Arnulfo's Mexican Food

1250 S Carson St, Carson City
(775) 297-3794

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Brian Kaufman

Spent 25+ dollars for lunch and asked for a little pico de Gallo for my chicken burrito.They wanted to charge me an extra $2.70.You would think after spending 25+ dollars they would give you a tablespoon of pico..I now refuse to eat at this food chain.Not to mention their a/c heating duct vents were disgustingly dirty a little house cleaning wouldn't hurt either.

Deeday The Scorpion

Nice place. Nothing negative. Food was a little under seasoned, but the live music was great and the guitar solo at our table was nice while waiting for our to-go order.Food: 4/5

Bob B

Had the shrimp burrito. It had more and bigger shrimp than the average shrimp dinner platter at a seafood joint. My two year old devoured his street tacos. Very tasty!

Mauricio Molina

Great option for a Mexican quick bite while in Carson has many options for all tastes and dietary needs, we visited early afternoon and the place was almost empty with patrons coming in and out and the drive through little busy, food was great tasting ....we had Chorizo and Machaca Tortas and Cheese Enchiladas all served with different hot sauces and pickled veggies that are awesome...the red sauce that comes with your food is really great, with the right amount of heat and lots of flavor....churros are big and full of flavor...keep the great job....Lots of options for breakfast....and the prices are great....

Ryu Saikou

Finally a suitable replacement for the super burrito that used to be here. Easily the best breakfast burritos

Jason Gladfelder

The best Mexican food deal in town. Huge burritos for $8 and the grilled chicken taco $2.50 is bomb! The carne asada breakfast burrito is my go to but their other burritos are good as well!

Johnny C.

This place is disappointing. Have returned 3 times. The vegi burrito seems like it has grease poured into it... nasty. I probably should give this a 1 star, but its not as bad as some other places. Its crazy to me that Reno does not have legit burrito places... there are so many of them. i will try them all and document here.... and ill light a candle that i find at least one.


The food is decent and somehow dirt cheap.The service however, was... difficult.I had a horrible time communicating with an employee on the phone because of the Spanish/English language barrier.Unfortunately, my Spanish is terrible but it should be expected that your front of house employees speak English well enough to properly take orders.Vegetarian options: They offer fully customizable menu options of all your favorite traditionally Mexican dishes. Parking: They have a large parking lot able to support around 50+ guests.

Yessica Naomi

My husband and I orderded 2 shredded beef chimichangas, and they were delicious ?. They just needed it a bit more avocado on top. Overall, I recommend this place and I'll be back

Kirsten B.

The positive my Chile relleno was very good. Now the negative soggy chips because they put the pico de gallo on the chips. Why would you do that? Nobody wants a soggy chip.

Crystal Damian

We ordered flautas (rolled tacos)I wanted chicken but I received Carne Asada. But it was still Delicious! Churros are good too. Get the Cajeta flavor

Kent Santin

Reasonably quick service for the drive through. Tasty food with great flavor, although quite salty and heavy - won't feel amazing afterwards. Price is fair but definitely wouldn't classify this as a cheap Mexican spot.

Clinton Wallwork

This place has a drive thru, So it's very convenient. But that's not the reason to go, it's the Food. Everything is fresh made, hot and taste is amazing. So stop by the drive thru, can be very busy, but we'll worth any what time.

Craig E.

Man, it is so hard to find good Mexican food. So, we ordered 2 pastor burritos, 1 conga burrito, 2 breakfast burritos and some churros to go. I'll start with the negative, then you can decide if they outweigh the positives. The pastor burritos, were just that, very salty pastor meat. No guacamole or salsa as listed. Who tf just stuffs meat in a shell and says...good enough. That's enough to knock it to one star. The conga was just ok. The churros were very good. Won't know about the breakfast burritos til tomorrow. The number listed on yelp is not to their business. Had ordered online, so order was very clear. Oh well, yet another Mexican restaurant down. Message me if you know a good one!


Very good defiantly be back!!!

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