2730 Delaware Ave, Buffalo
(716) 877-3800

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Jurel H.

Another busy location, but like so many other Starbuck locations. I encourage you to download the app, and order ahead of time. This app allows you to accumulate points, so you can redeem for free food items or special add ons to your coffee. This location has a dining area, but I am not sure if this area is open to the public. I only come here using the drive thru window.

Sammie R.

Loveeeeee this Starbucks! I always just do the drive through because I have almost always have my dog with me. My order is consistently on point, the staff is polite and efficient, and they always have a Puppicinno waiting for my big guy. I'm not usually a big fan of corporate places, but this Starbucks does it right.

Devan Wiech

I was picking up a mobile order and after waiting 10 minutes I politely asked the man at the counter (who I found out is a supervisor) how much longer it might be. He stared right at me and did a weird dismissive chuckle "pfffft it's ready when it's ready boss" so I decided to ask another gentleman there what was going on. It turned out my order had been ready the whole entire time. I said to the nicer man "It's very unprofessional the way he talked to me" and the guy overheard me and FLIPPED. Followed me out of the store to my car telling me to "say it to his face" and threatening me. Very classy. He should be fired because if I hadn't literally ran to my car this clown like loser would have tried to fight me which wouldn't have ended well for him.

Cyle Stoczynski

Super slow even when not busy, always mess up my drink, worst Starbucks in the city unfortunately.

Annie Schumack

This is the third time in a row i have dealt with this barista. She goes by the name jahnia pronounced . jah-nye-ah. I called regarding a uber eats order this time and asked she help me by asking a fellow barista to add extra half and half because uber eats doesn't have tje option. She hung up on me.i called back anf asked you hung up?? She with a horrible attitude said no, and s and my friends have had issues as well, why r u keeping such employees!?! Should i go get coffee elsewhere??so I said okay and proceeded to ask her again for help with my recently placed order when i was done talking and she said ok with attitude I before I could even say thank you she hung up with me. I thought starbucks was a place that really took customer service seriously,but if u have someone like jania on your team being rude ,and having attitude with customers working for you it doesn't show appreciation for taking customer relations to heart, this is my third bad experience with her


My favorite location by far. Always make my special orders perfect!!

Chris Edwards

This os why Starbucks is known for great service and their products. Always service with a smile, friendly and kind.

R Gormley

The drive thru line is intimidating, but they move quickly. My orders are always correct and ready for me. And this location has the best baristas in Buffalo! This is my happy place!

Abel Plazola

Recently visited via drive thru the store, and since lane was too long, an "opportunistic" young lady cutted the lane, then my wife rapidly notified the Store Manager (we assume he was), and with great calm and leadership skills let the lady stay on lane, talked to her all the way to the cashier, then he told us the order was taken care due to this incident. Everyone left happy! Big cheers to this gentleman.

Jeffrey J Lysiak

I’ve been frequenting this location for 10 plus years, things are going down hill. First, how do you not have any bold? Not even a pour over? After waiting in the drive thru for 30 mins because of their ridiculous weekend hours, 9 am! There are other stores opening at 6, why 9 am still? If they opened at 6 there wouldn’t be a mile long line at 9! Then no bold, so I get an extra shot to strengthen it up and get charged for it. 10 years Plus Dave, over 3000 a year and your goin

Jenelle Ortolano

I would give them zero stars if I could. I have been there a couple times for these color changing cup, and they told me to come first thing in the morning. I came and they had them, but they didn’t want to open the box. It’s one thing not to have them, but telling me to come at a time and not want to open a box is absolutely ridiculous!

Jakarri Dubose

Great beverages as always, though their pick up order service needs a lot of work. It lacks structure and order, although since it is a fairly new feature at the establishment, it is understandable.

Donna Y.

At this location in the Denver Airport - excellent customer service! The Barista went out of her way to help me and made a great suggestion when what I originally wanted was sold out. I wish all the airport Starbucks were this excellent!

Renee Daniel

I was very disappointed with this Starbucks. It was not clean. They had many persons working but I waited at the cash register for awhile. It seemed like everyone was working on the drive in orders. And on a side note why was the African American employee cleaning the store..wiping the windows, broom in her hand..and she looked made about it. This store needs to take a look at itself.

La Fin Du Monde

Worst experience I've ever had at a Starbucks. I usually attend the UB campus Starbucks and ALWAYS have an amazing experience. I am from Los Angeles and, still, I've never had such a terrible experience. The people at this location are fake and grumpy. Whoever manages them is a grouch. You can tell the UB campus manager is a sweetheart because her employees are always the same; amazing. I am very disappointed with my experience stopping by for a coffee and I will never attend this location again. The girl at the window was such a sweetheart, though. Get your stuff together Starbucks. Major thumbs down to this location

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