Lucy's Asian Kitchen

John F. Kennedy International Airport, Terminal 5, Central Terminal Area, Queens
(718) 656-6210

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Northward Bound

Order tablets freeze up. They barely announce your number. Not obvious where to pay. And then mushy rice and terrible chicken. I really need to check reviews.Food: 1/5

Trevor M.

Yesterday I made a simple order. Won ton soup, fried dumplings and two egg rolls. I should have taken a photo but I forgot. 1. Won ton soup was so spicy I could not even take a sip without my mouth burning. And no won ton soup I've ever eaten has fried won tons inside. 2. The side order of fried dumplings were cold inside like the meat wasn't cooked all the way through. 3. The two egg rolls looked like they had been sitting out all day (didn't even attempt to eat them in fear of getting sick). I returned the food and received a refund. After this I went to 5ive Steak where my experience was slightly better but not by much (see review). It's a shame when Starbucks has better tasting food than the supposedly eating establishments inside Terminal 5.

Andy Q

This fried rice costs 13 bucks. Nothing inside but rice and sporadic corn. Should’ve read the reviews.

Margaret P.

Pros: Delicious food. Cons: The food took over fifteen minutes to prepare and the ordering process was confusing. Overall score: D


I expected this to be overpriced airport food, but wish I had read the review before wasting my money on this garbage. The egg roll definitely tasted like the reheated variety from the freezer aisle of your local grocery store, and they managed to f that up as it was not heated thoroughly. The order was also made with the wrong noodle and the employee could not bother to listen and tossed my order on the counter.

Keisha S.

If I could provide zero stars I would. The food is disgusting and over cooked. I purchased the General Tso chicken and you could tell it Hansen sitting for a long time.

ב רנפרו

Not a good choice. Rice taste dried. Chicken is not completely cooked nor covered in sauce. They count the pieces they give you. $20 for this plate? Must be a joke. Chicken taste old.

Mai Lee

This place was disappointing and awful. White rice was soggy, fried rice was made with uncle been’s rice. The egg drop shop tasted like medal and raw egg, the vermicelli noodles was loaded with curry powder. The only thing that was ok, was the lo mein, veggie egg roll, and shrimp stir fry. That’s only if I was starving, wouldn’t buy again.

Sohum Daftary

Not bad for airport Thai food. I had the Pad Thai with tofu, made extra spicy, and there actually was some zing too it.However, in the end it was airport food: oily, too salty, tofu was too spongey, over priced, etc.

Alliebee H.

This got to be the WORST.. the absolute worst Pad Thai I've ever eaten in my whole entire life. Lol red/green pepper in pad Thai? What?!? Aside from that, this is NOTHING like a Pad Thai, the taste is nothing like Pad Thai. It's a different taste lol The only resemblance is the color and the noodle type.. I think I can cook better than this


It had potential and wasn’t awful but most of the meal was extremely dried out. Rice, chicken were very dry. Some pieces of the chicken tasted like they were days old. Others ok. Most redeeming part of the meal were the spring rolls. Service and prices were also bad but it’s an airport I had low expectations that they met in that arena.

Carla Martinez

This is NOT Asian food, rude employee that don't know how to work in a busy place as it is in the Airport.Their "fried rice" taste like Uncle Ben's rice ??


food wasn’t that great. the rice was hard, the chicken wasn’t very flavorful, and one piece was a very weird and hard texture. it almost made me throw up and i had to spit it out. but worst of all, the worker was rude and dismissive. i was hoping the food would make up for the way i was so rudely treated, but it unfortunately did not. just pick somewhere else, 0/10.

Steve Bronder

Two big thumbs down. Even the rice is bad!! Two dishes and fountain drinks cost 40 dollars!!

Lulu Marie

The food is not edible. The general Tso was uncooked and frozen in parts, and They mixed up the sauces. It was Tso and orange mixed together. The Rice was mush and clumped together. I know airport food generally isn't great, but this was disgusting and should not be served to folks. I didn't want to risk good poisoning, so I didn't eat it and wasted 15 dollars.

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