Asi Es Mi Tierra

1020 S Wells Ave, Reno
(775) 323-3119

Recent Reviews

Yurem Alberto

Horrible the rice is really hard like a rock just don’t recommend

Jmartin JT

We came from LA to visit a friend, we found this great place, Marvin is the best, Impeccable service, food is very tasty. Highly recommendFood: 5/5

Tea ssert

The really need to work on their food it was old and the recipes aren't the bestFood: 1/5

Rubidia B.

I ordered pupusas with cheese, chicharrón y beans, I got nothing but beans. I would never be back again, I also got beef soup they are barely putting any meat, but they are charging more for everything, if you charge more keep the dish the same. Very disappointing!!!

Gabriela Garcia

Please visit this amazing restaurant!! Being here makes me feel at home as they're so friendly and make delicious pupusas!!!

elsy landaverde

Mr. Marvin is a sweet heart!! pupusas are great.. delicious ?

Daniel Marecki

Must have papusas!This family owned business will leave you coming back!

Keri Corley

I was sick for 3 days because I are their papusas!

B G.

Amazing food! Super authentic. Met the wife-husband duo who cook and serve food from their country. Felt like we were invited to their home! Pupusas were delicious and not greasy; very flavorful. Had the chicken plate and the beef plate. The meats were so tender that they melted in our mouths! The sauce they were cooked in were so amazing! Gosh, wished we lived in Reno and we would spend many meals here. Hope to return very soon. Feel lucky to have found this place.

William Sides

Local place... Authentic. Always better than chain restaurants. My absolute favorite place ?

Jessica Acuna

The employees are extremely down to earth and welcoming. I was very impressed and glad that the pupusas here were on point. And don't let me forget about how delicious the Salvadorian Horchata!! The atmosphere definitely reminded me of a Hispanic party with the music, karaoke, dancing, and pool table.

Michael Berry

There aren't many places to get pupusas in Reno. For that reason it is worth knowing about this spot in midtown. However, I'm not used to spending so much on them, and they were kind of small. I'd rather go to El Paisano.

Christopher R.

Place was amazing.I got the Siete Mares soup.It was delicious and the broth was really good.They have fresh garnish on the side and handmade tortillas.Would def go back.Made me feel like I was back in Central America with the cumbia playing in the background

Nicole A.

The pupusa's are always warm and made to order. Their sauces are great. Everything else on their menu is just OK but the Pupusas are never I let down.

Joe Harris

When you happen to stumble across the Holy Grail of food experiences you employ ALL of your natural senses to savor that meal. Rare indeed are the blessings of such an experience bestowed upon this humble human being that takes pleasure in sharing, with you, his food exploits and adventures. Asi Es Mi Tierra (El Salvadoran Cuisine) has presented said blessing. The traditional, handed-down flavors, the myraid textures, the colors and visually artistic flow, and the combination of simple yet complex ingredients of the main dish I had the pleasure of feasting on, the Caldo de pata, provided ALL that one could desire in a dish. You can get a sense of all the far-reaching hands from past generations to now that have all helped to make this dish a home-cooked experience right in the middle of the city. Equally, the welcoming and friendly atmosphere and on-top-of-it staff were also exceptional. Proof is in the steady stream of patrons shuffling themselves and their families and loved ones to open tables, gleefully awaiting their food selections. If you like venturing off the beaten path to different, more ethnically diverse food destinations please do your taste buds a huge favor and stop in for a more than a quick minute. The traditional pupusas and refreshing horchata also hit the right spot. Viva la ?? cuisine !!

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