Zepes Cafe & Bar

240 Elm St, Newark
(973) 589-1965

Recent Reviews

Franklin Solorzano

Very good ?

youtube HDR

That's good

Jameson Frazier

I can say this place does it for me.

Haley Rios

Definitely one of the best places in the area. The service was friendly and sociable. This place has a cool feel to it.

Aubrey Jimenez

You won't be disappointed in the menu and service. The service was very welcoming and observant. Prices were reasonable. Kinda of like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed.

Evelyn6 V

It was so tasty. There was fast, efficient, and courteous service. It has a nice atmosphere. I see why this place has a lot of good reviews.

Duane Ball

I'll return family next time. The place has a cool feel to it. Atmosphere is similar to a cafe in San Jose I loved.

Ai Chou

Quick and prompt service !

Alejandra Tillman

Quick and prompt service !

Soren Love

We love eating out. Last night we went to this magnificent restaurant which friends recommended to us. We spent a delightful evening there with superb dishes and an experienced stuff and an impressive cuisine. We put this venue in our phone list and we shall surely go again very soon. We warmly recommend.

Nunez John

Drinks selection was good.

Peter Caffrey

The pizza here is just absolutely unbelievable! It is also about one step away from being a brothel.

Omar Bouha

Very boring and nasty

Hurricane Gainz

Awesome place to eat and dance,with good costumer service.

Rolando Aguirre

Entrance door is on the side street.

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