Tacos el Sombrero

199 Warren St, Glens Falls
(518) 232-3792

Recent Reviews

Nathan June

Great little place for something authentic...though I wish they had some more vegetarian options

Caitlin H.

Have been craving a burrito throughout this quarantine. Was extremely disappointed in the food here. I'm from California, so when it comes to Mexican food in upstate NY I tend to keep my expectations low, but this was terrible. I ordered a wet chicken burrito, menu states it comes with meat, rice, beans, and crema. The only ingredients in my burrito were chicken and beans. Chicken was rancid, smelled awful and tasted even worse (besides the fact that it was so overcooked the texture of it was cardboard) threw the whole thing out. Also, who doesn't love tamales with bones...

Jeff Fedor

Stopped there today with friends for quick bite. Both had chicken quesadillas. They were great. Very hot and tasted fantastic. We are there and it was small, but ok. Very warm, but ok on a winter's day.

richard harrington

Great food and service. I really hope this spot sticks around

Tonya Humiston

Best Mexican food I have had in a very long time, great customer service amazing prices! Five star rating! Fast, friendly and efficient. Yum!!

Roger Richards

Good Tacos and Burritos! Some items haven't been to my liking, but everyone is different. Quick tip: If you don't like the coarseness of corn tortillas, be sure to ask for flour ones.

Jason Beckwith

This food is outstanding. If you think you've had real Mexican food and haven't been here you gotta see how it stacks up to this place. It's also very affordable.

Adrian Garcia

The best service and of course the best taquitos around here, I recommend it.

Seth Wright

Cheap decent tacos.

Sharon L.

This establishment is serendipity. A small, quaint family owned restaurant at 199 Warren Street, Glens Falls, NY with al a carte Tacos and other made to order menu items. My fish tacos, (2) were prepared once I ordered them. The interior I believe caters to approximately 8 - 12 patrons with a counter top service and a table seating up to 4-people. The outside accommodates 8 - 12 on picnic style tables. Listen...take a minute out of your busy day in Glens Falls to give this taco place a try. Okay, I will see if I am able to upload a few photos.

Bjorn Decker

Very good food at a good price point. I'm impressed from what such a small shop can deliver. Only thing I would have done differently is have melted cheese dispensed instead of sliced

Tim Clark

Order a wet burrito and a taco. Food was cold and stale. Eat 2 bites and threw it out.

Joe Yannotti

Our favorite! $1 taco tueadays. Amazing sopes.

Kaleb Dingmon

WOW! HOLY! Best Mexican food in the area HANDS DOWN

Darren Russell Kingsley

Amazing Authentic Food. ive never tasted such good mexican food. better than moes, taco bell, etc. this is real food not fast food.

Anna Parente

I thought it was great authentic Mexican food!! Excellent, definitely be back!

Dennison Beers

So the best Mexican food I had. Tuesday Sunday always be great for taco Tuesday. And some of the best customer service I've ever gotten. I would highly recommend trying to matter what. You may want to just get it to go although that's a force of habit of mine.

Matthew Saunders

This place is a must if you like Mexican food. Small building with huge flavor. Awesome burritos, tacos ect. I'll be going back at my earliest available time. What an incredible meal. I just can't say it enough. The hot sauce is wicked good as well. Give it a try and prove me wrong.

Robin Keator

Food was great but the poor woman working there should not be alone. She's taking orders then preparing them then serving and taking the money.

Caitlin Ordway

Went and ordered ground beef tacos instead bit into hard cartridge in steak?? When politely asking for my tacos to be remade with ground beef i was told i was just trying to get free food. (Tacos that i ordered had literlly half a bite taken out.) When asked to speak to a manager i was told hes the owner and he was not replacing the food. Got a refund and will not be returning. Not to mention i asked what came on the tacos (letus, tomatoes ect ) was told yes and recieved none of those things

Sam Devino

Literally the best food in town! I’ve tried most of the menu and everything is delicious. Great food and the welcome feeling you have when you walk through the door is unmatched!! If you haven’t been here you are missing out.

Kyle M.

