Liberty Halal Restaurant

245 Liberty Ave, Jersey City
(201) 963-7031

Recent Reviews

Rahul Patil

Expensive grocery store.. White eggs 12 count selling for 5$ .. Will try to not visit again. Generally other grocery store sell it for 1.5$

Ruben Nolasco

Food is great , burgers are unbelievable for a deli inside a store , but the loss of stars is for the wait time on a order . I consider my comment constructive criticism as fixing this problem can lead to great things for this business . Great Food!

Murtuza H.

I love this place! I ordered through Grubhub and it was so quick and easy. Prices were super reasonable and portions are generous. I had the cheesesteak (with green peppers) and it was fantastic. Thanks and will definitely order here again.

Wisseler Saint Jean


Steven Garcia

Great beef gyros.

Yolonda Jones

Food is so delicious I ordered yellow rice grilled salmon , grilled shrimp and broccoli it’s sooo good and cheap . A lot of food and they are friendly. Better than food ringside

Haidin Deighton

This spot is worth trying. They have large portions for convenient prices. Constantly well kept and with fantastic atmosphere. Would recommend to others.

Hamza Mirza

AMAZING. The food was the best. BEST Gyro in Jersey City. Food was perfect. HIGHLY Recommend. A++++ Service. It takes alittle time, but it's worth it, if the food is amazing and is fresh.

Zain K.

This place has some really great food!! Everything of theirs tastes really really good. I would recommend the cheesesteak or the Texas burger I think it's called? But their food is amazing and really cheap too. Side note: don't be fooled by the name restaurant. It's more like a deli that sells food in the back not some place you'd wanna bring a date or your family. Food is great nonetheless

Justin Crespo

I read most of the reviews on this place mostly good very few that were bad so I thought I might give it a chance. Walking into this place seems a little bit confusing at first because it is a regular street corner deli store but just walk straight to the back and you’ll see where they cook the food and a counter where they’ll take your order. This place has a few seating areas inside and outside but I rather order my food and go. I’m not discrediting this place because the food was absolutely surprisingly good!!! The Bacon cheeseburger is absolutely out of this world the burger was nice and meaty fairly seasoned and nice and juicy. My friend got to try the Italian cheeseburger which comes on a hero with the beef chopped up and lettuce tomatoes and cheese and French fries that comes in it itself it was really good no complaints and last but not least we both tried their honey bbq garlic sticky wings and it was to die for not to saucy but just right everything taste like it was cooked freshly and the food was nice and hot. I will definitely be visiting this place again the food is good and cheap prices if you’re trying to eat on a budget I highly recommend or just want a quick bite to eat every penny was worth it. Don’t be afraid to give this spot a chance just because how it looks from the outside. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER SO DON’T JUDGE THIS RESTAURANT BY IT’S STORE FRONT.

Philip Wong

I don't trust all the great reviews on here. I walked in at 10:10 PM and ordered one burger to go. There was only one other customer there ordering food. It took 30 minutes for me to get my food and walk out. The burger was cheap, but small. I'd prefer to pay a little more and get a bigger portion. The food itself was mediocre. I probably won't be going back unless it's the only option.

Farooq Haider

Very delicious and affordable food. The guy on counter was very friendly and food quality was also good

Abbas Ezzi

Gpod food and service

philip w.

I walked in at 10:10 PM and ordered one burger to go. There was only one other customer there ordering food. It took 30 minutes for me to get my food and walk out. The burger was cheap, but small. I'd prefer to pay a little more and get a bigger portion. The food itself was mediocre. I probably won't be going back unless it's the only option.

Miguel R.

Best sangria thus far! My wife would not stop raving about it. Andre the bartender was amazing as far as professionalism and knowledge of the various drinks and menu. The food however lacked flavor big time. We were very disappointed with the rigatoni dish and lobster mac and cheese as we had to send it back. On a positive note our waiter Steve was magnificent, friendly and accommodating. We wish there were more waiters like him. Thank you for being so pleasant. Lastly, management please tell the band that played on Saturday to stop making announcements that the tip jar is empty as I must have heard this nonsense about 3 times during the 2 hours we were there. Either get better musicians or pay them more.

Moiz Sabir

Great prices and awesome hospitality. Would definitely go again if looking for halal food in JC

Aliasgar Taheri

Good food,dont expect anything fancy or unique.but good value and service.

S Davison

Great food at great prices!

Zain Khan

Everything I’ve ever had from here was amazing. The food is all good and really cheap. The Philly cheese steak is really a bang for your buck 😋. The place itself is not a restaurant it’s more of a deli with a few chairs. Food is great nonetheless and that all I really care for.


Awesome service and the food is AMAZING!

L. K.

Delicious food! Ordered 4 times already and everything was on point - burgers, cheesesteak, chicken gyro and the fries - all were amazing. Love the convenient location in the area, friendly service and the prices are great too!

Elizabeth Hernandez

They advertise Mexican grill and is an Indian food the wins are full of batter to much fat.

Allen McCord

Great little spot! Delicious food! Give them at least 10 minutes extra to have your food prepared. It's a small gripe, I know, but I am extremely impatient and stressed for time on my lunch breaks.

Angelica Pichardo

I'm never disappointed when I get food here

khalid ahmiri

Great food and best service

Marlo S.

Ok so this place is grossly under reviewed,and I've been here enough times that's I'm ashamed to say it took me this long to write a review for the stoners gem that this place is. You simply cannot make a wrong choice from their menu. Countless times now, me and my compadres have enjoyed their delectable foods in sheer sensualist ecstasy. I've had the Philly here dozens of times shaving of ticks of my heart and loving every bit of it. Somebody tell Chicpea JC about this little place where the food beats your expectation consistently. Oh and they deliver via all the platforms.

