Los Cuates

4901 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 255-5079

Recent Reviews

Damien Willis

Good, authentic New Mexican food at a reasonable price. I had the carnitas skillet, and it was very tasty. I'm sure I'll be back!

Don Brewer

great food and good prices


I’ve been coming here since 1985. It was like going back in time - in a good way. Very good food with responsive and pleasant service. I look forward to coming here for many more years.

Robin Cummings

Los Cuates has been excellent for me everytime I go there! Last time I went, I got a mixture of red and green and it had a WONDERFUL unique flavor! Great service too!

Joash Springfield

Great food. Very fresh. Wonderful service.


My husband and I ate here for lunch and we both had the combination de Frank. It included a crispy taco, a cheese enchilada and a chili relleno. All was very tasty. The red and green chili were both rich and flavorful and the relleno was clearly house made and crispy. The sopapillas were nice and light but would have preferred them at the end of the meal. Our server, Sonda, was excellent- on top of everything. The only disappointments were that the salsa that came with the chips tasted like spicy barbecue sauce and the taco shell was exactly the kind you would buy at the grocery store . I would think a good Mexican restaurant could fry their own taco shells.

Itachi Uchiha

I love this place but holy hell do they make you wait sometimes. Friendly staff. Funny thing was during our 20 minute wait at the table another family was seated about 15 minutes after we sat and their food was brought over right when ours was. Didn't wanna complain only because quality of the food.

Michael Jordan

This place was great! Had the ribeye steak with enchilada. Real tasty green chili which my steak was smothered in. My dinner companions had red and green enchilada plates. Great service with attentive staff and great pricing. I do recommend this place highly. I will be back again.

William Graeme

Good food. Portion size has decreased but the quality is still the same. The server wasn't that good. Saw her to order, when she brought the food and when she came to bring the check. Had to ask her for the sopapillas.


It was our first meal on our annual trip to New Mexico. We visited in between lunch and dinner so it was not busy at all. Service was prompt and friendly and the food was good. We didn’t care for the salsa, as others have mentioned, it’s a little more barbecue-y than salsa-y. The Chile relleno on our combo plate was very good.

Alyson Ried

This place is so good it's honestly one of the best mexican restaurants i've been too! The staff our super inventive and amazing. Food was absolutely delicious!! love this place and highly highly recommend!!

Angela Courter

Best Mexican food in the Albuquerque area! I suggest the red beef stacked enchiladas with an egg on top! Yum! They haven't been in business here for forty years for nothing! It's a "don't miss" every time I come back!

Jillian Esquibel

Food was good, service was good. I only wish they would have been willing to give me a keto option for my taco shells. I asked for cheese shells and the waiter wouldn't even ask the kitchen staff if they'd be willing to accommodate me.

Denise M

I went to Los Cuates on Menaul at about 7:00 PM. It didn't look too busy, so I went to the carry out because I thought it would be faster. We were the only ones there and we waited about 30 minutes to get our order. When I got home, my sopapillas were cold and didn't seem very fresh. The taco salad I ordered was horrible, even Taco Bell makes a better taco salad. All the taco salad had was lettuce, tomatoes, olives and beef. It was the crappiest taco salad I have ever had. If you go there don't order that, unless you don't mind paying $11.00 for lettuce. Usually the sopapillas are the best in town, but apparently not any more. I don't know what is going on over there, but I don't think I am going there any more.

Christine B.

The food was very flat(tasteless) and unappealing to the eye. I ordered chicken and got beef, which wasn't cooked all the way, was still pink on the inside. Our waitress was very Impersonal compared to the other waitress in the room.

Anthony Turner

Some of the best food I've ever had on a road trip can't wait to come back and try something else.

Lori S.

I loved this place when my husbad was at UNM 30 years ago and still love it today! Classic New Mexican food. Love the sopaipillas and the enchiladas Christmas style! Excellent margaritas too!

Keith Jayson Reyes

Only place we eat at when we come to Albuquerque. The most friendliest staff

Tristan Marino

If you can only visit one place in Albuquerque to sample what New Mexican Cuisine is like, visit Los Cuates. Their food is great, (although the chicken tacos are usually dry, just like most restaurants) and salsa is the best you'll get in the city. It's mildly sweet, dark, and tastes unlike any salsa you'd get anywhere else around Albuquerque.

