Paolo’s Deli

900 W Moana Ln UNIT 101, Reno
(775) 376-8080

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L O.

How did it take me so long to find you, Paolo?? Now that I know where you are, and I enjoyed your delicious Turkey-Fonatina sandwich, homemade soup and scrumptious choc chip cookie, I shall return for spaghetti and meatballs next week. Grazie

Todd V.

Was in Reno for work and was looking for a good sandwich. I didn't find it, what I found was a great sandwich! After ordering and finding a seat I saw a couple people eating the lasagne, looked fabulous. Highly recommend.

Dana L.

Craving a good ol' fashion toasted Italian sandwich, with fresh meat, olive oil and the usual fixin's, I decided to try the Italian Stallion at Paolo's during lunch time. The pictures looked so good on line. I ordered my sandwich at the counter, paid, started to turn to find a seat, and what do I Hear??? A dog barking inside the restaurant. I looked and didn't see one, and I turned to the server at the counter, and asked, "Is that a DOG I HEAR??? Where is it??""Ohh that's the owners dog hanging out in the kitchen.." Mind you I am not an animal hater by no means, but immediately I had a flash of fleas and dog hair in my Italian sandwich, and I know for a FACT! that the Reno Board of Health doesn't allow animals of any kind in a public food kitchen... Needless to say when my sandwich finally came out, after sitting there listening to the dog bark in the kitchen, I couldn't get through it.. it tasted decent, but at this point, I have no idea of the cleanliness of the kitchen.The owner got wind of my concern, and came out from the kitchen and walked over to me specifically, and there was others in the restaurant. He asked how the sandwich was.. I said truth be told, after hearing a dog barking in the kitchen , I honestly am not enjoying it, and asked if the Reno Board of Health allows live animals in restaurant kitchens. He ignored the question and went on to say, the dog is a "calming dog", and helps the staff chill out. I actually laughed, and asked if a barking dog truly calms him, because its making me a nervous wreck trying to relax and enjoy my sandwich. LOLI'm truly disappointed, I love hot toasted Italian sandwiches.. and I was so hoping this would be my go to place', as I live nearby. I had most of it wrapped to go, and dumped it in a nearby trash can outside. Unfortunately, I cant give this place a good rating. As a Life long foodie, I have never in my life witnessed a dog, let alone a BARKING dog, to be allowed in kitchen that serves food to the Public. My experience here was "Ruff!!"

Shawn E.

Really nice spot with a great ambience, fresh ingredients, food made to order, and most importantly of all, it was delicious! Would definitely recommend Paolo's to anyone looking for a great meal.

Carrie E.

Got the muffaletta last Friday and it's Sunday night and I can't stop thinking about it. And then I just saw they are closed on Monday. Wahhhhh! I will be there Tuesday!!Did I mention I love the muffuletta?

Carrie Yamamoto

Wow! Tried for first time. Love other area local sandwich places, but this place is now top on my list!

Brynda S.

Paulo's Deli is absolutely amazing!The owner, Jason is friendly and very creative with his sandwiches. My favorite is the Italian stallion.

J H.

Amazing quality. The food is superb and if you like Italian food this is the spot. The sandwiches are phenomenal and the meals are great. The lasagna is my favorite.

Shabby Lavette

A quaint lunch place. I had the chicken parm sandwich and their cheesecake. Delicious. The service was great and welcoming. Definitely going again and sending everyone I know here for a delicious lunch.

Cindy Shutz

We love Paolo's Deli. Very authentic and delicious Italian food.

Dana S.

Excellent little cafe. Super friendly owners & staff. The food is always full of flavor, fresh & it's just a great place. Love local owned gems!! They also have beer & wine.

virginia howell

Had the hot meatball sandwich and my friend had the chicken parmesan. Very tasty, everything was fresh, loved the marinara sauce. Will be back!

Marshall rodriguez

The Italian Stallion Sandwich is the best sandwich I have had in years. The vegetable soup is phenomenal. I really look forward in returning to this restaurant.

Rachelle G

Great reviews seemed like a good place to grab lunch. This was a one and done spot. All the plates customers had looked great with saucy heaping portions. After I ordered, I was refunded without my tax paid on my soup, the gal said we are out of soup. Well kitchen was putting out soups and gal said my order doesn’t get soup but other orders do. They charge more for take out however the quality is very poor. I basically got plain hot noodles not saucy goodness like I had seen at the tables. You get better food and service if you eat there maybe.

D Xander

Great sandwiches! Jason and his family run agreat business. The Homemade Cheesecake is outstanding!

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