Restaurants in Brooklyn

Best Restaurants

al Badawi 151 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn Middle Eastern • $$
151 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

“Freshly made warm pita and flatbread from the oven! Nice dough and crust. Dishes were generous but under seasoned. Generous shwarma pieces on flatbread were overcooked. Rice with almond slivers from ouzi lamb was very fragrant and tasty. Comfortable seating. Light and airy. Attentive service. ”

4.5 Superb175 Reviews
Place des Fêtes 212 Greene Ave, Brooklyn Wine Bar • $$$
212 Greene Ave, Brooklyn

“I’ve never done a review before, but me and my partner had an amazing time here tonight. Just stopped by to have a couple drinks and a snack before heading home. The server, I’m not sure of his name but he was a server in the front section by the bar Wednesday around 8pm. He was incredibly knowledgeable of the wine list and knew all the details about the food we were served. The food runner ran thru each item on the food. Just incredible service. The server picked a fantastic wine I wouldn’t usually go for. The atmosphere was fire. Food 10/10. Recently moved to the area and we’ll be regulars now. Couldn’t rate this place higher. Oh and I also want to mention my partner called ahead and didn’t catch the host, but they called her back in like 1 minute and managed to squeeze us in. You’re running a tight ship!”

4.5 Superb118 Reviews
Laser Wolf Brooklyn 97 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn Middle Eastern • $$$
97 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

“It was difficult to snag a spot for dinner because they are always booked. I don’t know if walk-ins are welcomed, but I used the OpenTable notification to get my table for the evening.I liked the food A LOT. Of course, it’s nice to have an unlimited supply of entrees and pitas. The portion of the main course is not very big, but you will probably be full from eating all that hummus and baba ganoush stuff.”

4.5 Superb191 Reviews
RAS Brooklyn 739 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn Vegan • $$
739 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn

“Good food but not great food. We've had much more interesting Ethiopian dishes. Our server was not very attentive. Those who purchased cocktails said they were excellent.”

4.8 Superb305 Reviews
Le Crocodile 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn French • $$$
80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

“if you want to have tasteful food in a great location with good service look no further! oysters are super fresh. Egg Benedict in nice variations and the banana pancakes are just a blast!Dietary restrictions: they will ask you prior for allergies etc.”

4.5 Superb150 Reviews


Nura 46 Norman Ave, Brooklyn American • $$$
46 Norman Ave, Brooklyn

“The atmosphere far outclasses the food but with the bar set so high, the food had a long way to go to match the setting.Enjoyed our meal all the same but not moved by the pork belly. The fluke appetizer was, however, top tier.”

4.5 Superb140 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine


LORE 441 7th Ave, Brooklyn Indian • $$$
441 7th Ave, Brooklyn

“Out of this world creative Indian cuisine. The atmosphere is perfect setting for friend, couples, and families. With a diverse bar selection you can find amazing mixed drinks and local brewed beers on tap. From Fermented Dosa to Lamb Chapli Kebab the starters are brilliant. As you make your way to the main courses the Sea Bream Ssam is so tasty, if you’re in the mood go for the seared prawns or maybe even the Mushroom Uttapam. To finish off the night they have a nice selection of desserts like cashew baklava or the ganache cake is amazing with warm chocolate sauce, rose ice cream, and cardamom salt. To top off the experience the staff are warm welcoming and very kind! Come on by, right on 7th Avenue in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn NY!”

4.6 Superb104 Reviews
Ishi Omakase Sushi & Premium Sake 70 5th Ave, Brooklyn Japanese • $$
70 5th Ave, Brooklyn

“The ingredients are high quality but the chef needs to pay more attention in the sushi. If the rice fell off after I pick it up that usually means there’s something wrong.”

4.9 Superb87 Reviews
The Four Horsemen 295 Grand St, Brooklyn Wine Bar • $$$
295 Grand St, Brooklyn

“The Four Horsemen never disappoints. Sampled many dishes and all were perfectly composed and the quality and flavor was excellent. Superb wine list that is paired well with the staff favorites.”

4.4 Superb189 Reviews

Recommended Restaurants


Claro 284 3rd Ave, Brooklyn Mexican • $$$
284 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

“Truly the best Mexican food I’ve had in the city so far. I didn’t know what to expect but the meats and flavor profiles were so developed. We had the tacos, bone marrow, Short rib, bass entree, scallops appetizer, and the rice pudding. Meat was juicy and smoked. Scallops were the softest most pure flavor I’ve had in a while and the spice completely opened up my palate. The bass with its accompanied salad was extremely intricate and well thought out to connect the two. Highly HIGHLY recommend Claro. Definitely coming back to explore the mezcal side of the menu.”

4.6 Superb97 Reviews
Xiang Hotpot-Brooklyn 5816 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn Hot Pot • $$
5816 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn

“Love the food here. Everything is very fresh especially the seafood. It’s all you can eat and price is decent. They also have a lot of desserts which I extremely love. The service is also amazing. However it is slightly hot when eating”

4.9 Superb521 Reviews
Cafe Spaghetti 126 Union St, Brooklyn Italian • $$$
126 Union St, Brooklyn

“Simply the best every single time we go! Super friendly with kids, outdoor backyard spaces, beautiful, and feels inside but open… And the pasta is amazing.I’m still remembering the mushroom special pasta I got months ago.Also, the wine list is great and good price points for quality.”

4.7 Superb122 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

glin Thai Bistro 330 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn Thai • $$
330 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn

“Glin Thai is a must!!! The menu is classic yet unique with a variety of proteins, veggies, and flavors! The drinks and dessert were also so delicious! The service was incredible, especially since we were just walk-ins too!”

