Cucuzzella's Bakery

196 Jefferson St, Newark
(973) 589-1646

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Jason Bryan

Cucuzzella's Bakery isn't there anymore. It's now a Spanish cafe/bakery.

Leslie Frank

I was able to find this bread in the Toms River, Brick area until recently. It's delicious bread. I would love to find it again. Can you please tell me if is still sent down here? Kim Frank

Daniel P Quinn

Pane integrale a nevarca.

Tony Chino

Fabulous bakery. Down Neck. Family owned for decades . Looking forward to purchase St.Joseph pastry. God Bless George for following the italian family tradition.

Matt M.

You don't have to go to a Jewish delicatessen (nor bakery) to get a good bagel in this area. Believe it or not, Cucuzzella's offers VERY good bagels. (Yeah. I know. Who knew? An Italian bakery that makes very nice BAGELS? The world is weird, my friend. The world is weird.) George is always cheerful and talkative when we stop in for a nosh, and his coffee is always hot and fresh. I love zeppoles, but (word to the uninitiated) you gotta eat these little motherfuckers while they're hot. Period. (Just like their cousins, the beignet and the humble sopapilla, a zeppole will turn into a largely inedible hockey puck if you don't eat it while it's HOT AND FRESH.) George makes the quintessential zeppoles, by the way. His zeppoles are light, airy, and covered with JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of powdered sugar. My husband and I are both wild about the semolina braids here. (My husband's family is from the far northeastern part of Italy -- Trieste, to be precise.) The chewy semolina breads from Naples, Calabria, Puglia, and Sicily are all very, very similar to a semolina bread that his Northern nonna used to bake, and so he gets more than a little teary-eyed when he munches down on Cucuzzella's semolina braid. (All it needs is a little fresh butter, and it's delicious even without THAT.) I always bring semolina braids back to Oklahoma, as they're popular as gifts to friends here. (The red pepper tarallis are also delectable, and equally popular as gifts back home. Just imagine perfectly chewy, italian-style pretzels seasoned with the perfect amount of hot pepper. Yeah. Instant mouth orgasm.) Hubby's grandma used to make plum-filled gnocchi -- a very Istrian dish. She would also put plum jam on her semolina bread. (This, too, is a very Istrian thing to do, we found out.) Well, that memory of Paul's nonna prompted us to try plum jam with George's semolina braids. We took some fresh creamery butter (salted) and some good, Oklahoma-made sand plum jam and spread it on the semolina braid we brought home from Cucuzzella's. (Trust me when I say that this may well be the food of the gods, honey. Our eyes rolled back into our heads. WOW.) Parking is difficult here sometimes, but we tourists are driving around in a part of town in which most locals don't own cars. Believe me -- the parking is easily dealt with. I just wish that Cucuzzella's had a website. (Why no website, guys? It's the 21st century, after all, and offering a website with buying/shipping options would really help to expand your business even further.) But enough petty grousing on my part. JUST GO HERE. Remember, kiddo -- this place has been around for over a century for VERY GOOD REASON.

ava hailey

Its owned by one calm amazing man and he is very fun. The bread and deserts taste amazing.


Best bread in newark. Go there between 4.30/5pm and the bread will be hot !!!

farris Dwider

the tastiest and most authentic italian bread you will ever taste!!! An over 100 year old recipe is a must try!


George is the best. 100 year old bakery!

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