Angel's Pizza

4318 NY-23, Cairo
(518) 622-8008

Recent Reviews

Sapphire Dianna Lee Coughlin

My boyfriend ordered a large meatball pizza with spinach. Honestly I've worked in a few Italian restaurants and even their pizza does not compare to Angels. It was absolutely delicious! The price was completely reasonable. I most definitely recommend! I promise I won't be able to buy pizza anywhere else. Keep up the good work!

Rob Sherman

I live on the mountain top and the pizza here beats any pizza spot around. Hands down the best around.cant beat the price anywhere. I got a large meatball pie and it only cost a little over$17.

Tosell Tosell

We went there on our way on a trip.Awesome food! The teenager who took our orders also was very quick and well mannered. They have a nice beautiful outdoor dining area where we sat and enjoyed the lovely food! The milkshakes, burritos, wraps were all tasting very good and very fresh! Overall we loved the experience, so much that on the way back home, we stopped by and picked up a couple of milkshakes again! Highly recommend the place.

Daniel Fosterman

Angels has legit NY pizza. We have been there a bunch of times and it's consistently good. The Mexican food is great also. Solid spot.

Martha Ivery

Poor wait staff. Not properly dressed to represent the business they work for.

LJ James

Always a Great Meal and Fast and Friendly Service! A great place to eat at when in the Catskills!!!

Laura Van Leuven Swinbourne

We have friends in Acra and we always put Angel’s on the agenda! Great food always!

John M Stanisci

Had Breakfast there with the Greene County Highway DepartmentVery good


The pizza has been amazing. Definitely one of the best I've ever had. The bbq and chicken bacon ranch pizzas are awesome. We also tried their wraps, they were amazing too. Highly reccomend this place!!!!!

Nick G.

Food was good. Nice mix of Mexican and Italian options. Sat outside on a nice day. The price was good as well.

Kevin Quinn

The goto place. Quick delivery and open when needed.

Ana Núñez-Lagos

Wonderful hospitality, great food. Especially recommend the wraps as a healthy choice and stromboli for a filling and cheesy meal. Alfredo, Angel's dad is a great person to chat to while waiting for the great soon to be prepared. Great stop for a nice and quick bite.

Rebecca Monette

Very friendly, awesome service and delivery, and the food is wonderful and always hot when we pick up or have it delivered. I absolutely love the diversity in the menu, so many items to choose from that suits my family's interests for the evening meal.Happy that we're close by, we will be calling on this place for a very long time!

Linda Quattrini

Delicious pizza and Chicken Parm...Outstanding tomato sauce; friendly, courteous service

Theretta Mccarthy

ordered for the first time.. everything was amazing! thank you.. from easy phone order to promote courteous delivery.. will definitely call again

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