Hops Hill

886 Fulton St, Brooklyn
(347) 987-4334

Recent Reviews

Tammy M.

We only had beers at this place but we really enjoyed what we had. Our bartender was very friendly and gave us great advice on places to hit while we were visiting.

Scott Dyer

Great rotating beer selection, and Mike is the man. Awesome bar.

Nico Kwan

Delightful cocktails & brew specials.

Dirk Houben

Delicious beers and nice staff!

Luiza Leite

Lovely place, amazing beers. Had a great time there. Loved in particular the cider.

Agneta Sääf

Cool pub med många goda lokala öl och avslappnad atmosfär

Katherine R.

I came here for happy hour and a beer was $9 apparently it's usually $10. Its a little too Williamsburg for a bar that is not in Williamsburg.

Christoffer Jakobsen

Small neighborhood bar with a focus on craft beer and whiskey. Fifteen rotating beers on tap. A large selection of cans and bottles to stay or to go. They also frequently feature cider, hard kombucha and mead. Super friendly staff. Tiny backyard for warm days.

Kim Reese

New spot for my day drinking. Bob the bartender was extremely helpful. I'll be back.

Patrick Miller

Crowlers are great deals for take away


Please change the lighting. All you have to do is cover/darken the lamps over the bar. Please. The light is harsh and it makes me not want to ever come back here again.

Jon Hayes

This is a great, chill neighborhood bar. We’ve come here several times. They have a very large selection of draft beers. They even have a selection of vintage beers.

Barnabas Schickling

A cozy spot with a backyard that's a ten minute ride from my apt . Draft list slays. And the bourbon and whiskey prices aren't bad either . They will also fill crowlers for certain beers on draft, which is good for a share setting. Truly a gem.

Kyle Bognatz

Awesome beer selection & good service

John Anthony D.

Stumbled upon this place for after dinner drinks last night. I ordered a beer and after getting through 1/5 of it, i noticed a fruit fly flew into my drink. I let the bartender know and he goes to grab a stirring spoon to fish it out. I was a little confused by this, so i told him "i was hoping to get a replacement beer, since there was a fly in it". He responds "i dont think my manager would be okay if i gave someone a new beer over a fruit fly". My partner and i stared at him for a few uncomfortable seconds, which made him reconsider and offer a new beer. i should mention, he replaced it with the EXACT amount that was previously in it (about 4/5 full). maybe the bartender grew up without understanding social norms, or maybe the owner is terrible and cheap, but if i pay $9 for a 12oz beer in a slightly upscale bar, id expect better customer service and less flies.

Zayne M

Had a very good experience in here with my wife. The food comes out quickly and the service is just good. Prices are reasonable.

Tatiana Ospina

Have so many beer options, loved the feel of it. Would definitely go again

jonathan herrera

Austin is super friendly and helpful. He also offers very fast service and uses his downtime to beautify the bar.

Jessie Hasson

Great selection of beer and friendly staff.

Clairement Dibule

Good trendy beers and a little terasse in the back,

Gautam Mone

Love Hops Hill, great extensive list of beers both standard and rotating, in draft and in cans and bottles.

Ryan Gallagher

Small craft beer shop with even smaller outside. Good tap list.

Ryan Gallagher

Small craft beer shop with even smaller outside. Good tap list.

Matt Meany

Small space inside and even smaller space outside. They've got a wide range of craft beers and a solid bar. Bartender knew what he was doing, nice pours and a laid back, knowledgeable personality.

J Hu

I stop in for the draft and a shot special...they use good whiskey, nuff said.

Michael Nagi

The best! Joe and the gang are very knowledgeable about beer.

David Murguia

Great selection and interesting wall art contribution to awesome beers. Friendly staff!

Phi Nguyen

Great tap list and chill vibe.

Devin Shepherd

Great vibes. Great beers. Great backyard. Very much a community feel. Seems like there are a lot of regulars. Good spot on the weekend for couples who are in between brunch and a movie. Decor is ok, don't go here expecting anything lavish. It's exactly what it's meant to be - a place to lay back and drink good beer. You're able to take away cans and crowlers (larger cans) here.

Brigette K.

This is a cool place with a great beer selection. The bartenders are really nice. It can be hard to find a spot at the bar sometimes, but just keep an eye out and maybe you'll snag one. Definitely worth the effort.

Nam Hoang

Great beer selection, kinda small but it's really good!

Bryan Lindner

Great place for the latest in good northeast beers, from hot names like Hill Farmstead and Suarez to the latest collaboration brews from around the country. Pricing is extremely fair, the crowd is always a good one and do yourself a favor, close this review and go have a damn beer.

Sontaia Briggs

Great beer selection, chill vibe. None of the snobbery. Best well tequila I've ever had.

Stephen L.

Have the Suarez family "look no further" to taste what an fresh and inspired American ipa can be. And enjoy friendly vibe, nice service and completely relaxed setting in this great weather !

Eric F.

A really fun beer bar out in Brooklyn, my wife and our friends had a great time catching up over a brew...or three. The draft list is exceptional and features quite a few local brews that are difficult if not impossible to find outside of the area. The bottle selection is very good too and the recommendation on a French pear cider from the bartender was spot on. Great HH deals and with the array of spirits on display, I trust that the cocktails here deliver just as much as the beers.

Hops Hill

Happy Hour, $1 OFF all drinks,Weekdays 2pm-6pm.16oz Draft Pilsner + Irish Whiskey Shot = $8

Hops Hill

Happy Hour, $1 OFF all drinks,Weekdays 2pm-6pm.16oz Draft Pilsner + Irish Whiskey Shot = $8

Margaret T.

A fantastic beer selection between the taps and the can/bottle list. All very interesting microbreweries. You even have the option of buying Crowlers of beer to take home if you like something on tap. The bartenders are nice and knowledgeable but very busy but still take a few minutes to help you out. I really wanted to like this place but I just couldn't get over the pervasive smell of farts. I thought it would either dissipate or I would get used to it but after 30 minutes in the bar, it didn't get better which doesn't make me feel good about eating and drinking in the establishment. It was winter when I went so going outside wasn't really an option so it might be better with some nice, fresh air. Will consider coming back but with Cardiff Giant much closer to home, I think this might be a one-and-done experience. Sorry guys.

Renée G.

I really love Hops Hill. The vibe here is the bestest. Chill, with great music and a small backyard area for outdoor drinking in the warm months. The bartenders are mad cool and the beer selection is crazy good. They have a vast selection of local brews and well as ciders and a full bar. Prices are also stellar. This is the kind of place it's easy to waste a day away in where the hours feel like minutes.

Leslie Gailloud

The spiced cider is made with brandy and is delicious!