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94 Utica St, Hamilton
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Reviews for McDonald's

This is your general McDonald?s, nothing more or less. The staff is friendly but have over the years missed an item (or two) when fulfilling our orders in the drive through. The restaurant is clean in front and in back, I worked there many years ago and the same management still runs the store.

Honestly day shift and night shift are just that in contrast... day and night of a difference. Day shift is the normal mcdonalds experience but night shift takes the normal McDonalds experience to the next level. The fries are always fresh & hot. The food is always prepared right at the time of the order and is never left out.. no room temperature burgers and no dry bun. And they never forget my ranch!!! Which seems to happen at every fast food place I've been to... the manager, full review

The service here is usually pretty good but the food is hit or miss depending on the time of day you stop. Seems only good during prime time when the wait is longer. Might have gotten better since remodel, but have not had time to test. Cazenovia location seems to serve hotter and fesher food despite the time of day.

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About McDonald's

Big Mac, Filet o'Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries. Chicken McNuggets. Get the classics from the fast food place that started it all. Get on the Value Menu for cheap eats any time. And now that breakfast is on the menu all day, what's to stop you from having those hotcakes or an Egg McMuffin for lunch? Nothing, that's what! Don't forget a smooth milkshake or famous McDonald's apple pie to really do it up right.