4.9 Superb400 Reviews


Sofreh 75 St Marks Ave, Brooklyn Persian/Iranian • $$$
75 St Marks Ave, Brooklyn

“I loved this place and would definitely visit again! I should not that I had a late dinner here after a day of traveling, so I didn't try as many dishes as I would normally try.Food: I savored the Eggplant and Whey Dip, a symphony of roasted eggplant, crispy onions, cured whey yogurt, and mint oil that danced on my palate with exquisite flavor. The Roasted Cauliflower, adorned with a tantalizing tomato & chili glaze, shallot yogurt, pickled vegetables, and pistachio, offered a delightful journey through contrasting textures and bold flavors. Lastly, the Medjool Date & Lentil rice transported me to the heart of Persia with its aromatic Basmati rice, infused with raisins, lentils, cinnamon, saffron, and crispy onions—a comforting embrace of authentic flavors.Service: The service at the restaurant was top-notch! The staff were so friendly and attentive, making sure we had everything we needed throughout our meal. They really went the extra mile to make us feel welcome and taken care of. It definitely added to the cozy vibe of the place and made our dining experience one to remember!Vibe: The vibe of this place was just perfect – laid-back yet inviting, with a clean and comfortable atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. It had this effortless charm that made it feel like a home away from home. The simplicity of the decor combined with the casual ambiance created a relaxing environment where I could truly unwind and enjoy my meal.I can't wait to get back to New York and try more items at SOFREH!Date of Visit: 15 March 2024”

4.5 Superb106 Reviews


Oxomoco 128 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn Mexican • $$$
128 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn

“This place has the most wonderful atmosphere and is truly one of the best Mexican restaurants that we have ever tried! Our server, John, was incredible and made so many great recommendations that made our meal that much more amazing! Highly recommend if you are in the area.”

4.3 Superb202 Reviews

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Misi 329 Kent Ave, Brooklyn Italian • $$$
329 Kent Ave, Brooklyn

“Order: broccoli, brown butter, buffalo mozzarella, rigatoni, olive oil + pistachio ice creamVerdict: first and foremost, just an awesome waitstaff. Effortless but nice. The pastas are totally fine, but honestly one note. Felt similarly about Lilia so no real change. The gelato was Excellent though. Only thing I'd come back for is the desert.”

4.3 Superb182 Reviews


Tong 321 Starr St, Brooklyn Thai • $$
321 Starr St, Brooklyn

“Food was delicious. Spicy, but not in a bad way. I enjoyed my meal. Many people got the soup and they all said it was delicious. Service was quick and nice. Atmosphere was calm. They have a full bar. It felt a bit expensive for what you got.”

4.4 Superb122 Reviews

Win Son

Win Son 159 Graham Ave, Brooklyn Taiwanese • $$
159 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

“So good! Love to come here every couple of months! I tried the red bean almond croissant the other day and it was delicious :) I always recommend people to come ”

4.2 Good117 Reviews

24 Hour Restaurants

Sunken Harbor Club 372 Fulton St 2nd Floor, Brooklyn Cocktail Bar • $$
372 Fulton St 2nd Floor, Brooklyn

“Came into this place with high expectations and just about everything lived up to the hype. Unmatchable atmosphere and design. Incredible cocktails, tasty snacks.The only negative was our service. Our server did not have a lot of interest in helping us and her attitude didn't seem to match everything else. The bartenders making the drinks seemed a lot more personable, to the point where I wished we were sitting at the bar being helped by them. Either way, make a reservation and get in here!”

4.7 Superb97 Reviews


Francie 136 Broadway, Brooklyn Brasseries • $$$$
136 Broadway, Brooklyn

“Very nice experience. The food was superb. The wine list was amazing. The atmosphere was electric. The duck was well worth it. The halibut was very tasty. The salad was interesting amd different.”

4.6 Superb124 Reviews
Maison Premiere 298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn Seafood • $$$
298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

“A great place. The atmosphere is just what you would expect in Williamsburg!The cocktails are excellent, A knock out. Don’t forget the oysters: they are delicious.”

4.6 Superb121 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

Chiangmai Diner & Bar 942 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn Thai • $$
942 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn

“In all food is perfect! Amazing food, everything tastes good. I’ve been there 10+ times all very good experiences, only literally only one time the waitress ( didn’t look familiar to me) was a bit rude, other than that the food and deco and hospitality are all amazing! ??”

4.9 Superb62 Reviews
Saint Julivert 264 Clinton St, Brooklyn Seafood • $$$
264 Clinton St, Brooklyn

“Wonderful experience all around. Service was warm, friendly, and attentive. It was very helpful when it came to suggesting pairings. The wine and cocktail list is great. The food was really excellent. I recommend the Amberjack and Hamachi collar. Dessert, we had the mezcal flan. 10s across the board.”

4.7 Superb58 Reviews


Atithi 159 Grand St, Brooklyn Indian • $$
159 Grand St, Brooklyn

“very solid, authentic, small indian restaurant. price is right and portions are good. lots of options and the chickpea naan could accommodate our gluten free friend. we go out of our way to eat here.”

4.8 Superb120 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

Nami Nori Williamsburg 236 N 12th St, Brooklyn Sushi • $$$
236 N 12th St, Brooklyn

“I think this place is great. Especially for a date night too. The Temaki they serve is great for a 2 bite situation, making it really easy to share between 2… if that’s your thing.To be honest, coming here and getting the classic & signature is just as $ as getting delivery sushi, maybe a bit more expensive but it’s worth it. High quality ingredients & thought out flavors.Personal favorite temaki is the XO scallop.The whole entire restaurant is gluten free by the way, so that might win a lot of people over.The interior & vibe is definitely for a certain demographic and will become aged out within maybe a year or two. The interior is on the same note of that Tend instagram dentist place, and that’s not a compliment. The music they play reminds me of what they would play at like a retail store.Dietary restrictions: The entire restaurant is gluten free & can help gluten intolerance with their meal.”

4.6 Superb110 Reviews
Antidote 66 S 2nd St, Brooklyn Chinese • $$
66 S 2nd St, Brooklyn

“Antidote Restaurant totally nails the Chinese food scene! The vibes are cool – a mix of old-school and modern. The menu's like a journey through China, and everything tastes spot-on. The staff is friendly and knows their stuff, making the whole experience chill and tasty. Whether you're into casual eats or something fancier, Antidote is your go-to for legit Chinese grub.”

4.8 Superb336 Reviews
Rule of Thirds 171 Banker St, Brooklyn Japanese • $$$
171 Banker St, Brooklyn

“I didn’t end up coming here for brunch but I heard that’s the best. Came for a birthday dinner and had very creative dishes. The atmosphere is very simple, calming, and nice!”

4.1 Good564 Reviews

Fine Dining


Traif 229 S 4th St, Brooklyn American • $$$
229 S 4th St, Brooklyn

“Service was phenomen. Drinks were amazing. The eight course meal was so delicious. Everything that came out was fantastic. The drinks are really cute, I recommend trying the one with bacon in it.”

