Café Fiesta

777 W Lake Mead Pkwy, Henderson
(702) 567-7301

Recent Reviews

Dona Holmes

We love this cafe. Fabulous food!!

robert shahan

Excellence courteous service

Jinxers D

The food is good and the servers are excellent! You can watch your favorite sports too as they have two tv screens in adjacent walls in the restaurant.

Lily O.

I liked this casino. It was clean and smoke free. I was able to play there for over an hour without it affecting my lungs. Usually in casinos the smoke starts to get me and I have to leave because it gets hard to breath.

Michael H

There is a reason they have only 3 stars , and why they are not busy . Breakfast order came out wrong and while the cooks and waitresses debated why , we sat and breakfast sat under heat lamps between cooks and waitress just to exchange sausage for bacon . Food came back with cold sour potatoes and burnt dried out bacon , waitress says someone took her order and that was why we got wrong order and then cold and sour order . We have options as there are others that do breakfast well and we will use that option.

Brenda D.

Breakfast was horrible at the cafe. The skillet breakfast is not a skillet. Hash browns were cold and nasty. Toast was overcooked and soggy. They brought us new plates and the food was still horrible. Only got 20% off bill and I didn't finish my food. They acted like they didn't care. Manager said no one has complained before. Bad a service

Candy A.

We were here this past weekend for a funeral this place was perfect for our family the rooms were clean smoke free and still had all the entertainment downstairs my kids loved the pool and our check in was easy special thanks to Cervando in the front desk that accommodated and met our needs as we were a large group. The buffet was good i would just recommend being there early its less full i would definitely consider this place again when back at vegas plus i like that it is away from the strip and that is family oriented.

Chris H.

Checked into my hotel room. Overall check in was great, front desk staff was amazing. I get up to my floor the hall smelled of an overpowering air freshener! I get to the room and I check the room as I always do and what do I find on the floor between the bed and headboard...? A pair of dirty Avengers kids underwear!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! I call the front desk they say they are going to send someone right up. 10 MINUTES later the house keeper came up picked up the skivves and said... sorry!!!! UNBELIEVABLE, not even, would you like the same size room, just a different one, nothing! UNREAL

travis kuest

Literally just sat at my table after being seated for 15 minutes without even being offered a beverage. I walked out and was completely ignored when I walked out. This is the second ti.e I've been in and had to wait for a long period of time just to talk to anyone. I've been In several times before and always have tipped more than 20% so bbn I'm baffled as to how you c azz treat hungry customers like this and still have anybusiness. What a let downl.


The first morning service was fast and the food was good, the omelette was a little on the small size. The second morning, the service was vey slow. But again, the food was good.

Kimberly J.

I've never stopped here before.Really Nice hotel and casino. stopped her for chips and got a players card. Everyone was so nice a friendly. Casino is open and very nice and clean.

Marty Arellano

Food was delicious, and served quick

Kimberly E.

If this place could get a zero it would the room smelt of urine and was disgusting if you have a car or trailer do NOT park there it will be towed and the security and director of security are incredibly RUDE completely unprofessional unaccommodating and would def NOT stay here unless you are looking for a big bill and stress instead of a vacation!

Jeremy H.

Fiesta Henderson is pretty close to downtown Henderson, but still isolated enough that it feels more like being in Mesquite or Laughlin down here. I generally consider that a positive because that usually means an older (quieter and calmer) crowd and better deals. There are some gaming and food deals here but the hotel isn't fantastic. Seemed like more people were here for the movie theater than anything else. The hotel room I got smelled faintly of piss (neglected AC filter, not actual piss) and had a flimsy conjoining door near the bed that did nothing to stop sound. No safe. Other than those things it was OK, but a poor value at a usual price of around $60 after the resort fee even on really slow weeknights. Dining is a mixed bag. Not a huge range of options. The chains (Subway, Smashburger, etc.) charge $1-2 more than they would at a normal location. The best deals are at Cafe Fiesta and the buffet. Buffet is $7-8 for breakfast and $10-11 for dinner, but at this location they only do breakfast on weekends. Also very little within walking distance of this place, a Wendys up the block and that's about it. I'm not much for gambling these days but I did notice some favorable video poker pay tables scattered about, which is a rare thing in Vegas anymore. Just alright overall. Nothing really stands out except the bargain buffet, which is available at a number of other Station locations.

Randy R.

