Los Cuates

4901 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 255-5079

Recent Reviews

Matt N.

This is authentic New Mexican food. I've been going here 30 years and love it. Prices are very good. The part I don't get from other reviews is. THIS IS A SMALL BUSINESS IT TAKE TIME TO MAKE THE FOOD. AND SOMETIMES WAIT STAFF HAS NO TIME TO TALK. IF you can't understand how to be a gracious custom. STAY HOME.

Skudmonkey 2.0!

This restaurant is awesome! I love that there is lots of space and lots of seating. The staff is super friendly. The food was so amazing that it made me speechless! I love the sweetness in the salsa and I also like that the salsa and the chili is spicy, but not too spicy.

Jamie C.

Somehow this place has lost its flavor. The salsa was sweet and taste like it was made with mole. Once the food arrived, it was clear that most of the food came from either a box or a carton; not fresh and homemade as in the past service is great.

Leslie Z.

I would give it no stars but it won't allow me. I have Mercer put a review before but that's how bad it was that I'm putting one. First thing they took over 30 minutes to bring our food. When they did it was such a disappointment, the posole look like they have left it over night outside and just serve it like that it look very gross. I ask if they can make a shrimp tostada and they told me they could their version of it was a taco salad with a lot of beans inside and like five shrimps!! My mom order the tortillas were very cold and very thick and look old. The beef was very hard to chew. When I ask to speak to the manager she didn't even bother to apologize she just kept saying the only thing I can do is give you 20% off your total over and over again and was very rude about it!!!!! Would never go back or recommended to anyone.

Robert Sanders

Great little place! Been going there every once in awhile for 27yrs. Great food, good size portions at a FAIR price. Nice Mexican ambiance, kind of feels like your eating in a cantina in Santa Rita Mexico. I highly recommend the experience ?

Nicole Marion

The food was pretty good although it did come out super fast! Not that's its a bad thing, but as Chef Gordon Ramsey says "the quick, the sloppier." ? but it was nice overall..

Spankey L.

Pretty bad. My Rib eye Steak was just like a year ago, full of veins and grizzel crap that can't be chewed by a Piranha. I was asked if I wanted rolled of flat enchiladas and ordered flat. They were chicken that surprised me, but when I got the billed I was charged for chicken that O didn't ask for. Also I asked for a draft beer and they served me a bottle. If the waitress cared more about her job than the black lipstick maybe She wouldn't have gotten so much wrong. Maybe if they asked if i wanted sopapillas after or during the meal i could have actually eaten warm sopapillas instead of not eating them at all and them going to waste. Places like this treat you as a number not a returning customer. Quality was crap and service was crap. I even told the manager that the meat was the poorest quality and he said sorry Will they get better? I doubt it.


All the times I've been to Los Cuates, never enjoyed a meal on time with family, because the cooks don't know how to cook a steak, so my meal gets pulled from me one or more times. Don't put STEAK on the menu if you can't cook it! I mean listen to the customers to what they want! I asked for well done and got it still kicking on the plate, bloody as hell. The service is always friendly and welcoming, it's just annoying to have your meal stalled multiple times.

Charlotte Shottgunz

Thai places was highly recommended by a local auto shop!

Scott M

Thai places was highly recommended by a local auto shop!

Janice Whitney

Barb was the most excellent waitress and bartender ever!!!

Emil Ardelean

This place is awesome! Always good food and service. My first visit was more than 16 years ago and I was impressed; never disappointed since. Congratulations!

Dad Bod

Thai places was highly recommended by a local auto shop!

Jean Zolman

SO GOOD!!! I had a veggie combo plate, and it was great.

Nadi Da

I'm never disappointed when eating here! Great menu with a large variety to choose from. My favorite is the blue corn enchiladas with Red Chile. The people are always friendly and service is always great!

Valerie Darwin

Awesome food!! Staff very kind!

Alycia B.

I ordered A hamburger with an egg and potatoes and the person working the carry out was so nice. She is always nice. I highly recommend eating here the food is fantastic and the staff is wonderful. My sopapillas were so good. The food is wonderful! I highly recommend eating here.

Michael Postlethwait

This place is absolutely amazing. It was my first time eating there, and I was not disappointed at all. The sopapillas that I had with my tamale plate were so tasty that I ended up eating an entire order of them myself. The chips and salsa were to die for. If you don't like extremely spicy salsa, I would not recommend eating it, but as a local, I absolutely loved it. My tamale plate was wonderful. I will definitely be back there!

Hooee Corina

Always a great experience! Hospitality is very welcoming! Food is fulfilling n worth taking home if u cant finish.


We had the chicken chimichanga. SOOOOOO GOOOOD! I recommend this restaurant for some delicious eats!!

Renee Neill

Fantastic Margaritas Delicious Food Friendly Staff and Great Service

Adrienne M.