4.7 Superb83 Reviews


MADRE 214 Franklin St, Brooklyn American • $$$
214 Franklin St, Brooklyn

“Excellent execution of every dish we got, good drinks, amazing food and the right vibe. Everyone was so nice and the chef kept sending us samples of other stuff so my friends in town were very pleased. Would definitely come back! we loved the liver mouse and the chicken is amazing!”

4.6 Superb102 Reviews
Peter Luger Steak House 178 Broadway, Brooklyn Steak House • $$$$
178 Broadway, Brooklyn

“It is worthy of being one of the must-visit steakhouses in New York, highly recommended!I made the reservation on Resy. It is recommended that you don’t have to wait for the reservation. However, you can cancel for free half an hour before the meal, so you must pay attention!The service staff are very polite and actively pay attention to the needs of the guests. They will also give appropriate suggestions to avoid ordering too much!I ordered the Steak for 2, which is suitable for three people. I also recommend the Slice bacon. If there are more people, I suggest you order it to share. If you don’t finish it, you can take it home. The quality after heating is almost delicious.”

4.1 Good392 Reviews

Cheap Eats

Cafe Mogador 133 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn Moroccan • $$
133 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

“Savoury meats and falafels. Tried the lamb shank and the mixed grill, and both were delicious! Falafel was super crispy yet deliciously soft on the inside. Staff is great, there is seating outside in the shed and room for strollers too!”

4.6 Superb214 Reviews
The Hidden Pearl 621 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn Cocktail Bar • $$
621 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

“Lisa, the most talented mixologist I’ve ever met, is the best kept secret in New York. Come here for the best cocktails you’ve ever had, you won’t regret it.”

4.7 Superb51 Reviews
Miss Ada 184 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn Mediterranean • $$
184 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

“Food was delicious! The short rib hummus and the whipped ricotta were outstanding. Everything else was also very good, I would recommend this place.Service was also very good and everyone was very friendly and welcoming towards my baby.”

4.5 Superb122 Reviews
Levant on Smith | Modern French Cuisine 223 Smith St, Brooklyn French • $$$
223 Smith St, Brooklyn

“Everything was perfection - from their service, to their drinks, to their food. We got the escargot to start, followed by the steak frites, pappardelle, and scallops. Everything was very yummy but the scallops were my favorite, and I will be ordering them again the next time I come!”

4.6 Superb198 Reviews
Gus's Chop House 215 Union St, Brooklyn Modern European • $$$$
215 Union St, Brooklyn

“Came here with our two kids, and they loved everything there. It was nice that there's pasta on the menu now. But the kids loved the hash browns and the rib eye as wellKid-friendliness: Very kid friendly”

4.4 Superb86 Reviews
Dashi Okume 50 Norman Ave, Brooklyn Japanese • $$
50 Norman Ave, Brooklyn

“If you happen to be around Brooklyn and have about an half hour or an hour to spend, I would definitely recommend this place.It's close to the subway.This is a very eye opening place to visit if you are interested in dashi in general. The store has variety of dashi for you to try (also vegan options) and also allows you to create your own, which is super fun and educational.They have a lot of imported japanese products + meal, which could be a bit pricy; however, consider you dont have to fly to Japan to get them, they are acceptable and worth try at least once.The atmosphere is super nice. Nice lighting/furnitures and everything. The staffs were also super informative and could help you in a lot in making decisions toward unending dashi ingredients.”

4.7 Superb70 Reviews
Ugly Baby 407 Smith St, Brooklyn Thai • $$
407 Smith St, Brooklyn

“I usually don’t step foot in Brooklyn but when you’re here, might as well try what is heavily recommended, and that came in the form of Ugly Baby! We were instantly welcomed and you’re treated to a cozy little place that is so colorful! It instantly cheered up my cold wet self since it was raining outside. The waiters were so patient with explaining the levels of spice, and so so sooo attentive with everything! The food was amazing, we had the Panang Nuer (Beef shank and cumin red curry) and the Gai Nor Mai Dong (Chicken thigh, pickled bamboo shoot, red curry) this was their fabulous winter menu! Endless amount of refillable rice, since I had a lot of them, was a must for all the meat we got in the Panang Nuer! Gluten free is also marked clearly on the menu with an asterisk. Highly recommend coming here! A short walk from the train station!Dietary restrictions: Gluten free clearly marked!”

4.2 Good155 Reviews
Pecking House 244 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn Chicken • $$
244 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

“Pecking House had some of the best fried chicken I have had in recent times. It was elevated and you could tell there is an extra level of sophistication to their chicken. Different flavors, different techniques and some Asian fusion aspects that pair so perfectly well with the classic American style fried chicken. Cornbread was excellent, dirty fried rice was also superb and the chili chicken sandwich really hit the spot. Can't wait to return to Pecking House in the future! Service was also excellent; super attentive and next level for a more casual place like this one. Don't sleep on the Peanut butter pudding!”

4.2 Good150 Reviews
Scottadito Osteria Toscana 788A Union St, Brooklyn Italian • $$
788A Union St, Brooklyn

“I came with my girlfriends for brunch for a belated birthday. We started off with unlimited mimosas. I had four glass and was tapped out. The waiter knew it was my birthday and he kept making sure my glass was full at all times. I had the poach eggs. My friend had the omelette and my other friend has the dish with the amazing bread. They both order hanger steak on the side and it was cook to perfection. I had a wonderful time and I truly recommend giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed in the food nor the atmosphere. Oh I got a side of crispy bacon because why not ?!”

4.8 Superb195 Reviews
Llama Inn 50 Withers St, Brooklyn Peruvian • $$$
50 Withers St, Brooklyn

“Excellent experience overall.We had some expectations for this restaurant and we were blown away with how amazing was the food.We are food lovers and travel al over the world booking the best reviewed restaurants. We were amazed with the dishes and the desert.The dishes that stood out the most for us were the scallop ceviche , the Patarashca whole fish and the two deserts we had were the lucuma flan and the Chirimoya .AMAZING!!!Will be visiting again very soon!”

4.2 Good148 Reviews


Aromi 552 Court St, Brooklyn Italian • $$
552 Court St, Brooklyn

“This is my favorite Italian restaurant in NYC. And they have the best pizza in the city in my opinion. I’m Italian and it’s very hard to find true Italian pizza!! But you can definitely find it at Aromi. You can also chat with the owners and the staff, they are really kind and the service is awesome. Also they have real delicious mascarpone and every time I ate that I wanted to cry because it reminds me of Italy! Really recommended!”

