JakeaBob's Bay

525 Front St, Union Beach
(732) 264-3730

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Alexander R.

I went to Jakeabobs Bay again yesterday for the first time since the pandemic. This place opens only for the summer and closes this Monday Labor Day. It is unfortunate that they are only allowed to operate until Labor Day because this place is truly a gem. They have a really nice Tiki bar and a sit down outdoor restaurant on a pier. It is all outdoors so they are at the mercy of the weather too. However every time I have been there I have had a great time and a good meal. Cold beer and their food items are really good. If you can't get there this weekend then be sure to visit next season.

Kar P.

Amazing location & very clean. Food was excellent and very fresh. Drinks were not good but honestly everything else made up for it. I would definitely come back again.

Karel Jaros

It's such an amazing experience to dine on the water! The atmosphere was just perfect with the ocean breeze, waves splashing against the pier, and live music coming from the bar section in the distance that added some background music without being obtrusive.The food and service were top notch as well. I got the fish & chips and the fish was delightfully light & fresh. Wish this place didn't close after Labor Day!

Michelle Malinov

Great atmosphere right on the water with live music. Fun venue. Food was disappointing.

Darlene Canazaro

What a true surprise! I had no idea JakeaBob's was serving out of trailers and only had outside seating. I was hesitant to stay when I realized that, but it was beautiful out, so we stayed. Our waiter was the best! He had a smile on his face the whole time. My mom had the iceburg wedge with blue cheese crumbles and a shrimp tower. My daughter and I both had tacos. Here's were pulled pork, and mine were grilled veggies. All of it was scrumptious!! Definitely the place to go.

Danielle N.

I hate to give a low rating to someplace I used to really enjoy especially during a pandemic but hoping maybe they will see it and fix issues. I'll also preface this with the fact I spent many years waitressing and it sucks and I never am rude to wait staff. I always calmly tell them of any issues. We were seated and had to wait almost 20 minutes before our waitress approached us for drinks. By then, we knew what we wanted to order. Two soft drinks, one app, two mains. I specifically said we'd like to start with this app. Well, the app and two entrees came out together and it's a pet peeve. After the bus boy dropped them off, the waitress checked on us and I told her calmly, I wasnt expecting the app with the entrees which is why i said we would start with the app. (I mean that's basic waitressing 101 app first.). She just said oh sorry. Really could not gaf. I also asked for some more napkins. 10 minutes later we finally got them. One of our entrees had cut up lemons in it and the sticker was still on it. Just gross. She didnt check on us again until we were complete and i showed her the lemon and she just said oh gross. Almost $100 for 1 app, 2 entrees, 2 soft drinks, crappy service and stickers on fruit. Not worth it. The food was medicore, not as good as 2 years ago. Service was horrible. There are far better places to eat at. I can no longer recommend this place. I'd go back for a drink at the bar but never dining again.

Jeff Morgan

Everything was amazing! From all the food to theservice !

Neil Parsons

We went there for 4th of July in the afternoon and stayed through the fireworks. The food and drinks were great! I had the fish tacos. The service was very good on a busy day.

Margarita Garcia

Our first time..and this place is so amazing, we really coming back

Richie G.

Unique place the provides a terrific experience. And naturally, with this place being outside and directly over the water, you're at the mercy of the weather. However, if the weather is good like our recent visit, you will find this to be a very pleasant and fun place to take friends or family for a wonderful time. Service is very good and friendly. Of course, the dishes are slightly overpriced but that's because you're paying for the atmosphere and rightfully so.Stay away from the homemade Quac and piggy chips not that good and not worth the money. However,the shrimp salad sandwich and the ribs and crabcake are quite good and well worth the price.Overall, quite worth the trip, I'll be back!

Nina P

Went here with a big party. They were super accommodating. Olivia was our server. She wasted no time getting us started with beverages and appetizers. She was friendly, professional, and courteous. Gigi, the owner, came over and said hello as well. Highly recommend this establishment. The staff was amazing and the food was excellent.

Tricia Q.

What a great evening we had at Jakebob's Bay. The atmosphere was just terrific with music in the background and one of the best views in Monmouth County. Service was spot on just the right amount of waiting time for each course. Our waitress Jacklyn was outstanding, she was very attentive and her food suggestions were on point. The tuna wontons were delicious. Can't get enough of this place, will be returning very soon. Keep up the good work "Jakebob's crew" !!!!

John T.

Great waterfront bar! Bartender Matt makes the best drinks I've ever had. Extremely crowded on the weekends and a bit pricy for food.

Arup Sarkar

Great seafood restaurant. You also have vegetarian and chicken options. Ahi tuna stood out as my favorite. Ambience of water, music and food was very pleasant.

Michele M.

The food and atmosphere were perfect! Sat outside overlooking the water. The prices were reasonable and the staff were friendly.

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