La Mian Lounge

25-12 Broadway, Queens
(718) 406-9251

Recent Reviews

Victor Roggia

Food was good been there several times.

Vicky M.

Ok food. Had to wait a while. They made a mistake in my order.

Colin C.

Was excited for this place, but ultimately not the best Cantonese food. Wish their bbq meats were more authentic... cha siew was more like Chinese takeout spareribs, but I did enjoy their roast duck. I will try their noodles next.

Mona M.

Unfortunately, they have changed the menu and no longer serve halal. The taste of halal hand pulled noodle soup will be missed!

Yim L.

I order ginger scallions chicken with rice and large size Vietnam spring rolls. But they forgot to give me the leaves to wrap the spring rolls .i feel good little too much to me. I love the spring rolls in a mini size.

Jane S.

Best you can get without going all the way to Chinatown or Flushing. A welcome addition to the neighborhood! We tried all 3 meats, the roast duck and wonton noodle soup. The roast pork sauce is too sweet for my taste. The chicken was delicious and perfectly cooked. The noodle soup was good but too starchy. Overall, I would get food from here again!

Anna Pobyvanets

After reading the reviews decided to try this place and, unfortunately, it did not meet our expectations. Bad bad food.. we ordered duck and ribs and were served basically bones and skin..

Kristin A.

Unfortunately I didn't get to try La Mian's hand pulled noodles before their menu changed, but I finally had the chance to try this place out. I got the roast duck noodle soup which was decent. The broth and egg noodles were fairly basic, not bad but nothing to write home about, but the duck was delicious. There were 5 pieces, and the taste was rich and made the meal worth it. The noodle and soup portion is also good for the price.I got the noodle soup mainly because that's what this place seemed to have been known for before, but it's probably worth ordering a meat combo instead. Also, I tried to place my order via phone first instead of ordering from Seamless but got some automated message that their phone wasn't set up or something - please fix that!

Alex Z.

Very decent Chinatown quality hongkong style restaurant in Astoria. Standard Hongkong style roast over rice. A little pricier than Chinatown or Flushing but still affordable for Astoria market Limited three tables for two outdoor seating. Some milk tea available to the hand pull noodle is not available at this time. Ordered roast duck and ginger scallion chicken, both taste very good. The appetizer spicy beef taste good but just not a lot of beef but a lot of celery. They used single use containers, clean to wash.

Athena L.

Ordered takeout for the first time. I tried the roast duck over rice (per super positive reviews) and taro milk tea. I was not disappointed! The taro tea was really, really good - honestly some of the best bubble tea I've had in Astoria (and at reasonable prices). The duck / rice dish was very comforting + tasty. and the perfect amount of food (leaning towards a larger portion size). I had planned to order online but some of the options were only in Chinese characters (can that be fixed?), so I decided to just go there in person to order and pick up. Wait was about 10-15 min after ordering. Great little spot! They've got outdoor dining spots too if that's what you're looking for. Will definitely order again in the future!

Alice R.

Loving the more authentic Chinese spots popping up in Astoria and La Mian is up there! Only have been able to get delivery so far with COVID, but food is always fast and hot. The BBQ selection is delicious, rich and flavorful, basically like you would get in Chinatown. Portions are pretty good too, for the two meats for $10.95 I usually get two meals out of it. The wonton soup is really nice and the wonton skins are nice and thin, you can actually taste the shrimp in the filling. Bubble tea was super milky, not sure if it's always like that? Overall definitely recommend !

Mike Romano

Spring rolls were good. Sliced pork over rice was the only thing edible. The duck was greasy over cooked and riddled with bones rendering this anticipated main dish pretty inedible. Same story with the ginger scallion chicken over rice..... really disappointed. Wont order again. Picture is of the food i threw out. $ wasted.

Jane K.

Food: 3.5/5One of the better Taiwanese places on Broadway! We ordered the ginger scallion chicken over noodles and the pork chop over rice. The ginger scallion over noodles had a lot of flavor. The chicken was soft and the broth was savory but the temperature wasn't right. It wasn't warm enough to be considered hot soup. It was almost room temperature. Unfortunately, they only have egg noodles so that's what we got. The pork chop over rice was surprisingly delicious. The pork chop was perfectly fried, seasoned and fatty! The rice came seasoned with minced pork, half an egg and a small side of Chinese broccoli.I would definitely recommend this place for delivery or takeout! So much better and authentic than Bund!PS: I didn't try this but they have a great lunch special deal -$10 for three meats over rice and a boba!Service: 4/5Went inside to order. Everyone was super friendly. The girl behind the counter took our order and she was nice. There was also another gentleman working there who helped us clean our table and took our trash after we were done eating. Thank you!Ambiance: 3/5No indoor seating due to covid but they have 4 small tables outside that can seat two people each. The inside seemed very clean.

Sage P.

I so appreciate La Mian Lounge. As an Asian American, it's really hard to find authentic Chinese/ Hong Kong restaurants in Astoria. My man and I have ordered three or so times in the past for delivery, and they've been great. Our go-to order is the roast pork or duck over rice - the quantities are generous. If you're craving food from Chinatown, but can't physically make the trip, I'd recommend this place.

Phong H.

I order from this place about 1-2x a week. Order is always right, reasonably priced, and arrives on time. They properly sociably distance and deliver the food just as you ordered it. I highly recommend the roast pork with an extra braised egg. It's cooked perfectly and is the perfect pick me up for your day. Most meals are around $10, so it won't hit the pockets that hard and are great for the days you don't feel like cooking. You couldn't ask for much more. Support local business and give them a try today.

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