If I could have rated this hotel/casino 20 years ago I probably would have given it 5 stars. This used to be our favorite place to stay when we were in the area. My wife and I prefer to stay away from the crowded Las Vegas strip and enjoy the less popular outskirts of town. Plus we had family in the area not far from the casino; however they moved away about 7 years ago and we haven't been back until last month. We returned to the area twice this summer after a 7 year absence. The rates have risen much higher than expected, yet the casino appears to have become stagnant. I do understand the cost of business has increased but the volume of business inside the casino would seem to be enough to keep the mediocre hotel rates in check. Gone are the amenities which once made Fiesta a fun place to stay. The best you can get is a card that lets you rack up bonuses through gambling. I understand a lot of casinos operate this way, but I kind of miss feeling like a welcomed guest.

Victor Gonzalez

Waited 45 mins for a to go order. A family went in, ordered, ate, and left, and we still waited 10-15 mins after them. Food was less than average. I would have been more understanding if the restaurant was busy or the food was excellent but they weren't.

Joe Dambrosio

Food not bad decent prices. It's not super busy like IHOP so quick on and out.

Ronald S

They had a home run breakfast for $5.49-3 eggs anyway, meat and toast. Food was good but it took a long time to get orders take and food delivered. Ana was our waitress but I don't think it was her fault. I did not see another waitress until the end and I think Ana was serving the whole restaurant and the kitchen seemed quite slow even not so busy.

Dave W.

It's been many many years since I have stayed at Fiesta Henderson up until recently. So as a side note, this Yelp page was actually the Fiesta Henderson hotel and casino official page seeing as my last review is here but, now it says Fiesta Henderson bingo (??) And there's another Fiesta Henderson page that's spelled incorrectly (Fiestan Henderson). Well anyway it's well past due for an updated review and ill describe my recent visit below. CHECK IN: There was nothing really notable about check in other than that it was swift and no problems were encountered. ROOM: The room, while not exactly the same as the last time, was pretty close. It looks like the carpet and SOME of the artwork may have been replaced upon other MINOR changes. One thing that stood out was the air conditioning thermostat was replaced and if you leave the room for more than 20 minutes the air conditioning stops and the room Heats back up to 76 which is an uncomfortable temperature for me. There was complimentary water in the room and everything appeared to be in working order but all-in-all just a basic basic room. POOL: The pool was very relaxing, it was at a comfortable temperature and large enough not to feel crowded. The pool area itself looked very well maintained. The hot tub on the other hand had debris in it and the jets didn't function properly. CASINO: The casino is unchanged, the same place that it has been for years and for this place thats a really GOOD thing. It represents a familiar home away from home feel because you're used to the way it was/is. I hung out and had drinks at the Coco Lounge (with live music) and I thought it was very very fun and relaxing. BUFFET: I can't complain, I got the buffet at a killer 2 for 1 discount! The buffet is average but good enough to be considered a good choice for lunch or dinner. All in all if you want a place to get away that's quiet you might want to consider staying here. It's nothing fancy, but come on the Price Is Right and everything is here that you would need including a movie theater.


The food and service here are very good. The prices are very good as well. They're open 24 hours and have late night/early morning specials.

Debra U.

Rating is 100% based on the room rate!! We paid under $50 for the night. We needed a quick stop that was dog friendly. If you need a cheap place to stay with a kids group this could be the place. They have a food court, cinema theatre and a Starbucks. We ate at Leticia's Mexican Restaurant I had the ceviche and my husband had the pork shank which was the chefs special. Decent price tasty meal. The staff was excellent everyone seemed to be attentive and hardworking. Our room was clean. Another reviewer commented Old School. I find that an appropriate title. The pool looked pretty and the lounge chairs inviting. Would we stay here again umm probably not. Again, it was worth $50.

Gary B

My wife and I visited for lunch. I had the meatloaf dinner and she had a Chinese Bowl of Soup with a ton of ingredients. The service was strange on this visit, because we had to hear for 10 minutes who is going to make an Ice Cream Sunday for another table and arguing among staff about tips. . . Very strange, and Station Casinos (owner), if you have a front of the house kitchen in the restaurant, management needs to tell the employees to tone it down. This is not a 5*, 4* or 3* restaurant, but give it a break. The food was good, but WOW! I added many photos. The customers do not need to hear this garbage trash talk among employees. . . My wife and I were there on 6/11/2019 at 2pm.

Ari L.

