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Zairus Punzalan

I buy in this bakery every morning for combination buns in 61st street Woodside location.The lady who serves me every morning gave me a an old 5 dollar bill as a change yesterday. Today, i bought the same thing again and did not accept my 5 dollar bill that she gave me yesterday and she was rude and yelling me “No” “No” “No” sorry Bye!This is inappropriate. Please help me take this action.Thanks!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 5

Service: 1

Chusyam lama

This is garbage store closed 6 pm

Tasnia Malia

Cheap, testy but customer service 0. Last time when I bought they gave me wrong cake slice. Today also went with my friend and he said twice and still they gave chocolate slice instead of coffee. When I said that I heard that he said coffee the lady was saying no. She gave the wrong one and was like she can’t change it. We told her that pack the items in two different bag still she putted in one bag.The customer service is horrible.I went some other branches but their service is better.

Hannah R.

I became its customer since 2009, and the price was reasonable regarding the quality.It is open quite early every day and serve many breakfast items. All the bread are freshly made daily, and all bread on sale after 7pm until it is closed, so make sure no leftovers.

Bin L.

I remembered coming here to buy their bread in the past on Sundays when there used to be $1 each before closing. The place is convenient and the choices are decent.

Chandan Rj

Good place to get some bakery items

shruti thakali

I love cakes from here!! We celebrate so many moments with their cakes ??



Gazelle L.

I had the steam pork buns and it was so delicious. The mixed meat one with quail egg was no good. It made my stomach hurt. It's not as flavorful and tasty as the steamed pork bun. They take cash only no cards or Apple Pay.

Roger H.

The have my favorite items here in one place in a convient to go store front with a little countertop for days where you want to just slowdown and take in the hustle and bustle queens Boulevard. Dim sum, breads, coffees teas, Bubble teas all of it is here in one convienient spot for you to grab and go! The quality is decent for all the items I've tried here, add that with a convienience as a factor this space could easily be a go to if I were more convieniently located

Jim Brown

Great drinks such as the Coconut shake and Mocha Frappuccino. Great cakes such as the Chocolate Mousse! Good prices. Friendly staff. Small shop, big flavor.

Elizabeth J.

If you want to eat what the local chinese think the best and most authentic dim sum place, this is one of the best place to go. Very delicious and inexpensive pricing. Love this place.

Mint K.

I uses to like their cake. I bought Tiramisu for my friend birthday. And it's at most 2cm thick cake & all cream ! For the price of 22$, they can do better. Not recommend at all.

Pamela Y.

Stepped into the bakery for some snack Saturday 10/16/21 around 4:30pm. One lady was chatting with her friend while another was cleaning up and mopping the floors behind the counter. Saw the dim sum sign and commented on having dim sum in a bakery. The girl behind the counter said goodbye to her friend and jumped in saying dim sum are sold out as she starts to take them out of the steamer onto the back counter. There are a number of dim sum dishes (at least 8-10 dishes from shrimp dumplings to lotus leaf rice) she's stacking up on the back counter but she said no more available for sale. Strange. Then she continues to clean out the steamer, ignoring us as we looked at the different pastries in the glass counter. When we ask about the favors of the cream puff, she gave us nasty attitude and ignored us l until i asked again and she said it's tag said original favor. There were only 4 of us in the store trying to get 3 milk teas and a few pastries and no other customers. Maybe they wanted to keep the leftover dim sum for herself as worker usually take leftover home as cooked dim sum don't keep overnight; maybe they were busy cleaning up to close the store, which is strange since it's not even 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. Regardless, the customer service at this place was terrible. My parent gave them a piece of their mind about the terrible attitude and services at the bakery and eventually got our snacks. Can't say as much about the taste of the cream puff or milk tea since we lost our appetite for them. Hope the owner or manger of the bakery will see this review and do something about customer services.

Yuan C.

Classic old school Chinese bakery--I've seen many negative reviews on the customer service but have never witnessed or encountered it during my many times here (since 2018). It took awhile to write a review... I've had their dim sum (shrimp rolls, congee, sticky rice, etc.) as well as the buns and bubble tea, all of which are pretty great for the affordable price (especially the bubble tea compared to chains that used similar ingredients). Definitely prefer the breads here over Fay Da, although it might be very slightly more $. On this occasion, I had a roast pork bun (which was filled and wasn't just full of fatty pieces), a triangle orange sponge cake, and a passion fruit bubble tea (asked for less sweet), all of which totaled to $7.55 and were great for a quick meal. The quality and service has been consistent over the years, no complaints!

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