ThIs place was actually pretty good. This was my first time going and the service was amazing. Mary Jane was our server (Yes, that is actually her name). She was very hospitable and quick with responding to our needs. The burrito that I ordered was amazing and a very interesting part of the burrito was the sliced potatoes that were inside. I didn't expect potato to be a part of the ingredients but it didn't take away from the taste at all. I would recommend this place to anyone that will be in the area. My group traveled from California and if we ever visit Albuquerque again, this would be the place to go. Periodt!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for the awesome review. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

Randall Minghelli

This is a good place for lunch. They are fast. The good is reasonably priced. I'm not a huge fan of their salsa, but I'm in the minority. Sit in the bar area for the fastest service.


Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear that you still enjoy it. We look forward to seeing you back again soon.

Chris Charles

Excellent Food. Alfredo the server was very good. The food came out hot and fresh. The atmosphere is quiet. Large portions. Loved it.

Todd R.

Sat in the bar area, better service and still great food. In before 6 and get happy hour prices. Joe was tending the bar and he has great customer service. He refills your chips, takes your order and makes the drinks. If your lucky he will be on duty when you come to eat. Los Quates combo plate is the bomb. Tamale was good, enchilada was good, and so was the taco!!


One of the best choices for New Mexican cuisine, the staff is always friendly, and the food is delicious. Priced very reasonable, and the atmosphere is excellent for taking family and friends out for lunch or dinner. Beverages are served in good size cups. Well worth the money.

Eddie Moore

Always a decent meal for the $$$ spent. Never had a bad meal there. Nice wait staff. Definitely worth the visit.

Susan Jackson

Just moved to the area and was hitting up thrift shops and second hand furniture stores on November 10th, 2019. Saw Los Cuates and remembered how much my brother loved eating there when he visited Albuquerque. This was the 1st time eating at the Lomas location and I have to tell you; it is hands down the best! I have eaten at the Menaul location but honestly believe the Lomas location is the best. Service was great, food was great and prices were very reasonable. The ONLY thing I didn't care for was the salsa that came with the chips. Everything was freshly made. You could tell nothing was frozen or prepackaged. But the salsa tasted like BBQ sauce. Couldn't taste tomato, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro or anything else you usually put in to salsa........just BBQ sauce taste. The waitress said it was because it was sweet. I have had sweet salsa and it didn't taste like BBQ sauce. So Los Cuates.....just fix your salsa please. Everything else is superb!

Fuse Loc

Great Food!! Awesome Chicken Tacos. My family and I have eaten her since I was a little kid. I also recommend the Frank's Combination Plate

Judd J.

This is one of the best Mexican joints in Albuquerque. You really cannot go wrong with anything you order. But, come hungry; the portions are huge! I ordered an enchilada, tamale, taco, rice & beans. It was delicious! My wife ordered the green chili stew and a tamale. The food was ordered and delivered in under 10min. The waitress and hostess were super friendly and went out of there way to joke around with my kid. If you are in town and want authentic regional food at a fair price, this is your spot. Go see these guys!

John Whittle

My family loves to come here to eat as a group!

Natalie Saiz

The best food. Me and my husband come here alot for the green chicken enchiladas, they are bomb service is good. Chips and salsa are always free and they are bomb

Andrew Vigil

Well I gave it five stars because the Hispanic/Mexican cuisine is always delicious. I always call in my order and my WAIT time for my food is minimal. I order TAKE out and enjoy it at home. The staff OUR polite and pleasant people who are functioning in a rapid BUSY restaurant. The employees I deal with at takeout area perform their job duties / tasks effortlessly it seems . It is very evident that our on their toes in fast paced restaurant. It is a well oiled machine.

Deborah McNeely

I always receive good food and service. Los Cuates is my measuring stick for New Mexican food. Prices have crept up to the point that it's not my regular go to any more.


Stopped in for appetizers and margaritas to round up our trip to New Mexico. Enjoyed a jumbo glass of strawberry kiwi margarita, cheese enchilada, and Spanish rice (ordered a la carte). Had fried calamari for appetizer, along with the house chips and salsa. Strawberry kiwi margarita blended/frozen was good. I was just full, otherwise I would've ordered another! Cheese enchilada and Spanish rice cake in a very generous serving, despite each being ordered a la carte. Crowd seems to be more local, not a bad thing! Overall, decent spot, at least through a tourist point of view.

Petra F.

Great service from Barbara and Joe. Barbara seated us quickly and was quite helpful friendly with us and really went the extra mile. Joe took awesome care of us and filled our waters and got us boxes/utensils/salsa fast and efficiently. The restaurant smells amazing, and the menu items dont break the bank. Thank you for an awesome time!

Paul Larson

Outstanding, never a bad meal at this place. I like the green chili the best. Highly recommended. Enjoy!


Thank you for the taking the time to share this wonderful review with us and thank you for being loyal guests of ours! We greatly appreciate the support. We are looking forward to seeing back soon.