For starters, they're doing something that's not only different but 'right.' While this "Foodie" has only resided in the area for one year, it's from my understanding that there aren't many options for Mexican cuisine and places that stayed in business consistently. I've eaten at this "homie" establishment three or four times, and plan on going back at least twice a month, or so. Why? They offer a "Taco Tuesday" that entails $1 tacos (chicken, steak, beef etc.). Genius, no? No other Mexican restaurant offers a deal that appealing and convenient in the area. Some meat options seemed better than others (wasn't a fan of the chicken tacos) but the beef ones were on point. The serving size I received three out of the four times was more than fair, while the that lone time I received what you'd expect for dollar tacos. Still, in general, it's a unique concept for this area. It's a small shack that's great for takeout and on-the-go dinner or lunch meals. Advice: There's a bar/high top to sit at (BYOB) that sits four people, plus one small table that sits four in the corner - it's a tight space, but there's also outdoor seating. So, planning to eat there on a Tuesday night probably wouldn't be enjoyable. However, this could make for a great and relaxing date spot, or solo dinner, on other nights. There are only two or three employees working at a time - I believe, so it seemed early on (when they first opened that they could be overwhelmed with orders - not a bad problem to have, arguably) but orders were probably served wrong, per say. Either way - I plan on going back, and it's a neat little authentic atmosphere. It was packed the last time I stopped in for a to-go order, too. (Hence, a 20-minute wait for seven tacos). The woman working at the front is very friendly too...

Michele S.

Another awesome meal here for me! Brought the hubby this time! He ordered the Wet Burrito with the red sauce he said it was good, better than any we get in VT. For the second time, I ordered the enchiladas with cheese. Had just the right amount of cheese not over doing it! The beans and rice are delicious as well. The meal size was just right even though I was stuffed! We are both vegetarians and they're always helpful and willing to accommodate us! Was sad to see the rice drink gone, I was so looking forward to having it last time but I didn't see it and had already ordered & was already drinking Jarritos Mango. Jarritos are my favorite soda and usually don't pass it up whenever I get to have it! Miss the woman that was here last time my son and I were here!

Cynthia Anna Cutler

Tamales are homemade and some of the best I've ever eaten. Not much seating. Best for takeout.

Deniz Kana

Was good had the chorizo, asada an al pastor tacos today. Was expecting cilantro and white onion but it was kinda taco belled out. The flavor was there though. Will be asking next time if I can get it that way and with a lime to squeeze on my corn tortillas. Then I will leave another review. They guy serving was cool and prompt. Also they have tamarind flavored jarritos, delicious!

Jean Dickinson

delicious authentic Mexican street food surprise is phenomenal and that is the owner and she is just so wonderful location inside is very inviting for a lunch for two but aside from that you'll have to take this home.

Cindi Dickinson

Best burrito I’ve had in a long time!

jeremy miller

Todo bien authentic Mexican good food got to eat it spicy very friendly lady

América López

Nice clean place, great customer service and delicious food.

Jessika Erickson

Fantastic authentic food at a great price.

Lisa F.

As far as homemade Mexican food ,I could do it better, no flavour at all. Quesidila was greasy, chewy and no flavour.The enchalladas were soggy and refried beans were canned. La Cosina is real Mexican food. This unsure what it is.

Mar McLaughlin

Best tacos in the area, clean, friendly and fast service. 👍👍👍

Nathan Hill

Terrible. Got bacon cheeseburger. Pattie was still cold in middle. Bacon was raw . Service was terrible. Female employee sitting on counter. Disgusting

Bethanie M.

I love this place. It's small but mighty. The Mexican food is the type you'd find at a street vendor in Mexico City: delicious and fast. It's not the place to visit for a typical sit-down dinner, but you'll love it just the same. My favorite here is sopes al pastor. The people who own the place are very nice and willing to answer any questions you might have about their food. Honestly, this is my favorite local Mexican place.

Tom Watkins

real ingredients, close to home, great prices

Jason L.

Just had 5 chicken tacos on flour tortillas on taco Tuesday. Everything tasted clean and fresh; unlike so many other Americanized Mexican food places that overdo their food with cheese and salt. Easy place to walk in, order and walk out. Fresh lime and cilantro added to the authenticity of this little joint. It felt like a mini-Mexican vacation as I waited for my food to be ready.

Otis M.

A friend told me about Tacos el Sombrero as a potential replacement for the dear departed Taqueria GDF. It's ok, but not in the same ballpark. My litmus test is the al pastor: the pork should be tangy and falling apart tender from the marinade. This was dry. Tortillas were a plus, soft and not from the zip loc bag at the supermarket. They have a $1 taco special on Tuesday which would add a star for value. But call ahead or go early; the proprietor says they get lots of business. There is one four top and a couple of counter stools in this tiny place, but if you want to eat in your car there's a big parking lot with a nice view of nothing.

Jeff M.

Drive right on by and go to Taco Bell. Not worth stopping in . Ordered 4 beef tacos . Meat was all fat mo flavor. Tortillas were a soggy bland mess. Two thumbs down. One star is being generous.

Heidi T.

The carnitas and El Pastor tacos are the best! Service is quick and friendly. Not much seating to eat there, so I usually order food to go.

Colleen Smith

Absolutely delicious and affordable, too. On Tuesdays, tacos are $1 each! Note: There's a $10 minimum on card orders, she'll give you a pass the first time but it would be good to bring cash if ordering for one.