Sarah Abdalla

Never saw this restaurant, but ordered many items from the menu; some I loved others were just ok. I ordered their burgers (hamburger and mushroom Swiss burger), grilled and fried chicken with rice with grilled veggies (2 entree and 2 sides combo special) their Philly cheese steak, lamb gyro, chicken strips, mozzarella sticks, fried shrimp, french fries, and cheese cake. So the chicken strips and the burgers were my favorites. The flavor was on point and so was the price. I don't eat Philly cheese steaks but my husband said great things about it and ordered it again. The combo meal was ok. I had greater expectations. The chicken cutlets that were cut up were better than the grilled chicken. I thought the grilled chicken would have the taste of the grill/ charcoal. It tasted boiled or baked. Also some of the veggies were soggy. (The corn in the photo was mine hat I made at home. It did not come with the meal)The yellow rice was good. The mozzarella sticks were $6 (more than the price of burger or chicken strips) and were a bit salty and imo not worth that price. The chicken strips were amazing!! Lamb gyro was okay. I was not a big fan of it. The meat wasn't as juicy as I'd hoped. Its texture was a bit hard like it was overcooked or something, not what I'm used to. I appreciated them using romaine lettuce though (as opposed to regular iceberg lettuce). So, not bad for $5 but wouldn't get it again. The shrimp had this weird seasoning coated onto it. You couldn't tell if it was Cajun or Curry and pepper with other spices. My daughter and I disliked the taste, and the shrimp itself seemed to have been frozen or old. This item was the least appetizing. However, the fries were tasty and they give you a generous amount.

Mairaj Gilani

This is not a restaurant. It’s a grocery store with a few table and a few chairs. Place smells bad, doesn’t have a restroom and has no seating—should not be called a restaurant. Very confused when I got there. I’m not sure how they have all these good ratings, probably rated by family and friends ‍♂️.

roger ussery

We're all addicted to this place at the job, we oder food delivery from here every night. My favorites are the sweet chili flavored wings and the grilled salmon w/ grilled shimp combo caesar salad. Many of my coworkers are in love with the parmesan wings. This place never disappoints.

Amit M.

This place is the definition of a hidden gem. Looks just like your regular corner deli but the food is actually amazing. Hot, fresh, tasty (the seasoned chicken is just so delicious) and most importantly.. consistent. Had 5-6 times and it's always been so good. Mix n match combo is the winner.. the coconut shrimp and chicken (as mentioned above) is good and all the sides and sauces. I've also had the cheesesteaks which are good on a wrap or bread. They also do free delivery anywhere in JC which is uncommon. Inside the deli itself they have amazing kulfi ice cream for $2.. I'm sure they would throw them on your order if you asked! Props to this family run spot!

Karen R.

Wow! Not what I expected in the best way possible. The quality of the food was great and everything tasted delicious. I had the mix plate with garlic shrimp and chicken which was fantastic! Talk about bang for your buck ! And a delicious cheeseburger for $3.75 NUTS! I highly recommend.

Jujube S.

I ordered a double bacon cheeseburger with LTO, seasoned fries, & a piece of red velvet cake. Liberty called me to advise they were out of red velvet, so I got a slice of chocolate cheesecake. The burger was very well done, which I should have expected since it's a halal restaurant. My veggie burger toppings were on the skimpy side, but it was nicely seasoned and hot. The large order of seasoned fries was huge and they were quite tasty. My cake was on the skinny side, but looks delish. I'll probably try Liberty Restaurant again.

Lauren J.

This is my favorite late night spot! The cheeseburger is the most delicious around and you can't go wrong with ANY of the fry choices. The fries are absolutely DELICIOUS. Quality ingredients with excellent preparation and price. For real... that cheeseburger...

Sameer Shah

Great sandwiches. They should advertise more, because their location is in the middle of residential block. Their delivery is fast as well


Ordered food, they called and apologized for being late and they were leaving the restaurant now. An 2 hours later food showed up.

Ingrid Tenorio

Turkey bacon BLT... is to die for... best place ever. Food is amazing no complains so far. Whatever I have ordered taste wonderful. 🍔🍟 🍗

Swisher L.

Love this place and so grateful its around the corner. Its a family business which makes it so much nicer. The food tastes great and the young man who makes it definitely has pride in work. The lady at the register is always nice as well. You cannot beat the prices and quality of food here. You will not find anywhere else in our area.

Carol S.

My co-worker and I ordered chicken and lamb gyros with side order of fries. Very, very good would definitely order again very pleased. We ordered thru Seamless food came in no time was good and hot smelling so good. I recommend this place to anyone.

Rebecca G.

I don't remember how I stumbled upon this place but I'm glad I did! They have the same menu as the restaurant, Eat, who I'm not happy with. Both owners are cousins. Makes sense. I'll start off by saying that when I first pulled up to this place, it was a bit sketchy because it was in the back of a corner store. My friend and I ordered the $10.99 Mix and Match Combo. I had Fried Shrimp, Grilled Shrimp, Tossed Salad and Grilled Veggies. My friend had Chicken Wings, Fried Shrimp, Onion Rings and Fries. Nothing was soggy! Brownie points for that! Nothing was oily! Another brownie point for that! The only complaint we had was that the onion ring was a bit hard and chewy for some reason. But that's okay. Unlike Eat, they don't have added on lobster tails or snow crab legs. I would have to go to Eat for that but if that's the case, I'll do without it. I'll be returning soon!

Loren R.

This is one of the worst delivery experiences I've ever had. The food was 30 minites late, the fried food was cold and soggy, and they put a ceasar salad in the same container as the wings and french fries, making it inedible. How lazy do you have to be to not put a salad in a separate container from the fried food? Needless to say, we threw the food away. Waste if money and will never order here again.