IHOP in Brooklyn

IHOP - 11000 Flatlands Ave

Rating: 4.1 - 72 Votes

11000 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn NY 11207
(718) 257-4467

Ive been to this IHOP since it opened and am pleasantly surprised the customer service is still on point and the food is delicious.. My mom and I frequent here a lot together and always have a great experience. The staff were EXCEPTIONAL, professional and friendly... Sorry to say but I wasn't expecting such wonderful...read more

IHOP - 1019 Surf Ave

Rating: 3.6 - 91 Votes

1019 Surf Ave, Brooklyn NY 11224
(718) 676-7220

I went there during the time they had the 2 entree combo set for $20 which was really worth it. The drinks are quite expensive though, even for a glass of lemonade. The food was great, but the utensils always look like they aren't cleaned properly which makes me want to bring my own utensils the next time I eat there.

IHOP - 2244 Church Ave

Rating: 3.5 - 68 Votes

2244 Church Ave, Brooklyn NY 11226
(718) 287-4467

It's a decent establishment, the wait isn't too long for the food and service is pretty decent. The food is good and I mean it's iHop so you are obviously there for pancakes! which are also pretty good.

IHOP - 2101 Ralph Ave

Rating: 3.3 - 78 Votes

2101 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn NY 11234
(718) 251-2262

Great food , great staff and Affordable prices. The wait staff is quick and efficient at all times. This location has two family restrooms that are for he most part clean. The food is always on point.

IHOP - 253 Livingston St

Rating: 2.9 - 79 Votes

253 Livingston St, Brooklyn NY 11201
(718) 222-4467

This location is very accessible. It was crowded but the wait was not long. The food was good and the staff was very professional while paying attention to my needs. I would recommend this location

IHOP - 785 Flushing Ave

Rating: 2.7 - 78 Votes

785 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn NY 11206
(718) 408-1368

Good American breakfast. Compared to other place, prices are reasonable, portions are on the European size, not sure where the idea of American portions come from. People were also nice, and it is also handy to have wifi.


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