There are a lot of poor reviews of this place but I'm a little stunned. I'm a Vegas local and I often like to have a stay-cation and I stay at the fiesta. I'm here now as a matter of fact. If you're coming here for candle lit tables, waiters dressed in white while wearing gloves and a high priced meal, you've come to the wrong establishment. I've had a few instances of spotty service but none worth lowering the ratings of this place. I've eaten here multiple times. Firstly, their chicken noodle soup is delicious and reminds me of what my mom used to make growing up and is always served nice and hot, love it. Their potstickers, well I make my own from scratch so it's hard to find a worthy contender but for a diner-ish feel, I was pleasantly surprised. Their chicken fingers have been great. Their breakfast I always enjoy, I've had some over-cooked bacon but again, nothing worth lowering this places rating over. I do agree with one review in regards to the toast. It's supposed to be a butter applied but I do get an overly greasy taste and texture that isn't particularly pleasant but let's be real, we are talking about toast here people, not that crucial. I've had their grilled cheese and I really enjoyed that, void of the aforementioned greasy toast. If you're looking for a good late night, place to eat then come here. If you're not pleased with a meal item, mention it to them, they will correct it, no need to drag them through the mud. If you're unhappy with service, speak up and get it corrected. Don't just sit there like a coward, unhappy while you slam this place on Yelp, speak UP. I'll come back here for sure, thank you!

Scottee Mace

The service at the restaurant is slow. Very slow. Youâ??ll be seated and wait 20 minutes to order, another 30-40 for your food, another 20 for your check. The food is good, I just think they are under staffed.

Frank Button

Waitress lacking food lacking keno girl was awsome

Rebecca M.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Veronica working at the cafe !!!! Great job Stations. I've know her for 2 years, At her previous employer we would frequent that establishment multiple times a week. She is very hard working and has a very sincere care for serving her guest like we're family . I'm so happy that made our day yesterday ! P.S. The Chicken Fried steak and the Walnut Shrimp were stupendous!!!!! Great service and great food what more could you ask for .

Kristie J.

I didn't stay at the hotel but I did go into the casino. I was told this was a locals casino, which I still don't know what that means, but thought it could be fun. I'm a little new school where I don't like breathing in smoke in casinos. Even though smoking was at one time acceptable, most places are gravitating towards smoke free and trying to get rid of the smell. This place seemed to embrace the smell. I didn't seem to have the best interactions with people who worked here which made my experience even less impressed. I will say that the bathrooms were clean so that is a plus. I for sure wouldn't come out of my way to come here again but its always fun to try something new.

May C.

My husband and I went to the cafe on early Sunday morning about 2:30 AM. It was a horrible experience. We both ordered chicken fried steak and eggs. Usually it's an excellent choice after an evening of partying. Well, It was disgusting! Firstly, the eggs were not cooked as we had ordered. Secondly , the toast tasted like it had been dipped in Oil. Not Margarine, not butter. , greasy OIL.The potatoes were swimming in the same type of oil which was all over the plate. The chicken fried steak was not chewable. It was rubbery and I had to spit it out. I did not eat any but took it home for the dogs. The waitress seemed to be annoyed that we had come in and sat at her station. The host was equally as rude and never even said hello or goodnite/goodmorning. We will never go back again. Sad, there is no where to go locally for after hours dining. I will drive in to town before I ever eat there again. We were charged full price for the disgusting dishes even though they have advertised 11pm-5 am specials.

Tiny Bug

Food was okay...not comparable to similar priced restaurants.


Cheap, plenty of choice sadly over cooked food with little care taken to cook. decent friendly staff

Bob Straub

They don't know how to cook eggs. I ordered eggs benedict and the eggs came out as if hard boiled. I sent the order back and then the eggs came to me raw. I sent that back and left without eating breakfast. I'll never go back.

Gina T.

Gross. Smoke filled even in a non-smoking room. Who knew we were living back in the 1950's? Stayed here to be close to family during a recent visit. Decided to cancel the rest of the reservation and stay elsewhere. Pillows were flat. Asked housekeeping for additional. After calling and waiting for 30 minutes, I called back to state that I would be happy to come down and get them from the front desk. I was told they are kept on each floor and that house keeping was on a break and it would be another 30 minute wait. They only had ONE person on duty in housekeeping for the entire hotel after 9pm! Completely out dated and definitely targeting a specific audience here.

JoAnne M.

My husband and I ate here last week. We have many times in the past and had no problem. However, this was the worst in more ways than one. First, we sat there for about fifteen minutes, then had to look around for our server; eventually another server caught my eye and went looking for ours. When she arrived, she had a pursed mouth and looked irritated that we bothered her at all. We ordered our drinks - a glass of water and a Pepsi. We should have known we weren't going to see much of our server when she brought two sodas; that alone told me she had no plans to come back to the table to see if everything was alright - hence the two drinks instead of one. Anyway, we ordered an appetizer, my husband ordered Singapore noodles, I ordered the open-faced turkey sandwich and a side salad. She repeated the order back to us. When she brought the appetizer, she asked me if I wanted my side salad now or with my meal, I said now. So after finishing the app, we split the salad. Then she brought my husband's meal, and nothing for me; didn't say a word but left right away. We figured maybe mine was taking longer. Well, no meal and no server. We waited. And waited. And our server never came back and no meal, even though we were looking around for both. THEN she brings the bill - after my husband had finished his meal (I told him to go ahead and eat while it was hot) and asked if there's anything else. My husband asked where my meal was, and she looked surprised and said I hadn't ordered anything else. Really? After she repeated it back to us? Did she really think I ordered a small side salad while he ordered an app and a full meal? Honestly? Then when we tried to tell the manager, he came up with this: He couldn't do anything because we were done with our meal and we should have told him before. WE DIDN'T KNOW WE WERE DONE WITH OUR MEAL UNTIL SHE BROUGHT THE BILL. THE SERVER WAS MIA THROUGH THE ENTIRE MEAL!!!!! Are you serious? The manager couldn't do anything? Really? How pathetic. This is a non-resolve of the worst kind. A manager that does nothing at all.