Kevin Burger

Been eating here for years. Still my favorite place for Chile rellenos. Prices are lower than most new Mexican restaurants. Salsa is a must try. Like no other salsa you've ever had. Portions are large and Chile always has a good kick.

Estrella Avila

Very good. Not too busy. Too much food. Prepare to get a box. Save room for sopapillas

Gary O.

Always one of our top five choices for New Mexican. We generally sit in the bar area and as most always the service was great. Our order came out promptly. As seems to be the case about three out of five times it was barely warm, not cold but definitely no where near hot. Previous visits we have sent it back for reheating but that kind of ruins the experience. If they could just get this right this would probably be our favorite NM restaurant. Besides the fact that they charge $2.50 for a side of guacamole, not bad but it is like 1 1/2 tbs.

Lesley Tibbs

A great restaurant. The District Manager is one of the greatest leaders. Lead by example is his moto and he does. Amazing place.

P Brunner

Our family hosted an End of Life Celebration for my step father at the Los Cuates on Lomas Blvd. Everything worked out wonderfully. We reserved the back room from 2-4 pm, and we arranged to serve light refreshments ( appetizers and drinks). The room was bright and cheery, the food was good and the servers were friendly and cheerful. In making the arrangements, I worked with the manager, Abe, who was very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this restaurant for their good food and for hosting this type of affair. We even went back that evening for dinner!

Carly M.

Los Cuates this is a definite favorite of mine in the Albuquerque area. I know some people have issues with their salsa since it is a little different from typical salsa, but I find it absolutely delightful and I cannot get enough of it. If you're willing to open your mind to different types of salsa you will definitely be pleased. We were seated immediately and told of a special drink, a watermelon margarita that was on sale. We got to look at our menus the way just came over and took our drink orders very promptly. She seemed a little rushed which we were a little confused about because there was really only four tables in the whole restaurant. When she brought our drinks back they were incorrect. We both just ordered water with lemon and she brought one water and one tea. Normally I would've been fine, but I didn't want to pay for the tea because I hadn't ordered it. So I asked her to please bring me a water with lemon because that's what I had initially ordered. She kind of made me feel weird about it because she offered the tea to the next table at no charge and made a big point of saying I didn't want that because I wanted water. Why didn't she just offered me the tea for free. I would've kept it. Kind of felt a little bad, or shamed for not wanting the tea. What I wanted was water initially anyway so I kind of just shrugged it off. We placed our order and got our food and the order was correct. It came out very fast! Partway through the meal I asked for more tortillas with my fajitas and more water. She brought the water right away and then turned around and walked away and didn't come back. I sat there for about 10 minutes waiting when she saw me she realize she forgot my tortillas. She went back and got them. I was a little annoyed with how long I had to wait, but I was able to finish my meal. The food was excellent, which is really the important thing. I'm giving it four stars because of the salsa and the fact the food was really good but they're losing a star because their customer service could use a little tightening.

Nancy L.

Love, love, love this place. The food is real comfort, New Mexican food. The margaritas are perfect and the service pleasant and prompt.


The most recent visit was for takeout and it was fine. the service was good and the food was tasty. We have also eaten in the restaurant and the food has always been good. the wait staff is accomodating.

Marcelina Perez

Los Cuates is a decently good restaurant. If you're looking for traditional New Mexican food this is NOT the restaurant to visit. Their food is slightly different then normal New Mexican food. They're red salsa is unique, very good, but different. From what I understand it has unique secret ingredients including chocolate. Their restaurants have a beautiful ambience. Their staff is usually friendly. Service has been a hit-or-miss in time. I haven't gone to this restaurant in awhile. Something about it does not call me back.

Karla Howell

Some of the worst service I've ever received. They were fast with the chips and salsa but no water or drink order. Asked for some water but none ever came after sitting there 10 minutes. Noticed other tables had nothing to drink either. This is the second time, different location. We left for a different New Mexican restaurant and had excellent service there.

bass man Benally

The atmosphere is always welcoming and service is great there. I called for a big family get together at the last minute and they were able to seat us, but do call first. Food was great!

