Margherita's Italian Deli

651 Newark Ave, Jersey City
(201) 610-9600

Recent Reviews

Stefano Perito

Great place always go there for lunch i got a cop of espresso ready

Mayra Villegas

Live the hours of operation and love the delicious hot and cold sandwiches.


Great place however the sandwiches can improve a little they seem to be losing the Italian that the place is supposed to be. It's becoming a deli.

Y. Val.

great service

Kev H.

The chicken bruschetta is my favorite ( only on Tuesday and Thursday ). Just get there before the Courthouse personel go to lunch because they might run out of the chicken...

Yard&Abroad TV with Tasha Nuhnonsense Nats

My spot. Love these guys. Food is good.

Mia Mia

Best deli slices. Sandwiches are delicious

Yard&Abroad TV with Tasha Nuhnonsense

My spot. Love these guys. Food is good.

Flaca QC

Great place for a quick bite...The offer a daily Special, Hot and Cold Sandwiches

Daniel Hayes

I know the brothers Very well They also know about the neighborhood and who their customers are Great food fast service Very polite

Rodney Longfellow

Friendly guys, but this simple deli had very little and what we had tasted like it was premade and warmed up, not house made. But close to JC Court. Also overpriced. They just make up price when you're done.

Stefanie D

Really nice people that work here. I go.for lunch here alot . Chicken bruschetta is amazing !

omar pile

Eggplant Rollatini....the best!!!!

Thelma Wright

Food Is Delicious


I've been going here for 2 years now, love it. The food is always great, I wish they made Minestrone soup during the summer. Best Minestrone I've ever had, add extra Parmesan if I may. Never had a bad meal here, always satisfied. If you're lucky enough to fond an open seat to eat in, take it. These guys love to socialize and talk about what's happening in the world. They open at 6 AM and close by 2 PM, and it's cash only, but they have an ATM inside.

Nelly D.

Very friendly, chatty owners and fresh, reasonably priced food with gigantic portions! Will definitely return.

John Jennette

Popular, solid hot and cold Italian food, and friendly service. They are cash-only, but have an ATM in the store.

Ernesto Negron

Great Food and Service!!!! The Brothers are the best Authenic Food

Sheree B.

Thought my childhood deli closed down a few years ago. Found out they didn't close but moved 4 yrs ago. Nothing has changed except now they have eat in seating. So happy and will be back regularly.

Emily A.

I had jury duty today so I was looking for something quick to eat. I stumbled across this place and figured i'd give it a try. I got a chicken cutlet sandwhich with fresh mozzarella, shredded lettuce and I got the bruschetta tomatoes on top. It was delicious!! The only downside is the fact that the man was making everyone's food with no gloves on. That really skeeves me. The guy ahead of me even said something but the man was very rude to him. The mozzarella was fresh, chicken was good, tomatoes were delicious and the bread was great as well. Giving it 3 stars because of the lack of glove use. Food was great but wearing gloves while preparing food should just be common sense.

John Ivancic

Love this old school Italian place

Patrick S.

A nice quick and out with a couple large Chicken Bruchettas. Have one for lunch take one home to the Mrs and life is grand. Delicious and made fresh daily ...take a few minutes and stop by. You won't be disappointed. They make a pretty darn good Italian sandwich and hot food as well. I just happen to love the bruschetta

Alex W.

I called to put in an order for a sandwich and I get done putting in my order for 1 sub and the gentleman on the phone tells me to F off and not call in an order unless it's for a big order. Very rude not in the least that the man cursed at me: I have never been spoken to like that by a business. The nerve!

Jonathan G.

If you're on Jury Duty and you need a quick place to grab good food, this is it. I understand they're cash only, but there's some seating inside and it's like an assembly line of workers behind the counter serving so food comes quick. I had chicken francese, it was great with some pasta, good fresh bread. Give it a try

Lucky S.

Cash only :( No sign whatsoever for cash only . Price is reasonable. Service is ok . Sandwich I got is fresh . Like it

C D.

Best Italian deli. This is the new (been open for a couple years I think) Morsello and Cupo's. Every time I visit jersey I have to have the chicken bruschetta. People drive here from NYC just to get this dish. You will be addicted!!!

Dee F.

The guy behind the counter is extremely rude & it's cash only. It's 2015, all businesses should take credit/debit cards. I won't be going here anymore

Fred L.

Enjoyed my turkey, salami and Swiss cheese hero today! The sandwich was nice and hefty! Worth the entire $7 it cost me. This deli offers both hot and cold items. I saw some pastas in the buffet area and they have a few tables in case you'd like to dine there. I would return if I'm in the court house and in the mood for a good sandwich made quickly.

Steven P.

One of the first places I ate at when moving to Jersey City. The owner is quiet, gets to business and on your way quickly. At first I thought he didn't like me, but then after a couple weeks off from eating there he asked me where I had been. I guess we're best friends now. Either way, fantastic sandwiches - always a crowd pleaser.

Kenny L.

I worked on Newark Avenue across the street from the Brennan Courthouse for just over a year. I never truly understood the meaning of a "food desert" until my time on Newark Avenue. Let's just say that Margherita's and McDonalds were the only places in the area that I never got food poisoning from. Yes, this place is the best by default, but even if Margherita's was in another neighborhood in JC, I'd still patronize this place. The eggplant parm is seriously on another level. It's just the perfect combination of light, not too greasy, and not slimy (I usually don't like eggplant because it can have a slimy texture). The Chicken Bruschetta is also good, even in the tomato off-season. The only flaws in this place is that the pasta is just a little too doughy, and the bread can get stale quick. I no longer work on Newark Avenue, and I do miss this place. It's too bad that they only really serve the lunch crowd and my chances of returning at a time for lunch are slim. I'll miss this place.

Lena L.

The rudest staff, I found a staple in my fish!! Instead of apologizing or even giving me my money back-- they were resentful that I even pointed it out! While the shrimp parmesan is a good idea in theory, there is hardly any shrimp in it & the cheese is not edible. Do not go to this hellhole, you are paying for unneeded attitude, drama, & disrespect.

lauren f.

Had jury duty down the street and came upon this deli. The eggplant parm sandwich was delicious. I also had great service by 3 adorable older Italian men. All patrons seemed to be loyal and regular customers.

Tyrone T.

drop in for the racial slurs. I will warn that the language is harsh but has to be to relate the tale. a friend described her experience when she went to get a soda and to watch the end of the games. The unbelievably racist things the Italians in here are saying about the Uruguayans and Costa Ricans in both Italian and English and about all Hispanics in general is disgusting. Spicks, f*cking wetbacks and so on. The old man owner kept saying that no spick should be advancing and that that was the fault of the wetback Mexican ref and FIFA.

Robyn H.

happened to stop here one morning on the way to work to pick up lunch for later. great fresh mozz salad w tomato. also added some prosciutto which was excellent. cash. the great men behind the counter thought i was trusting enough to pay the next day and i did. i ordered a bagel and coffee. hands down the best bagel in the area. not the usual doughy jersey bagel, great ny style. wish this place was closer to my office! looks like they have a great lunch and catering menu!

Tracy E.

First of all, it's cash only which sort of sucks because there aren't any signs posted letting you know. Their bread is a bit harder than I like and my eggplant parm sandwich was luke warm at that. The inside was somewhat warm and the bread was room temperature which didn't really make my sandwich all that appetizing. They're also a bit pricey. I'd suggest going elsewhere.