Chubby Cattle

3400 S Jones Blvd #15, Las Vegas
(702) 868-8808

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This was a return visit for 3 of us. We had eaten here last last year too. Everything was very good at this hot pot restaurant. You can choose from a wide variety of food items then the sauces they have are limitless. Some items we chose were beef combo platter, tiger shrimp,baby bok chow,a basket of different type of mushrooms, and some other items for our individual pots.If you forget to order something it is probably coming around on a conveyer belt for you to pick up.We really enjoy this place and it is one of the cheaper meals we get in Vegas.

Victoria Pham

I think it’s just ok, not very good to my good hotpot standard. The meat quality is fine. I chose the beef and lamb combo bc I love eating lamb. But I think it’s a mistake to order lamb bc the lamb meat has smell that only good slaughter knows how to get rid of them. I still smell that smell in their lamb meat strongly.Second, I think it’s very expensive compared to the quantity and quality of food served! The only good experience there was that the waiters are very polite and nice.I think there would be other hot pot places that are priced more reasonably and better quality

Jade F.

I wasn't as impressed by this place as I thought I'd be. We tried to make reservations for party of 8, but online could only make reservations for 7 people, but other Yelpers wrote no wait. So we decided to take a chance and arrived with no reservations. When we arrived around 6pm, there were a few empty tables and we said we could split up, but they put us in VIP room. At first. We were grateful. There is only one other table and you have privacy with individual hot pots. However, VIP room doesn't have conveyer belts. Sometimes, it's nice to see all the food on the conveyer versus ordering from a menu. The spicy soup tasted like lamb and I don't like lamb. The house original soup lacked flavor. We ordered shrimp, scallops, fish l, 2 of the wagyu and lamb combo and 2 of the combination wagyu, tripe, enoki mushrooms, sponge tofu, tofu skin, watercress, spinach noodles, udon, and quail eggs. The meat all tasted like lamb to me, so I don't know if they mixed it up. So I avoided all the meats after that. The only thing I liked was the watercress, scallops, shrimp, and spinach noodles.

Ulysses M.

I'm not going to lie, but the pictures of the food on Yelp definitely sold me on going here...couple with some awesome photos and videos I saw from friends that posted about this restaurant on Instagram Chubby Cattle is tucked away in the middle corner of the Mountain View Plaza. We arrived around 6:30pm on a Saturday and had about a 30-45 min wait, as this place gets really busy. Fortunately, there are other shops nearby that you can sit at and chill, especially during a scorching hot day... *cough* the Matcha Green tea place nearby *cough.* When we arrived, we were seated and given instructions on how to order. This place is not all you can eat, so you have to choose your soup base, meats, seafood, veggies, apps and drinks. My party and I opted to go with the individual option so we could choose our own base (definitely recommended if you like to go with the super spicy stuff, which I did). As a group, we ordered the Japanese A5 Wagyu w/egg, Mixed Mushroom basket, Vegetable Combo Platter, the hand-made meatball combo, and the Seafood Combo Platter (see I'm telling you those photos really sold me). While waiting for our food, we were able to go to the sauce bar and pick out any additional toppings not mentioned and individual sauces to compliment our our pots. One thing I wanted to mention was the individual plate conveyor belt, where you can choose additional items. Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of this since we already had plenty to add into our pots, but I love that they had that option. The presentation was excellent, the food was delicious, and worth every penny. I would highly recommend visiting and I will make sure that my next trip includes this spot once again. PS: Huge shoutout to the servers and the bartender that hooked it up with the random house shots!

Amy C.

Food was great, just got terrible service.. only reason for the 3 stars. We were sat around 2pm. Our server quickly introduced himself and walked off. It took him a good 10 mins to come back around to take our order. One issues with the order is that i asked what the A5 wagyu combo came with and he said the plate of a5 wagyu with egg and a higher quality a5 brisket so we got it. When the food came, there was no egg. Everything else came out fine. But it took us awhile to be able to flag someone or anyone down to ask about it or get an egg. Once we finally did after 5-10 mins, it took them another 10 minutes just to bring an egg over.. Although the food was great, we still hadn't been checked in by our server or asked if we needed anything. Literally no one came & we were getting to the bottom of our pot & our broth started burning!! We had to wave another person down, assuming she was a manager from uniform, and all she did was yell for the server across the room for broth and he finally came over to fill it. But at that point, one side of the broth already burnt our noodles to the bottom and once it was refilled, it just tasted burnt.. it was just very unpleasant so we asked for our check and left. We have heard so many great things about this place and always get recommended to try it out. We've been to the one in denver, but their style was more of a ayce conveyor belt concept, and this was order a la carte with a conveyor. Again, great food, terrible service. Hoping next time we stop by we get better attentiveness. I don't know if it was just a bad day for our server, but any attentive or just a walk by checking in would've been fine.