4.9 Superb129 Reviews
Meadowsweet 149 Broadway, Brooklyn New American • $$$
149 Broadway, Brooklyn

“Amazing dinner experience for valentine's day. It was packed when we arrived but were promptly seated as we had a reservation. We had the prix fixed menu which consisted of 3 courses. The apps were amazing and almost stole the show before entrees arrived. We were so taken aback how great they were and couldn't stop raving about ever so tender and flavorful octopus and Cavatelli duck ragu. For entrees, we chose duck breast and the American wagyu steak cooked properly to medium and medium rare and had amazing tenderness and flavors with a beautiful presentation as well.Only minor gripes were the cocktails we had ordered were a tad too sweet and fruity for our enjoyment and we had to switch it up to something off their menu and classics which they accommodated gladly. Service was attentive although it was a hectic night for v day. The desserts could improve and didn't live up to par like the apps and entrees. Flourless chocolate cake was rather dry but Panna cotta was beautifully presented and scrumptious. Overall it was definitely worthy of a former 1 michellin star restaurant experience in my heart. Wish them the best of luck to getting back their hard earned michellin star.”

4.6 Superb167 Reviews
Sottocasa 298 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn Pizza • $$
298 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

“This is the best pizza and tiramisu I've ever had in my life. The food, atmosphere, and service were first rate. It was my first visit to Brooklyn and I understand why the reviews are so good.”

4.8 Superb88 Reviews
The King of Fish 4515 5th Ave, Brooklyn Mexican • $$
4515 5th Ave, Brooklyn

“Great seafood spot in sunset park that doesn’t feel like u in sunset park but drinks are on point and Jonny knows how to keep a good vibe goin, plus decoration here are ”

4.8 Superb178 Reviews
Casa Ora 148 Meserole St, Brooklyn Venezuelan • $$$
148 Meserole St, Brooklyn

“We went there for my son’s birthday, sat at the bar with owner Ivo. What an amazing time. Ivo was so helpful in helping us choose the best things. Great food and drinks.”

4.5 Superb269 Reviews
Bunna Cafe 1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn Ethiopian • $$
1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn

“I grab take out from Bunna a few times a month. Their food is always fresh and delicious. The flavors are incredible. They have a great lunch special as well. Highly recommend checking out Bunna for Ethiopian cuisine in Bushwick!”

4.7 Superb109 Reviews


Otis 18 Harrison Pl, Brooklyn New American • $$$
18 Harrison Pl, Brooklyn

“Otis is a go-to staple in the neighborhood that I bring all of my guests to! I haven’t yet had a dish I didn’t love. Most recently, I visited with someone who wasn’t so sure about mussels. Otis has one of the best mussel dishes I’ve ever had; the mussel-questioner left with a new outlook on how good they can be. Burrata is also a go-to favorite. The bread is made in-house and so delicious…. And the cocktails are fabulous too! The staff and service is the cherry on top. Big love to Otis!”

4.8 Superb84 Reviews
Ensenada 168 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn Mexican • $$$
168 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn

“A fantastic Mexican/seafood fusion spot!We came here for my husband’s birthday and everything we ordered was divine. We started off with the salsas (you’re going to want to love spicy food if you order this) and got 2 aguachiles (both superb), shrimp tacos (I could have eaten 5 of these), and the whole fish (perfectly cooked, so flavorful and tender).Will definitely be returning soon!Vegetarian options: It’s a heavily seafood based menu so not sure I would recommend for strict vegetarians”

4.4 Superb74 Reviews
al di la Trattoria 248 5th Ave, Brooklyn Italian • $$$
248 5th Ave, Brooklyn

“Al Di La is the first restaurant I went to when I first moved to Brooklyn over 7 years ago, and it is every bit as great as it was then, and still one of my favorite spots.”

4.4 Superb49 Reviews
Pomp and Circumstance 577 Lorimer St, Brooklyn Mediterranean • $$$
577 Lorimer St, Brooklyn

“I really wanted to love this place but it wasn't quite there.Pros: breads and dips are great. Highly recommend. Knocked it out of the park hereCons: our pasta was way over salted. Maybe it's a one off but it made it hard to enjoy. Atmosphere is ok. The place has good bones but the designer didn't get a number of things right (e.g. artwork doesn't quite work with the space, table and chairs could have been better selected, floor is an odd choice). It's still a decent atmosphere but they could do a lot more with their space if they had the right designer”

4.8 Superb81 Reviews
Winona's 676 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn New American • $$$
676 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn

“We had eaten atWe had eaten at Winona’s before and really enjoyed it but when we heard there was a new chef at the helm, we were very hesitant the food would take a turn for the worse. Happy to report we were VERY wrong.Chef Dan Gonzalez is making a really tasty and surprising menu! Every dish was thought out with care and so incredibly tasty. Each new item brought a surprise and delight.The Hake with celery was stunning, the cavatelli with lamb was exceptional, the salad was a star too - flavor in every component! We also opted for a special that was a pasta with uni and citrus with some peppers and it was truly a memorable, delicious dish.In addition to the amazing food, the service was excellent too. Knowledgeable, kind and low key. They were attentive but not overbearing or pushy. We had a late guest in our party and they were so sweet about checking in with us.The space is also cute, so really this is a 10/10 experience.Highly recommend and so excited to come back to try more of Chef Dans incredible food!”

4.6 Superb75 Reviews
Bamonte's 32 Withers St, Brooklyn Italian • $$$
32 Withers St, Brooklyn

“Looking for some excellent classic southern Italian food? Old school, right out of a movie with waiters in tuxedos and decor from over 50 years ago. Fantastic chicken parm, mussels, eggplant rollatini. It’s been around since 1900 so they must be doing something right. Come down to Brooklyn and make sure you have a reservation. They do have valet parking too.#hollyshotspots”

4.5 Superb94 Reviews
The Nuaa Table 638 Bergen St, Brooklyn Thai • $$
638 Bergen St, Brooklyn

“This was one of my most pleasant dining experiences in the NYC area. This little spot located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn is worth the trip out of the city, and certainly a trip down the street.Let's start with the atmosphere and decor. It is such a refined and beautiful room. It isn't overdone, but right up to the edge of perfection. While I was sitting there, I kept thinking that I'd like to create an interior like this.Then, the staff greeted us with such kindness. I can't tell you the times that I have entered an establishment and wondered if someone even saw me. This staff was so quick to welcome us. It was almost like they wanted us there.The food was so well-plated. Before I tasted the food, I was enamored. It was almost too pretty to eat.I had the papaya salad. I loved it. It was the perfect balance of sweetness to heat. There was perfect texture. Some peanuts added with fermented fish sauce, shrunken shrimp and had a little heat, for those sensitive to that. Then, I had the duck meatballs served in a beautiful green foam on sticks. Next was the pad see ew with pork belly. I forgot the actual name and couldn't find it on the online menu. But, I didn't forget the wonderful flavors. I also had the crispy purple eggplant. It was prepared with green and yellow bell peppers in a chili pepper seasoning.This would be a regular stop if lived anywhere close, and will be must stop on my return.”

