2730 Delaware Ave, Buffalo
(716) 877-3800

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Jessica S

I come here every day and order a chai latte, every other day it’s made wrong or the espresso is forgotten completely. I don’t even know why I come here it’s a chai latte it’s really not that hard to make it the same every day.

Me Checky You Likey

Great but there regular coffee a little strong even for someone who likes strong coffee

Victoria G.

The staff here are always super friendly and kind, and if you’re not familiar with their menu they’re always happy to help you out! Awesome experience every visit :-)

Joseph nwaogwugwu

Nice drive through service and employees know what they are doing.

Leona Doherty

So after sitting in the drive through for 10 minuets we got the incorrect item. No biggie right?! Well after walking in to get the corrected item they proceeded to get the order wrong AGAIN!! So going back inside and being ignored at first,, finally someone noticed up,, we were the only ones in the place. Finally asked for a refund and he said fine,, insert major attitude,,, DONE,,, we will never ever step foot inside this place again,,,I give it zero stars.

Gabriella Padilla

HORRIBLE drive thru service. They take one order and wait for them to pick it up at the window to take the next. Line gets into the street, people almost hitting you. DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU DONT HAVE AT LEAST 20/30 MINS TO WAIT IN DRIVE THRU.I refuse to go to this location even though it is down the street, I will drive to another to avoid the wait.

Jennifer D.

Great fast and friendly customer service

Patrick E

Awesome as always. Love this irish creme cold brew they have going on.

Reikipractitioner Kia

This starbucks on Delware by Target is wonderful...they're customer service is Amazing, they're drinks and food are always on point.

abby maher

Get a lil busy friday-sunday but always great service

Derek Heckler

Slowest Starbucks drive-thru I’ve ever experienced.

Sarah Atkinson

Ordered online mobile ahead of time to avoid the long drive thru line. Arrived. I see doors locked with a sign that says get in drive thru line to get your online mobile order. The store could have turned off mobile orders through the app rather than make it so tough on their customers. They did not.

John Langley

First and foremost, I want to say that the Baristas at this location are miracle workers. I regret that I did not think to tip them, but I was extremely frustrated with the situation.One of my first jobs was at a Starbucks 12 years ago, so I started off with a very high opinion of Starbucks, but it seems like over the past decade I have been progressively disappointed with what I've seen. This really was the straw that broke the camel's back. I don't know how long I waited exactly, but I know it was more than 20 minutes. Despite the fact there were only five people in line in front of me, I watched as literally dozens of mobile order drinks were made with many of them sitting there unclaimed as patrons in the cafe were ignored.This is actually becoming an increasingly common experience. You can walk into the cafe and have absolutely no clue how long your wait is going to be because the online queue might take up the next 30 minutes.As far as I'm concerned I no longer view Starbucks as a quality Cafe. It is the Walmart of coffee. It's not cozy to sit in, it's not very swift, the quality of most of the beverages is consistently average or below-average, disguised by seasonal novelty and sugary syrups, most of the products are either over designed to the point of inconvenience, or can't complete with similarly priced products elsewhere. Even the beans that used to be my favorite roasts don't seem to taste nearly as good when compared to the local roasts of any given city. It is ubiquitous and that's it.Starbucks would do well to bring back the black apron, and open some locations that don't have drive-thrus if they wants to pass themselves off as a quality Coffee House. Otherwise the local joints have you beat 9 out of 10 times.

Kevin Josa

If you are a delivery driver picking up orders while on the job you aren't allowed to use three bathroom. Ook then

Jurel H.

Another busy location, but like so many other Starbuck locations. I encourage you to download the app, and order ahead of time. This app allows you to accumulate points, so you can redeem for free food items or special add ons to your coffee. This location has a dining area, but I am not sure if this area is open to the public. I only come here using the drive thru window.

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