Bryan Scott

I came to have a late lunch with a friend, Ally was our server. Ally was wonderful she was very attentive to all of her tables. The food came out very quickly and was wonderful. There seemed to be communication issues between management and servers. Ally picked up about 5 tables in 10-15 minutes when she wasn't aware that she was by herself. Someone needs to make a walk through the dining room and help with refills and such when this happens. Keep up the great work Ally, I'll definitely ask for you when I come back.

LesCom 05

Definitely enjoyed my dining experience tonight and am looking forward to my leftovers! It started with being greeted with a big smile from the hostess Genesis and ended with another smile from her when she told us thank you. The food and portion sizes are both very good! Will be back again soon!

Jack V.

Such as shame, been coming here for 16 years and have never gotten service this bad as long as I've been going to restaurants. They sat us in a section that looked like they had already been closed down. The First Lady asked us how we were doing dropped off chips and salsa and left. The server seemed annoyed and didn't pay attention to much. Ran out of chips right just before they started a loud vacuum when my fiancé and I were talking. I went to the manager to ask why they had even sat us there when clearly the staff wanted to leave and had explained the situation. He ensured us he would take care of us. When I returned to the table I saw that they had gotten her order wrong. By that time I had enough I went back to the manager to tell him yet again what happened. He went to get it remade but by that time we just wanted to leave. I told him to cancel the remake, he wanted to box it up for us but we came to enjoy dinner and conversation not free food and shity service. By far one of the worst experiences ever. Would give zero stars if possible. Won't be returning anytime soon if ever such a disappointment!!

R M.

Not worth your time. Then service was bad and the food was over-priced. Only saw the waitress/server when she brought the food and the ticket at the end. Had to ask some other worker walking by for a refill. Better off somewhere else.

Cherrish H.

First, the five stars goes to the server I had specifically. I thought her name tag said Jessica, but the name on my receipt said Jessamyn (I think?) Anyways, she was an amazing server. And as a server myself that means a lot. Most servers are pretty lax on being served on, but I am not. A lot of things I look for while being served is how my server handles their section plus the situations they are handed. And hands down she did excellent. My family ate there last night and while we originally called ahead for 23, with some miscounting on our end, ended up with about 30 or so. First, most places that put one server on big parties really screw up. But that was not the case last night. She took our drink orders as people were still arriving and managed to remember where EVERY drink went despite the table playing musical chairs. I was so extremely pleased with how efficient she took and placed our order. For 30 plates to come out in about 20 minutes is AMAZING, especially with only one server taking the order. Even better, only mistake I noticed made was a hard taco came out instead of 2 soft tacos, literally amazing. She kept ALL our drinks full and even kept our separate tickets in order. As a server, I have NEVER been this satisfied with another server. So, sorry Los Cuates, this review is strictly on her. She did an amazing job! If you see this, you were absolutely made for the customer service industry and I hope everyone you work with try's to do your standards with your customers. Terrific service Los Cuates, you did good hiring this one. Keep her before someone steals her!

Vanessa E.

This was a really great restaurant! I was visiting Albuquerque from Massachusetts and decided I wanted some Mexican food. After searching, I found Los Cuates and sat down for a meal. The staff was fantastic! They pretty much immediately knew I was from out of town and helped me pick some items. There was honey on all the tables, which I finally figured out in the end (sopapillas). The food was fantastic, I had the vegetarian chili rellenos.. very good! My only complaint; my company. So rude, inhaling the food again.


My wife and I had lunch yesterday here. It a large place with a big bar and a couple of dining areas. The service was fast without rushing you. I had a delicious shrimp cocktail, generous amount of shrimp. My wife had the taco plate. I would certainly eat here again.

Andy C.

Meal portions continue to get smaller while prices go up. Not what it use to be after what appears a lot like greedy new ownership.

Randy James

It's been awhile but I'm sure the food hasn't changed its every bit a 5 star restaurant and worth your time


LC has been an Albuquerque Mexican Food staple for over 30 years. The 1st thing is the salsa-I personally like it like a smokey BBQ fusion salsa-way different than other restaurants around. I usually get the 3 cheese enchiladas either red Chile or red and green mixed. I also enjoy the shredded beef hard tacos. Mexican food is like pizza-different strokes for different folks! Give it a try....always good to very good.