Louie & Ernie's Pizza

1300 Crosby Ave, Bronx
(718) 829-6230

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“how many slices in a pie?” cuz we want more! this is New York pizza. must try for anyone visiting this state.

Allan Reese

Absolutely the BEST pizza in the Bronx and quite possibly all of NYC

Brad Taylor

Great pizza! They’re pepperoni on half inches and the rest is probably the best pizza in all of New York. Check out the size of his slices! My wife especially loved their beer.

Yasmin N.

I have been on a quest for a while to find a perfect pizza spot. FOUND IT! Not only can you taste the freshness of their ingredients but the fact that grease is not sliding from my slice onto my hands is a major bonus. Cash only though. So make sure you have your paper money.

Sean M.

Some of The Best Pizza in the Bronx, New York and maybe even the Whole Unites States of America. Highly recommended.

Quandra T.

A close friend couldn't stop RAVING about this place so we went for some eats after a trip to the Botanical Gardens. This is STRICTLY a pizza joint; I didn't see any options for soups, salads, pasta, bougie sandwiches. Just pizza with a laundry list of toppings. I opted for a pepperoni and garlic pie and man was I not disappointed. The garlic was FRESH. Like they just grated it over the hot pizza straight out the oven and let the cheese and hot oil assimilate it into the slices. And it was ABUNDANT. Every bite was a mouthful of flavor, crisp crust, watch for dripping oil, cause there will be dripping oil, so don't come here on some health kick; we're here for delicious, greasy goodness the way a pizza should BE. Snug interior, but good outdoor seating in the back. And apparently my girlfriends said watch your step going into the bathroom because there's a very trippable step that I didn't even notice. I was probably too focused on the aromatic cheesy anticipation. The staff is down-to-earth friendly and welcoming too.

Stephanie Z.

First time coming to this place in the Bronx, and I have got to say, this is an amazing place!!! Omg, the pizza is thin, the sauce is abundant, and the cheese just coats the entire slice of pizza. We ordered the L sausage pie with mushrooms. It comes out piping hot and the crust is so perfectly thin. The crust is so crunchy and I love it when there are tiny bits of bitter burnt ends, because it just makes the pizza whole. The crust is chewy and really delicious. Please add this to your list of pizza places to visit. A real gem.

Dan H.

I've been coming here for years, always loved it. But in the past year it hasn't been the same. I can't justify paying high prices when there's no improvement in the food

On the Beat

The best pizza in The Bronx . This location is small yet the have indoor and outdoor seating. Family owned staff so you get a homey feeling when eating there. I highly recommend you taste this pizza it is truly delicious. They also sell their own homemade frozen pizza so you can make at home.

Brian Caine

Great pizza and friendly staff. Cash only! ATM on site. Had playing cheese and a tomato slice. Both were very very good.

DTM 1864

Good old fashioned NY style neighborhood pizza. Top five places in NYC.

Jose Dendariarena

I hate to say this but it was a bit pricey compared to other places, the crust was very hard, a bit burnt, and a little warm. When I folded the pizza, part of the crust shattered. The people were great but I wish the pizza was better.

Cara Schmidt

This is, without a doubt, the best pizza in the world. I have driven hours for it on multiple occasions. The calzones are incredible too.

Traci Barnes

Just like family . Great prices smiles n conversations. Cashier is really terrific. U can c ur pizza being made HUGE PIZZA N EXCELLENT HOSPITALITY. THANK YOU FROM DC

Robert J

This place is amazing. Thin crust, crispy and delicious. A friend took me years ago and they still hold the top spot in the Bronx as far as I'm concerned.

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