4.6 Superb71 Reviews


Eyval 25 Bogart St, Brooklyn Persian/Iranian • $$$
25 Bogart St, Brooklyn

“The best cocktails I’ve had in NY. Kashke bademjoon was so good. Mast musir and whipped feta so good as well as Barbari nan. Mushroom Kebab very good. I didn’t like the Tah Dig (Krispy rice) it was like Tah Chin without chicken in a sauce. Will I go there again!? Hell yeah!”

4.6 Superb123 Reviews
Indian Kitchen 739 Grand St, Brooklyn Indian • $$
739 Grand St, Brooklyn

“This restaurant was fantastic and we are so happy leaving there. They went out of their way for us, especially Monzu who went especially above and beyond to meet our needs. I had a weird request that they didn’t normally have on the menu and he made it with such pleasure and utmost hospitality. The food was fresh, delicious and plentiful. We will definitely be returning. Homey, cozy vibes and comfortable atmosphere. Quality food and amazing service- can’t ask for more. GO HERE!”

4.9 Superb274 Reviews
Hometown Bar-B-Que 454 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn Barbecue • $$
454 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn

“Delicious BBQ in Industry City, Brooklyn, NY. The brisket and cornbread were too die for!! So good. The pastrami, thick cut bacon ? was very flavorful but super rich and filling, so please share!! It’s a self-serve place, so if you’re looking for table service you won’t get it. Be the food was very good.”

4.3 Superb175 Reviews
Time Out Market New York 55 Water St, Brooklyn Food Court • $$
55 Water St, Brooklyn

“It’s a really good place to have a quick lunch and enjoy a nice view of manhattan. This place has the advantage that has a lot of options to eat so you will definitely have something for you. I ate a bagel and was definitely a good choice. It was great.The place gets really crowded so it’s complicated to find somewhere to seat if you go in peak time. Also, the place gets quite noisy.”

4.4 Superb407 Reviews
Roberta's 261 Moore St, Brooklyn Pizza • $$
261 Moore St, Brooklyn

“A New York Institution IMHO. Amazing pizza, great beer, cool vibes, friendly & knowledgeable staff, to-go counter, seasonal outdoor area. Indoor seating may feel claustrophobic to some. They might make you a pizza no longer on the menu ?, 2/5 success rate.”

4.5 Superb182 Reviews
Tenichi Ramen 382 7th Ave, Brooklyn Ramen • $$
382 7th Ave, Brooklyn

“Best Ramen ever! The beef Ramen is my favorite. Wonderfully caring and kind service! No MSG used, and gluten-free rice noodles available upon request . You will not be ”

4.9 Superb253 Reviews
DeStefano's Steakhouse 593 Lorimer St, Brooklyn Steak House • $$$$
593 Lorimer St, Brooklyn

“Quality Food, Service and Ambience! If you want a Great tasting steak, cooked to perfection; You have to go here. Family friendly atmosphere. Whatever your preference, it’s all Good. Definitely a place you’ll wanna go back too. Can’t wait to go again!”

4.7 Superb87 Reviews
Tanoreen 7523 3rd Ave, Brooklyn Middle Eastern • $$
7523 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

“We went to Tanoreen for a second time. It is fabulous. This place is legit. I bought the cookbook. Fabulous wonderful. Just go here and enjoy.Vegetarian options: Veg family members had no challenge and enjoyed very much”

4.6 Superb116 Reviews
Clover Hill 20 Columbia Pl, Brooklyn New American • $$$$
20 Columbia Pl, Brooklyn

“The food here is impeccable. Just wow, I can’t stop raving and talking about this dinner.I went for the fall menu of 2023 and it was everything and more. From the service to the playlist to the open kitchen everything was perfect.Each course told a story, each bite was bursting with flavor. Sure it is very pricey but it was the best meal of my life, no regrets.”

4.5 Superb81 Reviews
East Harbor Seafood Palace 714 65th St, Brooklyn Seafood • $$
714 65th St, Brooklyn

“This dim sum restaurant is quite possibly the most traditional Cantonese dim sum spot in New York City. Located in Brooklyn Chinatown, where there is a sizable Cantonese immigrant population, this establishment has a long history and preserves the authentic flavors of dim sum.They serve food through pushcarts, offering a variety of dishes not found in many other places, and their prices are cheaper compared to dim sum in Manhattan and Flushing. Additionally, they have a menu where you can order dim sum or stir-fried dishes not available on the carts.Patrons range from elderly to young, leisurely sipping tea and enjoying dim sum, and sometimes during peak dining hours, sharing tables might be necessary, but this communal atmosphere adds to the charm of the experience.Highly recommended for those who appreciate traditional dim sum.”

4.5 Superb80 Reviews
L'Antagoniste 238 Malcolm X Blvd, Brooklyn French • $$$
238 Malcolm X Blvd, Brooklyn

“Mussels and fries are the way to go :) The chicken dish looked delicious too but I didn’t try it.Great ambience and service. The passion fruit dessert was tasty + tart.”

4.7 Superb85 Reviews
Bangkok Degree 847A Union St, Brooklyn Thai • $$
847A Union St, Brooklyn

“We order take out from here often but dined in before too. The things we order most often are the Larb Salad, the Tom Kha, the short rib either in Khao Soi (as pictured here) or the curry version, Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, basil rice. I like how they have the options of crispy pork belly and crispy duck but after trying it 3-4 times, it's almost always overcooked and dry. Almost like it's been refried several times and becomes tough. Instead I'd recommend the rib since it's pretty tender. Definitely get Khanom Tuay if you like coconut, mochi-like, dessert.”

4.4 Superb106 Reviews


Evelina 211 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn Italian • $$$
211 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

“I love this place. Especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon for brunch. It was fun watching fashionable diners of Fort Greene trickle in and out of this airy dining room, ready to devour their brunch plates and cocktails. My lobster scrambled eggs were a bit salty, but I’d let the extra sodium slide. The short ribs with polenta was amazing.Breakout star - I really loved the biscotti that came with the espresso. I wonder if that’s homemade?I was here for dinner before as well. Loved both of my visits.”

