Burger King

213-215 E Fordham Rd, Bronx
(347) 344-6815

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parlay miles

Ordered from the kiosk , waited 20 minutes to find out they never made my order disappointed waste of money and time

Cathy Barbosa

I came in here today craving for a bacon cheeseburger and fries and it actually was delicious! My only issue was with the aggressive panhandlers coming off the street and into the restaurant begging for money. A man came in without a mask which has been required due to COVID-19 asking for money. When he was not satisfied with the loose change that a customer offered him, he proceeded to harass him for more change and then he asked me and others for more money...It's like these guys can't accept no for an answer and there was no security or management to deter this man or others from hitting this establishment...??

Das Jacques

Sandwiches were good and place cleaned


Yum. Came early. Quick service

IG: UneekTone

I can get my food there and get out. Usually the customer crowd are typically nutso everytime I've been here. If in the area and have to do a food run I'll get it there. I highly recommend this place getting security like other places. Would be beneficial

Rae miller

Yum. Came early. Quick service

Kristina Behy

Antonio was handeling money in gloves and then proceeded to fill orders touching fries with the same gloves.After mentioning this to the manager , he did not proceed to change his gloves just continued to pack orders with dirty gloves.Gross.

Jennifer Baez

Food was missing. I found a long hair in my fries, Short hair in my burger and another short hair in my chicken sandwich. The amount of mayo on my burger made it disgusting and soggy. The only thing that was correct was my soda.

Belania Sanchez

They constantly cancel our orders HOURS after they're supposed to deliver it, if they can't deliver at least let your customers know in time so they don't waste their time waiting 3 hrs for their food to arrive.

Rosario Ulloa

The two burgers I ordered had the meet completely burn. I don't recomend this Burger King to anyone that would to enjoy a good burger. Imagine to pay $25.00 and receive something unaderable.

Erica Marie Lee Pagan

Good food and fast but alot of homeless hang there

Todd Dixon

Had the impossible burger today and I have to say it tastes just as good as the whopper?

bleu gray

Burger king use to have taste to the food items. Now it's all low quality items like McDonald's. To many homeless and addicts.

Chaos Scott

Godzilla only stopped here to go to the Little Lizards Room... The Nice Manager Let Me Take The Cleveland Browns to the Superbowl. She even high-fived me on the way out.

Alfredo Rodriguez

Maps are miss guiding the trips, the locations are not right and exact. Plz fix asap!!!!!

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