Five Guys

7 Southside Dr, Clifton Park
(518) 371-2147

Recent Reviews

Bill Schneider

greatest fries ever! fantastic burgers.

Ann Williams

Always a great burger and fries!

Joann Peck

The food was delicious and cooked perfectly. Extra pickles. Bacon was so crispy. Their bacon burgers are the best. A true favorite place.

Erin Santangello

My guilty pleasure .Great food. Place ia really clean.

Erin S.

Love five guys. This location is very good. My guilty pleasure. Staff is fast and helpful.

Kimberly Kehl

I realize this isn't the healthiest food one will eat in their lifetime but once in awhile it's one heck of a very tasty way to cheat. The restaurant was super clean. Staff was wiping down and working hard between customers.

Z Dhanani

Awesome food and sick vibes

Dean C. Finn

Great hot burger and of course their killer fries.

Susan Anne

Exceptionally friendly (and patient) customer service from the young cashier whose name is listed as "Jordan S" on our receipt.

Jodi Eaves

Just wish the fries were crispier... otherwise decent burger. Love the Coke machine.

Kyle K.

Milkshake was good and served with great service. African american male showed slight aggression when order 38 wasnt claimed for a significant amount of time. Made the restaurant feel warm and welcoming.

Ron Brooks

If I could give them more stars I would. Service is fast and the places are clean. There fries are among the BEST you can get anywhere around. Order a Large or a Small and you more that you can handle. Served very hot. You will not be disappointed at all. We will definately be going back as you also should try these Areas.

Yessenia Cruz

First time ordering online through grub hub. And I have to say. I really thought i was going to enjoy the food. I prefer ordering myself so things like this won’t happen. I made an order a hour and a half before closing time. And they really forgot half of my order. I’m very disappointed and won’t order online again. I don’t understand how you guys don’t check the order to see if you have everything that the customer requested. It was two burgers and two order of fries. How can you forget. Never again. Food wasn’t even that great to begin with. I would have to say I will not order again especially if it’s through grub hub. Very disappointed.

Linette Boone

I enjoy their burgers and fries very much!

Eric H.

Mediocre food.Also I'm allergic to peanuts so I can't eat the fries.Also,there's peanuts everywhere!The do have good burgers if you order without the ketchup and just cheese.Also their grilled cheese is good.But their shakes are of moderate quality.

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