Pasta Volo

37a Easton Ave, New Brunswick
(732) 504-8444

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Amanda Schmidt

Bruh I love this place. Very customizable options, great for vegetarians. You can mix sauces and add extra sauces, which I like as a sauce lover. Fast delivery with consistent tasty product. Sometimes I would like a little more variety, but I understand the need for a simple menu. The chocolate chip cookies - I don’t know what these guys are doing, but they are to die for. I am obsessed with them.

Emmy Anna

I been coming to this place since they opened and I see the negative comments. Honestly, this pasta place is great because it allows you to create you own dish. To me, it’s kind of like chipotle but for pasta. With that being said, this place is good for what it is and I love it.

Arlene Pastor

Nice size portions and very fresh ingredients.... delicious

asbury bark

the most craveable, best portions, affordable, nicest staff, since day one. ❤️

Andrew Han

Pasta and sauces here are pretty good. Avoid the chicken, tastes like its boiled.

Anna N

I'm really not a pasta person, but I go out of my way to go here. There are a lot of opinions to appease everyone and everything is made fresh in-house. I end up buying a bag of pasta and sauce to take home just because of how good it is.The employees are always very nice and friendly too, which is a plus.

Melanie Cholish

We could not eat. The breadcrumbs tasted and smelled STRONGLY of chemicals. It was awful.

Alaina D.

My friends were going to the beach two hours away and told me about this place they were going to. They brought some home for me, and after a two hour car ride, it is some of the best pasta I've ever had. I am 100% Italian and this vodka sauce - omg. I would drive two hours again today to have it again. Seriously WOW

Manuela R.

Absolute WORST pasta ever. The pasta is undercooked, the alfredo sauce is old and dry, and the chicken was just the worst thing ever. I didn't even know chicken could taste that bad. The service was quick, and the employees were nice. Too bad that's not what I go to a restaurant for, because then it would've been a 10/10 experience.

Romharsh Shah

First time ordering from this place never noticed its existence. I rarely post review but wow this food was boiled pasta, with no taste of sauce nor cheese. One of the blandest pastas Ive tasted. I never cook its not a skill I was blessed with but I would rather eat that. Massive waste of money. Literally threw it all away and posted a picture. FURIOUS!!

Paola P.

I came here because we saw it on tiktok. We drove an hour to try this place. The pasta tasted like something I could make at home. Nothing extraordinary. The sides of meats were unseasoned. Sorry. I wish I could've loved this place.

Matthew M.

FOOD POISONING FROM RAW SHRIMP. The cooks need to be fired or this place should be closed down. I will never order from here again.

Bob Jones

Bad food. I spent $10 on pasta that wasn’t good. There are so many better options in New Brunswick for the price so I’m not coming back here

Michael T.

Durning this pandemic I walked in and they were so spotless and clean I sure felt safe in there. As we as their gm was very sweet and helped us out with how the Resturant works. Their vodka sauce was so good

Liv Reebenaker

Got Pasta Volo for the first time today. was welcomed by Geff who explained the process of ordering and suggested a few combinations of pasta. The food came out fast and was absolutely delicious. I’ll definitely be back!!

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