4.6 Superb113 Reviews
Cozy Royale 434 Humboldt St, Brooklyn Wine Bar • $$
434 Humboldt St, Brooklyn

“I had such a great time at Cozy Royale yesterday! I had been wanting to visit this spot for a minute and I was finally in the neighborhood so decided to slide by. Service was excellent, and the cheeseburger definitely lived up to the hype! I have to come back and try the famous martinis, they look sooo good! My one recommendation is to make a reservation especially if you’re coming on the weekend! ?”

4.5 Superb79 Reviews
Bar Bête 263 Smith St, Brooklyn French • $$$
263 Smith St, Brooklyn

“A restaurant that has been on my list for too long! Tried their winter menu and it was so good! The ricotta gnodi has the most fresh red crab. The tuna toast was so flavorful. The yellow cake is so simple yet so delicious. A good restaurant can really turn simplicity into perfection. Bar Bête really did it! The service and ambience were outstanding too! The only thing is (not the restaurant’s fault at all) I wish the party of bros were not there yelling. I think they might have some misunderstanding about the restaurant’s name. It’s not a bar. It’s a perfect spot for date nights and friends gatherings but respect other guests’ experiences first.”

4.6 Superb63 Reviews


Haenyeo 239 5th Ave, Brooklyn Korean • $$$
239 5th Ave, Brooklyn

“Went with a friend before shuffleboard at Royal palms. Amazing cocktails to start, friendly bartender service at the bar. We went with a wings starter which were crispy and delicious. Buddy had beef bulgogi, I had the spicy pork. Both were delicious. Spicy pork ended up being messy with the lettuce wraps but that could be a me problem. We ended with the beignets. Incredible, felt like I was back in New Orleans.Recommend.”

4.2 Good100 Reviews
Leland Eating and Drinking House 755 Dean St, Brooklyn American • $$$
755 Dean St, Brooklyn

“I just ate here 2x in 24 hours. THAT good. Shout out to Server Matt who guided us well and bartender Chloe who knew precisely the Amaro to serve. I will be back!”

4.4 Superb103 Reviews
Café Mars 272 3rd Ave, Brooklyn Italian • $$
272 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

“Cafe Mars is truly out of this world! The food is delicious, exciting, and fun — the Waves pasta dish is our favorite in the city. They have excellent wine and amaro/grappa lists and are eager to find ways to introduce you to new tastes. The ambience is one of bright, upbeat, whimsy, with a number of surprises that I won't spoil here. But the star of Cafe Mars is the staff. Everyone you encounter from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave makes you feel like a beloved guest at their wonderfully wubulous dinner party. They are all warm and welcoming with just the right amount of weird, and they've mastered the art of authentic hospitality. Can't wait for our next visit!”

4.4 Superb103 Reviews


Recette 103 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn French • $$$
103 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn

“There are not enough stars for this place!! It’s beyond any expectations! I will start with the atmosphere. It is cozy, European, comfortable, and like home!Food- I tried more different things, and honestly, I don’t know what I could recommend here; everything is so delicious, and I enjoyed every piece!Drinks- unique, fantastic mix, gives you an even better experience of all I already mentioneddService - people who work here make you feel comfortable, and they are ready for all your questions about food and drinks. Just ask them if you are not sure, and they will give you the best recommendation!!All in all, I suggest you to try this place! From my heart, I recommend this restaurant!”

4.7 Superb181 Reviews


Breeze 595 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn Szechuan • $$
595 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

“A true gem of Sichuan delights sending tingling sensations straight to your taste buds. A sultry and classy atmosphere perfect for a second date or surprise visit from your step-mom — the vibes here are top notch. Recommendations are the Ma Po Tofu (best in NYC) and Diced Chicken with Chili Pepper, both providing a one-way ticket to tingle town.”

4.7 Superb80 Reviews
Five Leaves 18 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn New American • $$
18 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

“We sat outside. The service was great! They brought us the wrong cocktails and replaced them right away and gave us the first ones as courtesy. It’s not 5 stars because I don’t know how I feel about the big piece of beet in my burger. I thought it was gonna be pickled or treated somehow. Good overall :)”

4.3 Superb144 Reviews
gertrude’s 605 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn American • $$
605 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn

“Needed a spot for some tea time with a friend. We decided on Gertrude’s. What an experience. The house cocktails were on point. The music….nostalgic. Our server (Kazz) was so fun and attentive. Our whole experience was phenomenal. All of the staff made sure we were enjoying our time. The food was off the hook. Highly recommend the Trout. For sure new favorite neighborhood spot!!!”

4.4 Superb98 Reviews
Chama Mama Brooklyn Heights 121 Montague St, Brooklyn Georgian • $$
121 Montague St, Brooklyn

“This is easily one of the best dining experiences that I've had in NYC since I moved here eight years ago. Before coming in, I had never had Georgian food before and didn't know what to expect. Every single item was absolutely delicious and the service was even better. I was curious about the amber wine and the server was nice enough to give me a taste before pouring a full glass. Even the Georgian sparkling water was tasty. Not to mention, the actual decor and energy of the restaurant was so great. Everybody in there seemed happy and it was pretty packed for a Wednesday night but still intimate. Before we left, our food was boxed up and we got a handwritten note with our receipt. I'll definitely be back sooner than later!”

4.6 Superb104 Reviews
Black Iris 120 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn Mediterranean • $$
120 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn

“This place provides an amazing and intimate dining experience. The staff, especially our server Luis, we're fantastic. We drove all the way from the Connecticut/Massachusetts border to try the food after reading the reviews. Everything was better than expected.My husband's birthday was made all the more special by this visit.We tried the Mezze Plate, Salmon Kebab, and Chicken Ouzi. The flavor combinations were excellent, portions were extremely generous in size...I just wish I lived closer so I can try different things on the menu more often.I apologize for my photo quality, I didn't want to use a flash and ruin the ambiance for the other patrons. The photo is the Chicken Ouzi.We definitely plan on visiting again.”

4.8 Superb114 Reviews
Outback Steakhouse 1475 86th St, Brooklyn Steak House • $$
1475 86th St, Brooklyn

“Had a really good time at Outback for Dinner. The classic prime rib was really good! Justin was our server and although he is not a Scorpio ? He still was super great, very attentive and made sure we had everything we need. We will definitely return again!”