Wolf L.

Rooms are worn and outdated. The most disgusting hotel casino I've ever stayed at. Over $200 a night. So disappointed. Website photos of rooms are a complete lie. Wear shoes at all times or your white socks will turn brown from the carpet. Horrible and undefinable smell in hallway and room. Using the A/C makes the smell stronger. Bathroom vent does not draw air. We are checking out early.


Our waitress Ariana was amazing! Itâ??s sad to say we observed and heard her fellow employees say real unkind things of her! Meanness should never be allowed in a work place! We are local residents and casino workers so we understand coffee shop food! This was definitely that type of food! Not the really the best!

Al Stubblefield

Just a shout out to Joycelyn at the Cafe for being a wonderful hotess.

Unacceptable R.

Extremely unhelpful, unprofessional, rude and disgusting. The foul odor is everywhere in the building, but don't mention it to them because she will increase the room charge on you if you want a non-smoking room!! I doubt it I will EVER go back.

Violet C.

It took about 10 minutes to even get greeted by a waitress, then took about 5 mins to grab 2 waters. Also 15 minutes to get our cup of soup we ordered (which was cold, and had no flavor) . Then the waitress dropped it off and didn't come back to take our order for another 10 mins, and we were starving. I order the French dip and he ordered the Tuesday pork chop special. The French dip was okay but the meat was really dry. Also the breaded pork chops had way more bread than meat which was disappointing for my fiancé. I ordered a NON alcoholic Coors (had to ask the hostess due to our waitress not checking on us) after the waitress saw the NA beer on the table , she kept trying to push alcohol on us after she saw the non alcoholic beer and it kinda weirded me out. I'm a recovering alcoholic, but I still enjoy the taste of beer, which is why I ordered the N/A coors. She even said (1 won't hurt) which is not something you say to someone who's been in recovery for 4 months. We usually go to the buffet and come to gamble atleast twice a week. For being a platinum player I expected better customer service, especially when I'm a casino shit manager myself. From now on we will just stick to the buffet because the staff has a ways better attitude, and doesn't try to make excuses for bad service. Granted she still got a 15% tip due to me working in the industry, but I don't think we will be dining in the Café ever again.

Chris D.

I ate at this restaurant while staying at the hotel that houses it this past weekend and I feel compelled to write a review. Let me tell you why. While the corned beef in the Reuben was flavorless and awful, and the potstickers were lackluster at best, I never wrote poor reviews for already low rated establishments. I don't enjoy kicking someone when their down, particularly when I chose to eat here despite its poor reviews. I am writing a review because of the gold I found in this forsaken mine. The buffalo wings weren't good, they were very good. Still not enough to warrant a review. The true gold in this restaurant are the Eggs Benedict. Yes the Eggs Benedict. My wife and I felt like a late evening snack before bed and she was craving nachos (strongly don't recommend from here) and I was craving eggs benny. Not only was I pleasantly surprised after my abysmal Reuben and the other fairly poor meals I had eaten there, I was shocked. I'm not a chef, but I've owned 2 restaurants and I like to think I'm a good cook, and if nothing else, a good judge of food in general. This dish was the most outstanding display of its name that I've ever had in a restaurant. The eggs were poached perfectly. The English muffin and Canadian bacon were more than adequate. The hollandaise though. What can I say about the hollandaise. How can I speak of it's simplistic beauty? How can I count the ways? This dish came together like the end of an early Shyamalan movie. Where every part seemed perfect on its own but when it all comes together, it touches you and resounds deeply within you, and you realize the sun was greater than its individual parts. Perfect. Just perfect. 10 out of 5 stars reduced to 5 out of 5 because of the other menu items that were awful. GET THE EGGS BENEDICT! YOU WILL THANK ME! Oh, and my wife loved the Chinese chicken salad.


running 3 scrambled eggs $5.49 breakfast. Not very good at all. Average wait time after ordering. $3 dollar coffee. That is where they get you. Don't fall for it.