Grape Vine Tavern

657 Newark Ave #2303, Jersey City
(201) 659-1436

Recent Reviews

Robb Nunez

Coldest draft beer in town! Open early as well

sachin bhatia

Nice place for enjoy drinking

Tom Woods

Fantastic Irish bar hidden in plain site! The bartender has amazing stories!

Lord Jetrow

Great place to have a drink and no be bothered

BatoBeats Productions

Place is old school JC. Just how I remembered it before I took of for the navy

Danny Nguyen

Awesome friendly bartender and old school bar.

Michael F.

Awesome environment true Irish old school bar. Granted it may not be for the haughty young professional. This is a true old school fun establishment with real people. If you are looking for authenticity this is the real deal, if you are looking for the illusion of a true old school bar and have your ass kissed while getting charged $15 for a gin and tonic look elsewhere.

Katrina B.

Great old school bar. Good vibes and good people. This bar is jersey city's best kept secret.

Ed Anthony

Beautiful bartender

Dennis F.

This is a neighborhood bar with local regulars and they DO NOT take kindly to new patrons/strangers. .......The Old Skool Owner and Employees do not want new people (esp. corporate professionals) in there.... Best to take your money and patronage to Bar/Restaurants on Downtown Newark Ave

Chris L.

Opens 6am and serves $4 drafts all day long, what a great dive bar. Taps are Guinness, Coors light, Yuengling, Bud and 902, a yummy Jersey City pale ale. Medium size bar plus a small back room. Absolutely no food; well, they have peanuts lol. Cash only.

James Owen

Great owners. The best bartenders. The most questionable crowd.

Ed Skolar

Oldest bar in Jersey City obviously doing something right

IbraAdz X

They have the wrong address on Google

Andrew Joor

Atmospheric old bar near the Courts in Jersey City.

Yvette Cid

A friendly place love the look. Great place to hang out and have a few beers

Ree Gee

Start or end your night here or if you are low on cash stay for the great priced drinks.

Unchart Thegoodlife

Nice historic bar with friendly bartenders, juke box plays practically any song you want. Drinks are very reasonably priced. The game is always on and free food on sundays! Not to mention it being the first bar to get a liquor license in jersey after the prohibition, the place is full of history!!!

Nestor Fotos

Local place.

Neil Marko

Miller High Life on draught.

Valerie Rea

It is our favorite stop after jc parade. Had such a nice day yesterday. Bartenders are very nice and helpful.

John Vervoort

Oldest bar in JC. Kind of a dive, but a dive with a lot of character and nice folks. Good place to sit and have a few drinks.

Rebecca S.

Rolled in this place mad deep after an Elite event around the corner. After party? Don't mind if we do. Definitely an old regulars' bar. Some were friendly, others were a bit taken aback by our presence. Guessing they're not used to our kinda crowd on a Wednesday night. There's a jukebox, so your drunken friend can play the same Fetty Wap song 3 times. $5 for black Sambuca shots. $5 for a bottle of Budweiser. The bartender, Rick, was awesome! He gave me a bottle of water on the house for being D.D.. Thanks, Rick :) Props to Grape Vine for putting up with us crazy Yelplings. We had an awesome time!

Bloss C.

Grapevine is a legit old man bar. Very popular watering hole after the Jersey City St Patrick's Day Parade, which was when I was there. There's a jukebox that plays House of Pain, which may be the new old man anthem as it was played several times while I was there. Cash only, cheap coors lights and buds.

Louis R.

Holy shizzat. It smells like olD oLD OLD people in here. The place has like 3 lamps, the patrons are composed of old veterans, Mexican dudes, down 'n out souls and people hiding from society. ...and me. ugh. Becks beers are $3.50...but it's fuckin scary in here. There is a juke box! Whoa, nothing but heavy metal and southern rock. I gotta get outta here....the dark side of the force is taking over my bod. \m/