Beaver Sailor Diner - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

1820 Hollis St, Halifax


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Very delicious if not pared back. Great prices, good choices. They seem to be out of a lot of items for a Friday night! They also didn't add all the ingredients to my Tom Yum dish as advertised, missing was the fish tofu. I'd give a 3.5 for that but hey.

This review is exclusively for their bubble tea. I had a small milk tea with lychee jelly ($5.20 taxes in) to go and it was great. The tea was really strong and milky. I asked for it half sweet and the sweetness was perfect. They could have been a little more generous with the jelly, but I love lots of toppings in my drinks. They don't have tapioca here, just jelly, and maybe popping boba, I'm not entirely sure. Service was nice and the place is cute. They sell some full review
I've driven by this place hundreds of times but didn't know what a gem I was missing out on until until some friends suggested we meet there for lunch. They have delicious fresh made hand pulled noodle dishes and ramen, nothing like typical Canadian Chinese fast food. I highly recommend the "seafood oil" noodles - they don't contain any obvious seafood or taste anything like it but they are amazing ! Basically noodles with veggies and seasoning. The full review

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Beaver Sailor Diner - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

1820 Hollis St, Halifax, NS B3J 1W4
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