4.8 Superb456 Reviews


Fausto 348 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn Italian • $$$
348 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

“My wife and I went on a rare date to Fausto and it was honestly one of the BEST dining experiences I have had in a very long time. The food was excellent, the wine list was extensive, and the staff were so incredibly helpful, kind, and attentive without being overbearing. I would highly recommend!”

4.6 Superb60 Reviews
Black Nile Seafood & Soul Food 705 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn Seafood • $$
705 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

“While the restaurant has closed they are operating as a food truck. Please check their Instagram to see their daily location. Lately they have been in bed stuy.This review is for my visit over the summer. We went on a Sunday and received the following: seafood mac n cheese; hot honey oxtail sliders; blueberry cornbread and the Cater 2 U which has salmon, shrimp and crab cakes. No complaints on the food, the portion size or the customer service. Everyone is always nice. I've only met the male owner during my visits and he is the best! Sad to see the restaurant go but happy to see that they are still making food. Definitely check them out when you can.”

4.6 Superb326 Reviews
Paulie Gee's 60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn Pizza • $$
60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn

“Delicious, hot out of the oven pies in a cozy wood paneled old school spot. They have espresso martinis on tap but we opted for the wine - all reasonably priced by the glass and super tasty!Between two people we shared the DelRay (their version of a pepperoni) and a white kale pie. The DelRay was a juicy and savoring slice with perfect tomato sauce, and salty greasy saucers of meat. They have chili oil and chili flakes which only help magnify the flavors. The white kale has a base of a nut-free kale pesto with cheese and garlic. This one was a sleeper hit. I usually don’t like white pies but this one blew my expectations.We also had a tres leches cake which was soaked in sweet milk and had a sponge texture. Not my favorite dessert but it could have been that I was so full at this point.I can’t wait to come back and try my pizzas. Might be my favorite sit down spot in NY for pizza ?❤️”

4.5 Superb73 Reviews


Sailor 228 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn New American • $$$
228 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

“Their aged burger is a flavor-packed delight, while the Eggs and Mayonnaise dish offers a unique twist on a classic. And don't miss their comforting fish pie. With cozy ambiance and attentive service, it's a dining experience you won't forget!”

4.5 Superb73 Reviews
Vinegar Hill House 72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn New American • $$$
72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn

“We stopped in for cocktails only while we waited to go to a different reservation We had. We sat at the bar and enjoyed great service and a good show from the kitchen.After reading the menu, watching how clean and efficient the kitchen was and smelling the food, we were disappointed we weren't eating there.It's a very cool vibe, intimate setting with a great staff. We are planning a trip back to Brooklyn just to try this place.Quiet neighborhood that feels very safe.”

4.2 Good92 Reviews
Osteria Brooklyn 458 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn Italian • $$$
458 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn

“I truly love this place. Everything is perfect there. Great food and atmosphere but mostly is the people. I always feel welcomed and appreciated. The biggest thanks to Andres who is always taking care of each customer making sure we are all feel good! Thank you guys and see you soon! You’re the best!”

4.6 Superb303 Reviews
Sky Wise Lounge 2027 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn Asian Fusion • $$$$
2027 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn

“Love love love this place. I found it off Google and decided to try in last June for my bday dinner with my friends. 1st off, it’s, one of the prettiest restaurants I've been to, the dance floor in the middle was awesome! Dj and singers were great! They played and sang all genre of music, which kept us on the dancefloor. The menu is quite big.I ordered the lamb. Everything we ordered was really, really good. The drinks were small but good. Then we stayed for the show, which is an extra $25 per person. It was definitely not a waste of our money. The show was out of this world. I would definitely visit again.I highly recommend this place!!”

4.6 Superb298 Reviews
The Monkey King 1329 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn Asian Fusion • $$$
1329 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn

“I saw this place on instagram and added it to my bucket list. My husband and I traveled from Atlanta just to try The Monkey King. The atmosphere is comfortable and laid back. Our waiter was accommodating and made us feel like we were seating in VIP. We met the owner Mike. He was professional and was grateful for us traveling to Brooklyn New York to try his restaurant. The taste from each dish blew us away from the concocted herbs and spices. We will definitely return.”

4.7 Superb156 Reviews
Sama Street 988 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn Cocktail Bar • $$
988 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

“It is always to come back to this great place. I love stuff there and the atmosphere they are making there. Unique drinks, with great flavors you'll never think off. Amazing food, always tasting delicious. Highly recommended to visit while being in Greenpoint.”

4.7 Superb75 Reviews
Lemongrass Brooklyn 156 Court St, Brooklyn Thai • $$
156 Court St, Brooklyn

“Lemongrass is one of the best Thai restaurants I’ve been to in the city. From the service (I hope you get Frank as your waiter <amazing>), food (Whole Red snap is goals) , atmosphere (so ig worthy)!!! Great place for couples, girls dinner etc.I promise you’ll come back to this one!!Vegetarian options: Many choicesDietary restrictions: Let them know what you’re allergic to in advance”

4.8 Superb367 Reviews
Japan Village 934 3rd Ave, Brooklyn Japanese • $$
934 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

“Love the art outside of Japan Village. There’s so much to do here. There’s a grocery store on the 1st floor as well as multiple food stalls to grab a bite. Within Japan Village, they also have Diaso, BookOff and other stores! They also have mini claw machines!”

4.5 Superb137 Reviews
Alma Negra 494 4th Ave, Brooklyn Mexican • $$$
494 4th Ave, Brooklyn

“This was the best Mexican I've had in Park Slope. I had the chicken and my girlfriend had the steak. Both meals were delicious, but I'd say the chicken was the best chicken I've had in years, hands down. Juicy with crispy skin and delicious sauce. The service was slow (took 40+ minutes to receive our food after ordering), but that's probably because we didn't get drinks or apps. Both looked great, but not for us. The vibe is a little loud, but great decor with very pleasant energy. Looking forward to bringing my parents here when they visit next time.”

