Çka Ka Qellu

2321 Hughes Ave, Bronx
(718) 933-6194

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Ergi Saraci

Delicious authentic Albanian food. And the decor is an extra touch of Albanian culture, fantastic!

Anna Spitz

Everything here was insanely delicious!!! I was totally new to Albanian food and didn’t know what to expect but I love all meat and cheeses and so many dishes were just exquisitely prepared meat and cheese! Service was super slow in the beginning and took a very long time to bring us water but I can’t even detract stars for that because the food made it all worth it. Also for some reason I only took the one picture but each dish looked beautiful, as well.

Luz Kulemani-Montero

Amazing typical Albanian food. Everything we have tried is just delicious. The staff needs to be friendlier and the establishment should finally fix their credit card machine. Aside from that, a must-go-to if you're in that area of the Bronx.

Changsoo Kim

Food is good, interior decoration is nice. But there is no liquor service even you can't bring yours that's bad point. Which i didn't like it.

Iris Cule

Great place! The food is amazing, and the people working there are great!!! Totally recommend it!!

Alan S.

I had been wanting to visit this beautifully designed, rustic Albanian restaurant for some time. But I had concerns about how much they'd be able to accommodate a vegetarian diet. Despite their menu being largely meat focused, the vegetarian options were absolutely outstanding. The lecenik was amazing - a fusion between cornbread and polenta, flavored with rich cheese and spinach. The fli was also very unique, more similar to a traditional borek, with layers of flaky pastry dough. We also had a small portion of the red ajavar dip, which was served with pita but paired well with all the breads. For more substantial dishes, we had the pepper tava and kacamak, which were both served in hot clay pots. Both were rich cheesy stews - while the kacamak might not be visually appealing, it's salty tang grows increasingly delicious with each bite and is a must-try.

Christina P.

Bought a pulsd deal today that doesn't expire until September 2021. This is all very clear on the voucher. Made online reservation and make it clear in the comment section I had a voucher. Also called in advance. When I arrived they said the voucher was expired. Waiter was very rude and didn't seem to care. Table was dirty and sticky when we were seated. Chairs were also very uncomfortable. Would not come back just because of the unfriendly server and weird ambiance of the place.

Richard Vega (Nuyorkid)

We were a group of four at Çka Ka Qellu on Saturday night. Everything that was served to us was absolutely delicious and so well presented. The restaurant itself resembles an old farmhouse adorned with musical instruments, paintings and antique Albanian pieces. It's a spacious place with several dining rooms and a friendly environment. Don't miss this wonderful Bronx experience!

Meemaw H.

We got the tradisa salad (excellent), cheese pickle (yummy) & the tradisa mixed grill. The meats are out of this world. I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. I don't live anywhere near the Bronx but I would be very happy to come here again.

Mykel B.

What a great place, though the night didn't start out so well. No record of our reservation. We found out later that internet reservations don't register... you have to call! Be forewarned! They sat us anyway, but told us we had to leave in an hour and a half. And they have no alcohol. Okay, that's it for the annoying stuff. The rest is pure joy. Service was wonderful, and the waitstaff was incredibly tolerant of our Albanian ignorance! The only Albanian food we knew was Burek and they don't serve it. What we did have was spectacular! The small dishes, like Mantia, were filling and delicious. We ordered some small sausages in a cream sauce, I wish I could remember the name because they were soo good, it would be worth coming back just for that dish. They serve "Albanian" coffee, what most of us know a Turkish coffee, soft drinks, soda and tap water. If you need booze, take a trip around the corner to Arthur Ave bars. But in the meantime... EAT HERE! But don't forget to call for reservations.

Richard Vega

We were a group of four at Çka Ka Qellu on Saturday night. Everything that was served to us was absolutely delicious and so well presented. The restaurant itself resembles an old farmhouse adorned with musical instruments, paintings and antique Albanian pieces. It's a spacious place with several dining rooms and a friendly environment. Don't miss this wonderful Bronx experience!

Aziza I.

The fresh hot bread!!!! Everything from the salad, manti dumplings, pepper cheese, and kofta mixed grill platter were 10/10. Everything was perfectly flavored and fresh. Staff were so warm and welcoming, I can't wait to be back!

Cheyenne T.

was very excited to come here after seeing a New York Times feature on it we called and advance to confirm they don't take reservations and then arrived on Friday night and were asked if we had a reservation, we said no and they said we couldn't be seated. we calmly started to leave and then were told actually we could sit outside, so we proceed to sit outside. then shortly after the same gentleman comes back and tells us actually you can come inside. there was only one other party in the entire restaurant... and during our dining experience they were not too many other people that came in so the whole thing felt a bit odd, but we were happy to have been seated nonetheless. i'm not gonna lie the service was not good. we never got a drink refill, we didn't have a consistent waiter, no one checked in to see how things were, and we were never offered the dessert menu or the check- we had to flag it down in terms of the food I was really excited to try different cuisine but we were left pretty unimpressed. no real seasoning on meats and they were SO fatty there was little to actually eat, they were also tough. this may be the traditional way though, I am not sure. then when we got the bill there was a QR code to pay with a card, but our waiter said sorry cash only ??? again seemed shady. luckily we had enough cash on us. total $85 for 2 dishes and an app.

Edward K.

My friend and I get dinner once a month, it was his turn to pick the place and he went with Cka Ka Qellu. We ended up very glad that he did. After struggling to find parking in the Arthur Avenue area, we parked in the municipal lot. A short walk later, we entered a very cool restaurant. While presenting traditional Albanian decor, they also managed to be crisp and modern. The staff were extremely pleasant and helpful with food recommendations. They brought out freshly made bread, which ended up being the perfect thing to dip in all of the sauces to come. We selected cheese stuffed pickled peppers, tarator, and fli for a first course. The pickling on the peppers was a great contrast for the creamy cheese and the tarator played nicely with the layers of crepes that makes up the fli. Knowing that we were in for something special, we moved on to the Mantia, Sarma (stuffed cabbage) and Skanderbeg dishes. The Skanderbeg is a flavor missile, both in shape and explosive flavor. The oozing cheese and smoked meat inside was superb. The stuffed cabbage featured cabbage that melted into the background, provided the perfect wrapper for delicious meat filling in a zesty sauce. The mantia was a new dumpling experience, a more bread like chew than noodle dumplings and excellent. While starting to feel somewhat full, we knew there was more menu to get to. We picked the fasul with sausage and meat and the house made sausages dish. Both were delicious. The fasul was vibrant and filled with white beans, spicy sausage and chunks of tender meat. The house made veal sausage was tender and took on the flavor of the grill perfectly. One last detour before the dessert course was the cornbread with spinach, topped with a yogurt sauce. The texture was perfect and it played so well with the sauce. Feeling a sense of savory accomplishment, we moved on to the dessert round. They said they have three desserts and we said yes. At that point, we had FOMO and couldn't select just two. Sheqerpare was a very cool texture, it was a sugar cookie drowned in the perfect syrup. It still had chew to it and the perfect level of sweetness. Trilece was the Albanian version of tres leches cake, decadent and perfect. The baklava was a great version, as good as any I've had. My friend had the Albanian coffee and I had chamomile tea. The coffee is served in ornate fashion from a metal decanter. We had a great meal, certainly worth a return.

Jeff B.

Our waitress provided the help we needed to select a broad variety of items to try for our group of four. Our approach was to share as many items as possible since we had never been there before. Everything was delicious! Be sure to save room for the tres leche ... everyone in our party thought it was the perfect ending.

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