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940 W Moana Ln, Reno
(775) 453-1354

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Seth Stanford

Loved the atmosphere, loved the games & variety of things to do & the drinks. I had the Stormtrooper Frappuccino & it was pretty good. Friendly staff too. Would recommend to anyone who loves coffee/tea & games/comics.Food: 5/5


Being from Seattle we have a coffee barista on every corner, not to mention we have Starbucks. My sister introduced me to your store on Mona Lane. I was served one of the best cups of coffee I have had in months and met two of the nicest barista‘s I think I’ve ever met Fern and Jamie.The atmosphere within the store is so comfortable and relaxed.This will be the go to coffee store for the remainder of my trip this time and any future trips.


If you’re into comics and anime this is a great place to go read a comic or book, and go shop for small items while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Their selection of beverages is interesting. I ordered a warm cup of ‘ My hero macadamia nut’ . It was the perfect amount of sweet. They also have a section where they offer beer and wine. I’ll have to try that on my next visit. I enjoyed catching up with my friends here because it was a friendly environment. There was a drink for everyone in their menu.

Wilson Tsang

Delicious coffee and cards and comics? Love it! Barista was friendly and made a great suggestion on the honey vanilla latte which wasn’t that sweet but plenty of flavor. Being able to buy a pack of magic the gathering cards with my coffee was great as well!I do understand that business is difficult nowadays but passing along the credit card charge to the customer seems a little much. I also don’t remember seeing it clearly displayed at all until the final payment screen where it showed up in small print.Other than that, I like the shop!

rodney hurst

It's too bad that only the 4 to 5 star reviews gets a response. It would do you well to reply to people who have problems with your store. Like the guy who had the rude employee. He wrote a very kind review of your store but your pink haired employee is a major fly in the ointment. Comic books were the only reason I came and there wasn't enough to bother with.

Nuriko Windchaser

My absolute favorite place to hang out. I don't really drink coffee, but they have tons of tea and Italian soda options. The food is limited but good, the tamales are excellent. I've always found the staff to be friendly and welcoming, it's just a great place to sit down and play games for a few hours.


I've only had the coffee here so far but it tastes really good I enjoy going everytime I'm near. The baristas who work here were really friendly and helped make the experience better. Will definitely be going back.

Gaia O.

Love this place, one of my favourite spots! The inside is super cool, they have lots of comics (obviously) on sale, and other fan memorabilia and collectibles available to purchase. The whole café is superhero/comic themed, even the bathrooms! The staff are super nice, and the coffee is AMAZING! I love iced chai tea lattes, and they make the best ones here, super creamy and delicious EVERY TIME! The only reason I dock a star is because the food served there is pretty mediocre, but then again I only tried the breakfast burrito so perhaps if I broaden my horizons next time I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Linda H.

Arrived early for a hair appt so had sometime to grab a late breakfast and white chocolate macadamia latte. Cute and hip coffee/beer place. Great place to play a board game, video game, cards, or even collaborate and work. Lots of plugs for connecting your phones, computer, tablets, etc, etc. Lots of young people hanging out, having Italian sodas. Gunna have to come back and grab my backgammon or cribbage board. Looks like a great hangout place. And it looks like they have music too. Avocado toast hit the spot. I am not much of a fan of bread, but the chiabatta roll was perfect toasted. White chocolate latte hit my sweet tooth and caffeine spot. I am ready to rock and roll for the remaining day.i

Katherine F.

***Hidden gem alert Coffee N' Comics immediately made it on my radar since the day I stumbled upon a post from Yelp Reno on Facebook on their specials for Star Wars Day (aka May the Fourth Be With You). How could I pass up a fun drink called Death Star Cold Brew? Coffee N' Comics is an amazing hang out spot that's full of character, made by owners Raymond and Alex, whose passions (coffee and comics) bleed out from the walls. Here, you can expect to find good eats and drinks, board games, Super Nintendo, merchandise, comics for sale, battle cards for sale, and more, in a fun atmosphere that welcomes all and encourages everyone to be themselves. Come dressed up as your favorite anime character, geek out with friends over pop culture, get lost in comic books over good coffee, find yourself face to face with guest celebrities(I met Dominic Pace "Gekko" from Mandalorian), have some foodie adventures, play Super Nintendo, or simply come in to hang out & get some work done on your laptop. In the few times I've visited, I've already met so many cool people here, including a customer that struck up some fun conversations with my kids, fun down to earth workers that are always happy to talk and are always full of suggestions. I've even had a chance to meet one of the owners, Alex, born and raised in Sparks, who was so welcoming and enthusiastic about sharing more information on the business that would evolve to become a special part of Reno. They have a small section of comics for sale. For a more substantial selection, you can purchase rad comics at our local comic book stores @omegafrogcomics @comicbook_kingdom And purchase amazing pop culture/comic merchandise(bags, shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) from @boxlunchmeadowood. Notes *If you're looking for gourmet desserts and craft chocolates, visit Bouchee Bonfections next door. *Plenty of parking in a strip mall *Don't forget to check in for a free treat *They are opening a new location in Sparks so be on the lookout *Their breakfast burritos are made daily and are loaded with so much goodness. *Follow them on Instagram for frequent updates and announcements on special guests, and drink specials

Tori S.

This is such a perfect niche coffee spot for comic lovers of all types! They have amazing drinks and their baristas and bartenders make the environment even greater. Filled with games, movies playing in every corner, little bunches of Knick-knacks (of course, comic themed) make this the perfect coffee shop. I can go to Coffee N' Comics for a quick pick-up, an after work drink, hang out with friends, relax with my favorite book, study, do research, whatever! Which is especially helpful with their free wifi- and it's fast reliable which is rare to find sometimes. To top it off, they have events scheduled on the wall when you walk in like comedy nights or special games nights. It is such a safe haven for coffee and comic lovers, a must have in Reno!

Emma P.

If you are ever on the go, or want to sit, relax, and hang with your family and friends, coffee and comics is a great place and affordable! I love walking there in the morning and getting an astounding coffee and amazing food! The aura inside is fun and chill. I know not everyone likes comics and super hero's, but I do and the food and coffee is still amazing with or with out comics! The business also has games you can play with your friends and family. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! Thanks coffee and comics for fun and great experiences!

Ursula Michele

After a failed attempt to have coffee somewhere across town (??) I came here to this fine establishment. Upon walking in a really cool vibe hits you, the employees smile and are so welcoming. Lots of seating, truly friendly staff and fellow patrons. I ordered a Vanilla Lavender Latte and I absolutely LOVE IT(????????)!!! Plus, I got two MOTHER OF MACROS clean cheatz donuts and three stickers!They also serve adult beverages (beer, ale, wine, etc), burgers, muffins, etc., along with comics. While here you can play board games, video games or watch Bobs Burgers or whatever is on the TV.I truly am super excited about this place!!! I give it 6 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nona D.

It was morning so not busy. I was glad to find something open. I know nothing about cartoons so not able to give a review on that. Hardly anything vegan. My food was very expensive for what was served. I was able to get avocado toast w/o honey, tho. It was good, but quite pricey for me. They are still using styrofoam, but luckily, one server was helpful & found a paper box for me to take it out in. That was a plus. The other server was rather stoic & not very pleasant.

Britsy Elyse

My favorite place in town. Always an activity going on. Staff is easygoing, creative and passionate.The cafe drinks are super sugary so on cheat day, I go all out. On diet days I just grab pomegranate tea. I love the protein donuts and avocado toast.DnD, comedy nights, cosplay and autograph sessionsThis place is never dull!

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