4.6 Superb96 Reviews


Cotra 451 Carroll St, Brooklyn Japanese • $$$
451 Carroll St, Brooklyn

“Pros: Good food! After a few visits we tried all of the small plates and rolls on the menu and everything was delicious. Fun cocktails. Cozy and comfortable. (Try to get seated on the perimeter of the space, the tables in the center of the room can feel a little claustrophobic.) Fairly priced. Cons: Uneven service. On two separate visits, the server forgot my drink. The server on our last visit was downright surly; she really seemed like she did not want to be there at all and spent most of the evening ignoring us. And, also during our last visit, we almost turned around and left because it looked like the place was closed. It was dusk, all the lights and signage were turned off, tables and chairs were stacked out front and a large pile of cardboard recycling was waiting to be picked up. I only saw that there were lights and people in the back of the space when I was out front.”

4.8 Superb60 Reviews
Chong Qing Wharf Hot Pot 6324 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn Hot Pot • $$$
6324 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn

“Me and 8 friends were celebrating our best friends birthday , our server Cong Lin , is the best waiter . Very friendly , courteous and very attentive! Good job ! He deserves to be recognized. The rest of the servers were nice too . Highly recommended this all you can eat hotpot !”

4.8 Superb350 Reviews


Colonie 127 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn American • $$
127 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

“If I had to choose my last meal on earth, it would almost certainly be at Colonie.I love the pasta, the appetizers are decisions, the veggie side dishes are superb. And brunch here is fantastic - it’s not the same dishes you see on everyone else’s menu, but it’s also not so precious that it’s off putting.The staff here is friendly and knowledgeable, the room feels great. It’s just all around superb.Pro tip: If you can, sit at the chef’s table in back. You’ll get to watch longtime chef Kone and his team work their magic. It’s like watching a ballet, they move so smoothly together.If there’s no room at the chef’s table, the two booths up front get great sunshine at brunch time.But really, you can’t go wrong.”

4.6 Superb94 Reviews
Cafe Camellia 318 Graham Ave, Brooklyn Tapas/Small Plates • $$$
318 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

“As per most of my other recent reviews, I went to this Southern spot several months back. We went here after they had unexpectedly gone on the best new restaurants list having barely heard about the restaurant otherwise. The lighting was nice here and the staff was friendly giving good recommendations. They have ample space as well. The spot has a fun creative cocktail menu which are reasonably priced with some drinks having rather humorous names. I went with the A Complex Cocktail For Bitter People for $15 which is their take on a Negroni with roots of ruin gin, saffron liqueur, and vermouth di torino bianco which was excellent. The cocktail had a nice presentation with the vivid off yellow and the flower and it had a nice balance of bitterness, citrus, and herbal flavors. This was excellent though not on the current drink menu. They also had the opposite named A Bitter Cocktail For Complex People which was their take on a Manhattan along with plenty of other choices. As per usual for food, we split a lot of dishes. For smaller plates, my favorite was the Country Fried Baby Back Ribs for $16 with dill & vinegar and jezebel sauce. This sauce in question contains fruit jelly and combined with the dill and vinegar; it was a nice mix of sour and sweet with very tender ribs which weren't too heavily fried. Excellent. Also tasty was the Hush Puppies for $10 with jalapeno, cheddar, popcorn, and remoulade. They were lighter than expected with a little kick and the popcorn was fun for presentation. I think the remoulade should be on this side and not presented on top but I guess it's more artful that way. OK was the Crab Cake for $24 listed as corn flake crusted with whole grain mustard, radish, and herb salad. It was a bit pricey and the flavors didn't pop as much as the other appetizers. The mustard was a fun spin but perhaps don't order this as this is probably one of the only overpriced things on the menu outside of perhaps the steak. We ordered two main dishes; the Roasted Rib Cap and the Crispy 1/2 Chicken which were both fine. The former for $42 with bourbon worcestershire caramel consisted of a very tender steak though maybe a bit small. The sauce indeed had some sweetness but there was a bit of salt on the steak so it was pretty well balanced. The latter dish for $26 with`bama white sauce and herbs was solid. Tender fried chicken with a fun presentation. No real major complaints though I am not exactly sure if it is half a chicken (probably is though.) The restaurant is also known for it's desserts so we got both to share which are both $12. Of the two, my preference was the Key Lime Tart with toasted coconut and candied lime zest. I haven't had many good key lime tarts in the city and this was excellent as it wasn't too sour or sweet. The candied lime zest on top as well as the coconut just added extra pizzazz. I almost found the latter Banana Pudding Tart with caramel and vanilla wafers to be a bit worse. It was well presented as per the other dessert and it was plenty rich but it was perhaps a bit too sweet with the amount of caramel they put on top. This is a fun spin on Southern food which isn't exactly a cuisine you find commonly enhanced. The desserts and appetizers were definitely better than the entrees but the entrees weren't too shabby either. Upper 3/low 4.”

4.6 Superb94 Reviews
Kings County Brewers Collective 381 Troutman St, Brooklyn Brewery • $$
381 Troutman St, Brooklyn

“Not only one of the greatest breweries for different IPA’s, but the brewery offers a great option for seating, ambiance, and it’s dog-friendly! The neighborhood is unique and artsy. Highly recommended!”

4.6 Superb56 Reviews

La Vara

La Vara 268 Clinton St, Brooklyn Spanish • $$$
268 Clinton St, Brooklyn

“Relaxing and delicious restaurant in a cute area in Brooklyn. We wanted to get out of the usual flavors and dishes you see at many restaurants in NY and we accomplished it here. The food was very authentic and delicious, we felt like we were back in Spain. Highly recommend it for a nice weekend dinner.”

4.4 Superb88 Reviews
For All Things Good Bed-Stuy 343 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn Cafe • $$
343 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn

“fantastic spot!!!! as a mexican is always a pleasure to find a legit mex place! with great food and kind people! we went for dinner, beto and the crew were amazing! we had flautas, tetela, quesadilla and a sope and everything was amazing!!! we also had a concha as a dessert and drinks and mezcal, we will be back for brunch! ?❤️‍? thanks crew for taking us to our georgeous ??”

4.3 Superb66 Reviews
Red Hook Tavern 329 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn American • $$
329 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn

“Great vibe and music choice. Located in a very nice street on Red Hook as well. Burger was very juicy and meat to cheese ratio was perfect. Only one minor thing that stops it from being phenomenal: the bun was slightly too oversized for the patty imo.”

4.3 Superb123 Reviews
Aunts et Uncles 1407 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn Vegan • $$
1407 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn

“Advanced. Next Gen. super hip, super cool, super sharp, super smart. The kinda place makes me proud to live in this neighborhood. Very special, unique, level up… extraordinary… you just have to see it for yourself.”

4.5 Superb130 Reviews

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