issues with preparation and following company procedures. They are 0 for 2 ordering for me. My advice, go to the grocery store pick up Panera soup there or just hit the WAWA across the street.

Nick Mastropolo

Worst experience with this place! I ordered through the app and went to go pick it up when it was ready. When I got there, my order was nowhere to be found. I speak to a worker and they call someone else over to help me. When they came over, I asked where my order was and they said "oh, I guess someone must've taken it. We'll make another for you." When that was ready, I left. That was a mistake, I should've checked it before I left because it wasn't what I originally ordered. If I didn't have to go back to work, I would've driven back and complained more. I'm not ordering here anymore, this is two experiences in a row from this place where I had problems.

Martin Blank

The restaurant staff made me feel extremely uncomfortable for purchasing their agave tea ( one of favorite products they serve) They made me feel like I stole the cup at the self checkout when I asked for items like sugar & lid. The young people working there performed unprofessionally such out out of uniform, loud personal discussions & not wearing the proper hygienic food service gear. It is such an unfortunate experience hoping no one undergoes the same. Leadership should address the issue.

Hernan Quinodoz

Friendly and courteous personnel, variety of delicious breakfast and lunch options, plus cleanliness: We always find them here at the Hamilton NJ Panera. We have made it a routine to stop by here when we come to the regattas at Mercer lake. And will keep coming. Thank you.

Elaine D.

Dining room isn't the cleanest but the friendliness of Nicole and Lauren make us want to come back each day. I love the soufflés, especially when they're not over baked.

Victoria Smith

Love the Broccoli and cheddar soup. The Asian crunch salad with chicken is good. I tried the Mexican corn chowder soup was ok to me. The new chicken sandwich spicy take is good. Try them!

A charter

Nice going through the drive thru for the first time. Staff reconfirmed my order twice and was pleasant. The food was good as usual. I had a bacon Turkey bravo, chips and coffee. I love their coffee. The staff did ask if I wanted cream and sugar and I said yes, 5 and 5. I guess they never got that response because he didn't understand and I had to spell it out. Five cream and five sugar.

K. Edwards

I like this Panera! They're always nice and my order is always correct and fresh ??‍♀️

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