Von Bismarck

805 S Wells Ave, Reno
(775) 622-3687

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Elisabeth Kennedy

Von Bismarck is wonderful! If you are looking for something different and a great atmosphere, this is the place to check out. If you are traveling through and it looks a little far off the freeway, it’s worth it! The beer is a great, German selection and the food is a nice spin on classic German fare. The customer service is also incredible, as the waitstaff going above and beyond.

Dan Pera

This place is awesome. I got to go to Munich this year and this is pretty close!Schnitzel, sausages, fried chicken, pretzel, fries all great.Get a liter of beer while you're at it.

Sean Morris

We attended the Oktoberfest event at Von Bismarck yesterday and it was absolutely incredible. The food was top tier, and the non stop flow of beer was impressive. Not only that, but the staff was super friendly the whole time and kept on trucking out beer mugs with smiles all evening long, even after dessert was served. Truly fantastic experience that we will be sure to come back for next year.

Verseless Cooking

A neat al fresco style Beer Hall with cement tables, and parachute cord chairs. It takes the concept of the Bierhall and drags it kicking with its lederhosen into the 21st century.The dinner menu is quite limited focusing on schnitzel, and other takes on German food. While the menu is missing Bavarian staples like swein shank, and the sausage is gallingly Market Price... the quality of the food was excellent and beyond reproach. The beer menu appeared to be very German, and they had Stiegel on the menu (a grapefruit malt beverage) that is perfect for summer.Despite the lack of menu options, the quality of the service and food more than made up for it. A place to go again, and bring friends so that you can share plates, it is very worth the dining experience.

Christi Martin

OMG! The food was absolutely amazing! We ordered the schweinschnitzel, the duck and the pickle plate. We ate so much we hurt afterwards. Our server Timothy was super awesome. He recommendations were spot on. We will definitely be back!

Eileen B.

This was the third time visiting this place and it doesn't disappoint. Good food good beer and an amazing value for your money we ordered the pork steak and it could have easily fed 4 people the thing was a roast size slap of pork cooked to perfection. We also ordered the mussels and I found myself drinking the liquid in the bottom of the dish. That good! I worked as an executive chef for years and I am blown away by the quality and flavors

Amanda K.

Love the food and incredible environment! Huge variety in drinks and it's a great place to hang out with a group of friends.

Elizabeth C.

This was an amazing place, recommended by a Yelp reviewer. The restaurant has outside and indoor seating, with a good view of their outside grill. We set at their countertop seats so we could people watch and watch one of the chefs work, which was very interesting. We started with the pretzel, which smelled amazing and tasted delicious with the cheese sauce and mustard provided. Then we ordered some potato salad to go with our meals. I had the short ribs, and they were succulent, and lick your fingers good. My partner had the pork schnitzel, which was crispy and flavorful. Both were huge portions, but we managed to finish them both because we couldn't stop eating. For drinks, my partner had a large beer and I had two cocktails. All were Instagram worthy and tasty. Lastly, we couldn't say no to the crustless cheesecake, which was moist, fluffy, and had just the right amount of sweetness. Overall, the food was amazing. The service might have been a tad slow, but honestly that doesn't matter when you serve such quality food and drinks. This is a must try, but come with an empty belly because the portions are big and it's hard to put anything down!

Robin P.

Vin Bismarck is a wonderful German restaurant with a delightful beer garden. Have tasty schnitzel, sausage, spatzel and cucumber salad. Nice beer selection. Food is excellent. Service is friendly. Pricey but worth it.

Eli Trimble

Extremely good food and wonderful beer garden setup. Great during summer, but a little cold in spring! Tad on the pricy side.

Sonja K.

Fabulous food and dog friendly atmosphere. First time and food could not have been better. Hidden Reno gem, can't wait till follow up visit! Good job

Melanie V.

Normally, unless their bathroom is really gross and needs attention, I wouldn't even mention it. But the bathrooms at this restaurant were so beautiful I didn't want to leave Very clean!! I have been here a few times and always please with their food. I feel I need to run a marathon for days after, but it's always worth it!! Their portions are huge and so flavorful. My fiancé and friend and shared their brat wurst platter and the spatzle. So filling and so good! The guys got a couple beers and looked very satisfied!!

Wanda M.

We stopped by on a Sunday afternoon for a couple appetizers and a drink. My drink was the Orange Fluff. It was like an orange creamsicle, but not too sweet. We had the pretzel with the beer cheese sauce and a very good mustard, delicious. We also had a healthy order of amazing mussels that were covered with crumbled bratwurst and all the goodies. They are served with some crusty hearty bread. We also had a wheel of beer (see photo). We left with full bellies (3people) It's a beautiful setting and we can't wait to try the grilled cabbage, schnitzel, etc.

Rebecca H.

This is one of the best restaurants that I've been to in Reno. It's a modern German restaurant. They do have good beer which come in multiple sizes but I love all of their cocktails. I really enjoyed the curry fries which are seasoned with curry powder and come with ketchup and mayo dipping sauce. I also really enjoyed the schnitzel which is a breaded crispy fried pork dish. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. There is more outside seating available than indoors. The outdoor seating is great when the weather is not too cold. The service here was on point and they were very helpful with answering any questions.

Jaclyn G.

Great restaurant with delicious food. Wonderful service and atmosphere. The spatzel and tikka fries were delicious. The schnitzel was pretty bland but maybe that's how it's supposed to be.

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