Rob Roy

758 Park Ave, Huntington
(631) 351-8721

Recent Reviews

Shameakca Johnson

That breakfast sandwich was on point .. great customer service also.

Kim Wiltse

New Owner....some of the same great staff..and same great breakfast sandwiches!! It feels like they kept the best and are updating the rest!

Kurt Dietrich

Best egg sandwiches around!

Chris M.

Literally the worst deli in Huntington. You could go to any random deli down NY Ave or Depot Rd and get better egg sandwiches for breakfast and Heros for lunch. Every single time I go to this deli (out of convenience of it being right next to my job) something is wrong with my order. Not SPK on my BEC, No Mayo or additions to my hero when asked for them. No one behind that counter listens to your order in full, they hear the basis of what you what and make whatever they remember. Asked to add bacon TWICE while ordering and somehow still forget to put bacon. Walk in to an empty counter, not one customer but I stand there for a few minutes and get asked if I'm being helped. Everyone behind the counter watched me walk in and stand there, clearly I wasn't being helped. How is this labeled as Huntington's best deli when it's far below mediocre, at best. Close up shop, change ownership, something. The loyal customers who don't care about what they're being served because they have been going there for years is the only reason it's still in business.

Nick La Bella

I want to start by saying that the staff is friendly and polite. I ordered an italian sandwhich and the only thing italian about it was the guy eating it. An hour after eating it I became bloated and dehydrated. 2 hours after im throwing up the whole thing. The meats were low quality and it tasted like a bologna sandwich. Worst 14 dollars i ever spent in my life

Vincent Marzigliano

Guys and gals working here are the best!! Food is always fresh every day!

P. T.

Fairly good for the area.


Best f#%&ing egg sandwich on the planet, fresh muffins, nice staff.

Cynthia Alexander

Good food, good selection.


Great breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Lots of other great foods I'm sure, opened at 5am ready to rock n roll.

Theodore Scholl

The best Rubin on rye .excellent coffee

Joe Brown

The best deli coffee, without exception!

Shaun Jetski

Best breaded chicken cutlet sandwich I've ever had !!!

M A.

AVOID THIS PLACE. Overpriced and not good food. Coffee taste awful. This is the worst deli I have been to. The grocery items for purchase are scarce. Very sad place. It is unfortunate since there are nice people working here. No love in their food.

Paul Robinson

Looks good

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