Taco Bell in Brooklyn

Taco Bell - 8625 4th Ave

Rating: 4.2

8625 4th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11209
(718) 836-0812

Service and food quality really improved. This place used to be not so good, but is great now

Taco bell - 1034 Flatbush Ave

Rating: 4

1034 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NY 11226
(718) 484-8082

It's conveniently located and the prices are reasonable the service was fast

Taco Bell Cantina - 1359 Broadway

Rating: 3.8

1359 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11221
(347) 627-4656

Wow. I was there late, so it wasn't too busy. However, when I saw the smiling and happy workers, two beers on tap and the choices of frozen adult beverages, I thought I was whisked into the Twilight Zone!

Taco Bell - 2026 Coney Island Ave

Rating: 3.8

2026 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn NY 11223
(718) 375-0234

The food is fresh and the servers are actually very nice and respectful they're not just trying to hurry up and finish their shift and you know get their done their day over and done with it seems like they're actually happy to work there and not just collect a paycheck and also they all wear gloves so it's really sanitary...read more

Taco Bell - 785 Flushing Ave

Rating: 3.8

785 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn NY 11206
(718) 599-7292

It's the bell, either you like the menu or you hate it. This location is always uncrowded. The workers are pleasant and fast.

Taco Bell - 208 McGuinness Blvd

Rating: 3.8

208 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11222
(718) 383-6666

That's Kentucky Fried chicken. It's good chicken as usual.

Taco Bell - 491 Nostrand Ave

Rating: 3.4

491 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY 11216
(718) 484-4279

At Taco Bell and it's pretty normal except for the alcohol part Expect to wait awhile, they process slow and some angry grub hub guys but the cashier is nice and the staff kept their cool. Highly recommend party punch with tequila it's so good. Always the nacho fries. Xoxo

Taco Bell - 108-30 Flatlands Ave

Rating: 3.3

108-30 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn NY 11236
(718) 272-1809

If I have to settle for fast food, this is where I end up......

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