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Have been here several times now when visiting family in the area. The food is always good, and enjoyable. It is not a large place, and that is part of the attraction. The staff are awesome, and tend to you extremely well.

Really enjoyed the food the first time we went. Then the second time they had a D HEALTH GRADE. Will not go back, even if they have better grade now, they should have never got a grade that low to start with.

I'm so grateful I found this place!! It's down the street from my office and has super tasty lunch specials. I'm particularly fond of the corn chowder that comes with lunch.

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Soy beans harvested at the peak of ripening, boiled & lightly salted.
Fried Tofu$6.5
Firm tofu, fried until golden, served with sweet & sour sauce and ground peanuts.
Crispy Spring Rolls$7.5
Wonton wrappers with a savory filling of glass noodles, and mixed vegetable.
Salad Rolls$7.5
Vegetables, noodles and tofu in rice wafer, rolled ‘sushi’ style.
Crab Rangoon$8.5
Real crab, cream cheese and spices wrapped in a thin pastry shell, deep fried.
Shrimp In The Blanket$9.5
Shrimp wrapped in a wonton, deep fried, served w/ dipping sauce.
Chicken or Tofu Satay$9
Grilled satay marinated with curry paste and coconut milk. Served with peanut sauce and mini cucumber salad.
Moo Ping w/ Sticky Rice$10
Grilled pork flavored by a mildly sweet marinade. Served with sticky rice & homemade sauce.
Golden Cups (Kratong Tong)$8.5
Spiced chicken & vegetables served in a crispy Thai pastry cup.
Green Shell Mussels$9
Mussels sauteed in our sriracha sauce, garnished with cilantro.
Miang Khum$9.5
Traditional Thai snack - translated as 'eating many things in one bite.' seven ingredients you mix yourself and wrap in a spinach leaf to create a delicious wrap. Includes roasted coconut, peanuts, dry shrimp, diced ginger, shallots, lime and fresh Thai chili pepper as an optional challenge.
Combination Plate$12
Spring rolls, fried tofu, crab rangoon & chicken satay: two of each; served with peanut sauce and mini cucumber salad.


Glass Noodle Soup- Regular$8
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