Tiffany H.

1 star off because this place isn't the cleanest. We had great service by Zhong. The quality of meat was really good. I ordered a spicy broth but in mild and wow it was spicy so I had to change it out and they were really nice about it. They have a huge buffet of sauce collection! Zhong was so helpful and made his very own sauce for me and it was good!

Pricilla D.

I came here super hungover and dead tired after EBC but even after all that Chubby Cattle was amazing. We got lucky and were seated right away, it helps that there was only two of us. After a quick scan of the menu we decided to go with their prix fix set for 2 that came with a bunch of different items. We also got lamb, tongue and fish balls on the side. We ended up going with the house original and entry hellish spicy pot for our soup bases. They also have a make your own sauce bar that had a ton of options, probably one of the better sauce bars that I have seen. The 2-person prix fix comes with a lot of food and had I been in a better condition to eat, we probably would have us no problem eating it all. The meat and soup base quality was great! Probably one of the best hot pot experience I have had just because the quality was amazing. The meal also came with a Kobe beef fried rice that I found was a bit too salty but otherwise good. I am not sure if this was just a limited time thing but they gave us Melona bars for desserts which perfectly complimented the hot pot meal because it was nice and cooling. Service was also good, they were super attentive with checking up on us and ensuring food came out super quick. I would definitely come back! Most likely next time I'll come hungry and not hungover so I'll be able to better enjoy the food.

Tommy T.

Chubby Cattle is fireeeeeeee!!!! Both broth was so good but I really enjoyed the tomato broth. The meat quality was good as well! They had a huge sauce bar so you already know I was chefin it up over there! Definitely recommend if you ever stop by in Vegas. The tomato noodles were good too.. I'm more of a rice guy but really enjoyed their noodles. I would definitely come back here ! CERTIFIED BUSSIN YO!!

Hunter L.

Food is awesome and staff is very friendly! Highly recommend the chuck roll and house original broth.

Trish T.

Always a go to dinner with my family. Celebrating Mother's Day a day early. Mushroom hot pot is always the best choice and you got to order tongue, short rib, and lamb.

Amy B.

Decided to try this place for dinner, and I'm actually really impressed! We got the combo for 2 and 2 extra meats to share between 4 people. It was a lot of food, and given how light my mom and grandma eats, we could've gotten away with ordering just 1 extra meat plate. Beef tongue is sliced thin and super tasty. Beef bibimbap was bomb. Chubby Cup cocktail was recommended and it was super delicious and sweet (tasted like juice). Our server was also amazing. Super friendly, attentive, and goes above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and value. Food was a 4 but the server made the entire experience a 5. Would definitely return next time we're in Vegas!

Lan T.

Omgosh love this place!!! I go here regularly. Love the tomato oxtail soup base the most, must try! Gets crowded at times but worth the wait. Sauces are really good too The servers are always so so so so nice!!!


In A Nutshell:-What a cute little name Chubby Cattle is.-This hot pot restaurant is not an AYCE, but there is a package for under $300 that is AYCE.-With that being said, this restaurant is mostly a la carte.-If you want to maximize your bang for the buck, I suggest ordering the mini combos (meat, mushroom, veggie, etc...)-You'll get a little bit of everything if you order the combos & the portions are very generous.-The quality of the beef, veggies, meatballs, everything is high-end too.Overall, this is an above average hot pot restaurant, definitely worth trying out more than once.

Celeste K.

I try hot pot at every city I visit because it's one of my faves. This place is among the top ones I've tried. You can order off the menu - and add on certain items from the conveyor belt. It's super cool! Although I wish there were more options on the conveyor belt. I chose the spicy broth because I love spice and they did not disappoint! It was delicious! A good hot pot starts with a delicious broth. They did it right! We had a selection of meats, seafood, mushrooms and veggies. They have quite the variety to choose from. The sauce station is a nice spread as well. On top of it all, we had great service. The hostess was super friendly and the wait staff was on top of it. Loved my experience here and will definitely come back.

Darlene T.

My boyfriend and I got the 2 person combo. Super worth it!!! It comes with 2 drinks and more than enough food. This is a bang for your buck. A5 wagyu with egg was literally melt in your mouth. Service was super great. 10 stars to our server! Would def recommend!

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