Marta's Deli

124 Shrewsbury Ave, Red Bank
(732) 219-0220

Recent Reviews

David Schrader

Great breakfast, got the western omelet, highly recommended

Andrea Zarzycki

Delicious cheesesteaks very very reasonable

Joe Vassallo

Best pork roll, egg, and cheese on planet earth. Pizza is really good too!

Doug Vanderbilt

Red banks secret location for amazing food!

Townsend Newman

Great porkroll, egg and cheese. If you ask for well done you get well done. Friendly faces good food all around fair price. What the hell else could you ask for.

Scott Meier

I just happened to walk into Marta's because it's the closest pizza I've seen to me. My god, this unassuming little place had the best slices I've had in NJ since leaving NY 20 years ago. I hope they deliver and I can't wait to try some of their other food!

miguel rivas

Excellent service ??

Sandra Mesidort

pizza is good and good service

Anthony Coppola

I got a ham egg and cheese it was really good i liked it ive never eaten here before today but the guy i work with stops there all the time he loves it there

Liba CC

Obsessed over their torta de milanesa de pollo (chicken milanese/ breadded chicken torta). The chicken is ALWAYS fresh. They also have great pizza! The best one is when they re-heat a slice because it gives it that extra crunch! Yum!

Kirk Thomas

This is a nice small resturant with good food. The staff is very courteous and friendly!

Nikeya Miller

Amazing food!

Jimmy Burgess

I like that it's Family owned and the Kids are Working there after School. How "Old School America" is that?! Like many of the ol Red Bank spots now long gone.The Food is consistently good as well as the Vibe and Service. A great Neighborhood Establishment.

David Dwight

Originally was going to stop at Mr. Pizza Slice for some Pizza, but parking and traffic sucks as usual.

Christina Roy Seigel

Marta's is the closest pizza shop to our house, but I was hesitant since there were so few reviews. As I drove past them to get pizza further away, I decided we needed to give them a try. The pizza is really good! Thirty bucks got us a large plain and a large one topping. These pies are high on the list of the many pizzas we've tried since moving to the area.

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