Town & Country Deli

256 Shrewsbury Ave #1347, Red Bank
(732) 576-8889

Recent Reviews

Thomas Morford

Great little spot great owner. I hope they reopen soon

BankBoy LightsOuT

I enjoy a beef bacon egg and cheese here after my 11 to 7 shift at work

Ethan Vicente

Great service! Could use a bit more mayo on that bread tho?

Rose C

Im giving this store 2 stars currently because of the mask situation going on here. I have been to this store to see that occasionally some people that take the registers along with some cooks are also not wearing masks. I have come to the realization that the owners are also in charge of the laundromat near this place and have come to see that some costumers are not wearing masks. Why isn’t the owner of this store and the laundromat not taking lead to make masks be mandatory? We are in a pandemic, and they should be wearing masks, no excuses.

Frank Goda

Big portions nice staff

John bufogle

Everyday needs & tasty food

MB Nesfield

Stopped in today to cash in my scratch off lottery ticket on the way home from chemo. As I was looking at the scratch off selection, I raised my head to find the cashier pointing to his hair and laughing, mocking my 'lack of hair' to the guy standing behind me. Shouldn't enduring months of chemo side effects and hair loss be enough? Whether I look this way because I'm tired of wearing a chemo cap, or I just like the look, it shouldn't matter to anyone but me. When will ignorance take a back seat to acceptance and non-judgments? I will not be returning to this store, and I will be telling anyone with ears not to support this establishment.

Paul Ashton

Good food they need bigger portions.

kenneth lewandowski

I agree with another review. I bought an item for $13 dollars. I went back two weeks later and it was $15. I won't be back.


Good sandwiches and coffee!

MGM Family Travel

Very nice people

Leonel Perez

Different prices for all

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