Burger King

4275 White Plains Rd, Bronx
(718) 514-6941

Recent Reviews

Ramiro S

The customer service is constantly prompt, excellent mood, helpful employees. Will eat here again when I get in town.

Derrick Borgard

3 for $3 , can't be beat.

Joseph Horrach

Good food nice and fresh family was happy

SosDaOldHead 176

It's been a lil weird with the whole covid19 process but there very professional in handling the customer 2 thumbs up

The Yellow Kid

Fav restaurant for fast food hands down

enrique gutierrez

wish i could do zero stars or minus zero, i've given this place bad reviews before but decided to walk in again since i love burger king but the staff in this restaurant are giving it a bad name, by far the worst service

manny garcia

I've been spoken to the acting manager about a bad customer service serving staff. For two different times place an order and comes incompleted beside the serving staff bad sense of humor with customers. Staff might need to be replaced in this food court.

Karita Rawlins

No public restroom? Why are you even open. 7 months pregnant and had to walk 10 blocks in the city to find a bathroom

C Browne

Drive through closed until further notice.

Francisco Mercado

Food was great, still has a large menu but they were out of shakes.

Stephanie Mendez

I ordered from the app and door dash delivered i received everything but the fries very very unprofessional i ordered last night and it was closed. Im a mom of 4 i still work during this pandemix decided to order for the kids and than for this to happen definitely not ordering again !

Valentine W.

i'm a delivery person and i've gone to this burger king at LEAST 4 or 5 times within the past week and a half and EVERY TIME i've been there past maybe 7 or 8pm, they're closed... they have ALL the lights on as if they're open but if you try to enter the restaurant, it's locked. you go to the drive through and they say they're closed. they have at least 3 people in there at a time but decide to close whenever they please and it's not fair. it's not fair that the hours that are posted aren't the hours that the place is open. and it's not fair that as a delivery person, i have to waste my time and money, traveling to a place to pick up an order from a CLOSED restaurant. i don't know if the employees just want to get paid for the work they DON'T do but i'm sick of it and something needs to be done. it's utterly ridiculous at this point. change the hours that are posted and employees leave the restaurant because they're wasting people's time doing this, it's unfair, and frankly, it's UNPROFESSIONAL. they were closed down once for a while and honestly, they SHOULD be closed AGAIN. i wish i could give them less than one star because that's what they deserve at this point.

Kevin R. Brown

Great if it's hot and fresh and doesn't take long

Season Hubble

The whopper & fries were delicious. I wish this Burger King was closer to me.

Brandon D.

Food is good but when it comes to following the time that they market for open and closed they are terrible!!! On google they market they are open from 6am-12am on most days , yet I've went at least 4 times in the morning after 6am and they are still closed and even more times for the evening time. I'm just getting back home now but it was 1130pm and they were closed. Please correct your times online or stick to what you market online because you are losing money! P.S.- I don't even do reviews but this is that frustrating that I had to post this

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