Saveur Creole

131 Grove St, Montclair
(973) 744-3506

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Great food, music and ambiance.

opentable dinner

We had a great experience. It’s byob and there’s a wine store next door. We were seated at the table next to the artist of all the beautiful murals in the restaurant, so that was a treat. There is a separate weekend menu, so be mindful if you like to look at the menu before you go somewhere. Overall I had a great experience and will go back

opentable dinner

The owner was just welcoming and accommodating. Such a beautiful place. We really enjoyed the appetizers. I had the snapper but sent it back Bc it was very salty, however the owner was very understanding and i only paid for a portion of it. He held great conversation with customers and the entire experience was beautiful.

Skyler G.

This was a great experience. I have not experienced a lot of Haitian culture theme restaurants in my life but this was a great one. This is my first restaurant that serves this kind of cultured food in New Jersey. The environment is very clean and it's a nice quant relaxing environment. The staff was very respectful and very catering to our needs and the food was very fresh and savoring. It was my first restaurant that had a bring your own bottle service but it was not too difficult and it was enjoyable. The seats were very comfortable and the utensils showed no specs and was very clean. I really enjoyed the chicken rice and beans that I had with my main course for that night it was nice and hot and had a nice good sit and spice to it. Overall my experience is a four star rating and I look forward to going back.

Emanuel Remilus

Came here for a birthday dinner. The food was *chefs kiss* perfection! And the service was pretty good as well. It's been a long time since I've had some good Haitian food, and this restaurant hit the spot! Def a must go to spot if you're in Jersey and looking for some good Haitian food.

George Talj

Excellent service and great quality. Will be back ASAP. Music amazing as wel.

Benedict Joanis

Delicious and Authentic Haitian food with a fine dining twist!

Anthony Valentine

So if you want some good home cooked food with a professional presentation and great decor this is the place for you! They have a friendly staff and some of the best tasting food outside of a Haitian household. But they are a bit pricey for the amount of food they serve.

Yanique Pluviose

One of the best Haitian restaurant in New Jersey.


Service was terrible. The soup, which was included, came before we could order and then the waitress came to take our meal orders while we were still having the soup. She did this multiple times though we put her off. Worse, she was unable to describe any dish and her accent was impenetrable so she had send the owner. Though we were 4, we only received 3 settings and bread service only included 3 rolls and 3 butters and repeated requests to correct this had no result - including once being told there was no more bread - before bread and plates were brought out. We will not return.

opentable dinner

My niece birthday

Will Nunez

My family and I had a wonderful experience. All four of us love everything. Food was great.

opentable dinner

Food was great. Service started out great but my wife didn’t get her main course until we were almost done. Very friendly but short staffed especially with the larger parties they take on weekends. So the MP striped bass turned out to be $70 per person and we ordered 2. A veg main course was $30+. My fault for not asking but it’s a local restaurant not NYC so assumed it would be 40 maybe 50.

Natasha J.

I wanted to give this place a try upon noticing it online but man did I make a mistake !!!! I made a reservation through open table for 2 which was for myself and my partner. Our reservation was for 5 p.m. and once we arrived we were seated immediately which is why I gave the 2 stars!!! From that point on was horrible. For one I am haitian and I know my food like the back of my hand. I requested drinks of lemonade and it tasted horrible. Haitian lemonade is made straight from lemons and in the cup you will see some pulp. In the lemonade there is some essence flavoring and little vanilla added for flavor. I know the taste of real lemons and when its from instant/ powdered!!!! The lemonade was not 100% pure lemonade. Secondly I wanted to order appetizers for the both of us to eat and was told I had to not only order appetizers but a full entree as well!!! So we decided not to order any appetizers and go straight for the entrée. We only wanted one entrée because we could share it but then I was told that we had to order 2 since I made a reservation for 2 people!!! The owner then proceeds to tell me that since I made a reservation for 2 I HAD to order 2 meals. I asked him should I have made a reservation for one and just bring extra company!!!! Who does that?!!!! I have been to other restaurants and made a reservation for 2 but only ordered for one or got more than one appetizer and shared everything. So by now we were like pissed because we felt like we were being pressured or forced into doing something we didn't want to!!! We really wanted to sit outdoors and enjoy a small meal while relaxing. So we ordered our entrées and first comes out a soup called bouillon which when it came out we were highly disappointed . Haitian bouillon is not made with canned tomato soup!!! I tasted it immediately!!! The dough ball in the soup is suppose to have some seasoning and not mushy. It should be firm and well seasoned!!! There was no Haitian seasoning, acidity, spiciness and just very bland!!! This was a disgrace to Haitian cuisine because I know what my food is SUPPOSE to taste like!!!! This owner is ripping these people off of their money because that was not Haitian cuisine!!!! Lastly that came out was the fried pork, black rice and plaintains. I was completely done by then because the fried pork was very disappointing and poorly made!!! I'm not sure if you guys hired a Haitian chef or another race and poorly showed him/her how to cook the food but what your serving isn't Haitian cuisine!!!! The portions are very small for the amount of food that comes out with the price that it attached so at least I was expecting the taste of the food to make up for that but I was HIGHLY disappointed!!!! So in the end I'm guessing you should know that I will not be returning and to give references to this place will NEVER happen because its just straight disgraceful to the haitian people with the garbage food that they are serving the Caucasian community because they don't know the true taste of what haitian food should taste like!!!!

Diondra B.

I would definitely recommend this place. Went here to experience Haitian food for the first time and enjoyed it. The service was excellent and the food was delicious. We got ( forgot the exact names for some of the dishes) konch appetizer then for meal the snapper and salmon which comes with black rice and vegetable.

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