Puebla de Noche

6 Park St, Montclair
(973) 707-7499

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G B.

this place was very good. i got the chicken tacos. they have cilantro and onions. very good! i also got a side of rice. BUT the rice was spicy! i took bites and it was normal but then other bites had huge spice! its like they put a little jalapeno in it! which i never heard of before. i would need to tell them not to do that. NO CHIPS AND SALSA for the table. i found that very odd but whatever. i still liked my food. i would go back. it was cold in there yesterday. they need to heat it up a bit.

Kari Sanchez

Food was good but the only thing they are missing is liquor!!

B Isaac Fennell

Horrible experience! Rude and disrespectful customer service. After being seated we waited at least 25-30 mins to be acknowledged. Oddly enough some other Black patrons was experiencing the same level of bad/invisible service.

L.S. S

I got the snapper. Very expensive. Flavor very lemony alittle overwhelming.

Matt Goldstein

We only had nachos and soup. They were both very good and far larger than we expected. We were glad we decided to wait to order entrees. We never did as we were too full and wouldn't have eaten them. Instead I ordered the flan for dessert. It was very good. This is a BYOB, and there is a liquor store right around the corner. We parked in the deck across the street for the convenience and the $1 price.

María José Flores Pascual

Excelent place, un Montclair, for mexican food!

Andy B.

The atmosphere is good but staff didn't get order correct while it was not busy although they were quick to correct. Portions are smaller than usual Mexican spots which is a plus if u don't want to over eat. No check back to see how we were doing. Pros: Food above average Ambiance Cons: Pricey No salsa and chips? Seriously lol

Kristina Breidenbach

Food was great!! Staff was excellent friendly and attentive. Overall great atmosphere.

Frantzdy R.

When you come here make sure to get some chips and guac because they are making your food from scratch like your mama so you'll need something to munch on. The steak(bisktek noa noa) was delicious and also try the Mexican soda. Great experience.

Christiana R.

Awesome atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious food! Loved the guacamole & steak tacos for dinner.

Alex Gerashchenko

Wonderfully Tasty Dish Selections.Dine In waiting is a bit much between 30 minutes to get an appetizer or a drink, is terribly long time.So we prefer Takeout.)) With occasional visit to Dine in.. it's a BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED PLACE. You WILL Love it.Enjoy your Visit.!))

Hollye Richardson

We were walking and were about to pass through and were caught by the beautiful colors and the pleasant server. We decided to sit and have dinner. Everything was delicious. We had the beans and rice, guacamole, plantains, and shrimp tacos.

Abdel Khawatmi

Just had lunch here earlier today and the food was horrible, service was terrible. They were out of guacamole, seafood, the steak were ordered was smothered in salt and the waiter was clearly swamped and the only one working. Wouldn’t recommend this restaurant.

Blake S.

Overall, great Mexican restaurant. As an appetizer, the table split guacamole and chips. The guacamole was delicious. For my meal, I ordered a burrito with rice, cheese and chicken in it. That was also very good. They have indoor and outdoor seating, which is pretty nice. Would not mind returning in the future.

James Curran

Great! Definitely try it if you’re local and like Mexican. Got the “Enchiladas Mole” and it was packed with flavor. The chimichanga was great too…. Nice and tender steak and chicken, great spices… portions good (not too much rice and beans!) Will definitely be back!!!

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