480 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair
(973) 509-2273

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José Carlos Nascimento

Chief Dr Lucky rehabilitate my four years stage 4 cancer. He helped another family member rehabilitate herpes and chronic infections. My family considers Chief Dr Lucky a vital part of our family. He's passionate about helping everyone to achieve optimal health. Thanks Chief Dr Lucky !!! Contact info

Michele Karl

Delicious Vegan Burgers with fresh ingredients and the combination of flavors for each one was great, well thought.Good and attentive service!

Andre S

Bareburger has always been a nice treat when I'm in the area. I've visited almost a dozen times, brought friends who've also enjoyed and continued visiting on their own.The burgers are great, you can customize them as needed, switching for different meats and/or toppings. The charred brussel sprouts are everything! The fact they are BYOB makes it complete perfection. You can enjoy your favorite drinks without over paying for alcohol. The liquor store across the street helps if you forget to bring your favorite bottle.The service here has always been spectacular. From the hostess to the waitstaff. I cannot find anything negative or critique anything for improvement.The vibe and decor inside adds to the experience. It provides a calming and relaxing atmosphere, even when the place is pretty packed. I also enjoy the diversity of the clientele and staff.


Great laid back atmosphere with really good burgers. You can create your own or order their creations. The burgers were cooked to our specifications. The sweet potato fries were crispy and not greasy. They have gluten free buns as a bonus! Our server was attentive and personable. We enjoyed our evening here.

Bill Dowling

Great food, awesome service.

destinie molenaar

The food and drinks were amazing. I ordered the Guadalupe vegan burger with crispy Brussels sprouts. I ordered 2 ugly beauty's which were perfect. Our waiter, Jorge C, was very helpful, friendly, and carried a great attitude. I 100% recommend Bareburger in Montclair, NJ..

Alexis C

The staff and food are always wonderful. This is our ideal date spot. Both meat protein and vegan burgers are amazingly yummy. There's plenty of great places in Montclair but come here for a great meat burger and an awesome vegan shake. It will hit the spot.


First time we’ve ordered from here. Chicken sandwich was soggy and barely had any dill toppings at $13. Cucumbers in the salad are old (with that slimy film) and lettuce was limp at $8…looks like it’s a pre-packaged salad that they must get in stock in bulk. And we got 5 onion rings for $6. Food is edible…the onion rings were definitely crispy and cooked right. Just feel like everything is really overpriced for the quality. Not worth it. Better off at the diner. Real shame. Those three items came to about $30.

Trevor McDonald

Burgers were pretty undercooked. We asked for medium and got somewhere in between rare and medium rare. Taste on one of our burgers just wasn't there. One of our burgers was decent. Sweet potato fries and the regular fries were both very good. Wings were cooked well, but the mango jalapeno sauce left something to be desired.

Jason Persaud

When I showed up to pick up my food I was told someone else had picked up my order as a delivery. They even proceeded to read to me my entire order which had just been stolen. Whether or not there was a mix up I was not asked to see a confirmation of my order, offered a refund, or even an apology. To make matters worse my partner and I were forced to go without food that evening. This is not the level of service I expect after spending almost 70 dollars on 2 vegan burgers, fries and a milkshake. A glorified McDonald's meal for premium prices and no way of confirming what customers ordered. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Laivs Laivs

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Ariana Leyton

Quality of meal was amazing. Service was attentive and suggested ideas to fit my needs. Build your own burger is always a win! Would suggests to friends time and time again.

Simply Tennille

I’m Just Saying the service was amazing and so was the delicious Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. I thought it would be fun to try the bottle cola.Go in and see if your favorite flavor is a match. Mine tasted more like Dr. [email protected] @ijslive

Nicole Rodríguez

Great selection burgers and a very flexible menu. Very caring stuff, the ingredients are always fresh. I also love ordering from Bareburger. Delivery orders are always exactly as ordered and the packaging is done with care and attention.

Sheryl H

Simply delicious ? the green goddess sauce is so good, their vegan options are really delicious. I love the vegan chikn nuggets, the sweet dreams burger and the carrot cake. I can’t get enough of it. And everyone is very friendly there, they always treat you nice and with respect.

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