Scaddies Caribbean Fuzion

147-04 Foch Blvd, Jamaica
(347) 238-1237

Recent Reviews

Stacy-ann Bryan

Top form this resteraunt make you keep coming back for more

tonya steele

Luv the food. Hole in the wall restaurant.

Lauren Sloane

Feels like home!

latoya hewitt

Chef makes delicious Jamaican cuisine. Favorites Oxtail, Jerk pork, Esco fish, Salt fish stew and Stew peas. I also enjoy their soups and porridges

Dorothy M Jackson

The restaurant is very clean and the food is awesome along with the customer service.

Anthony Harris

Great cooking..customer service Top.

Tiffany B.

It's been sometime since I ordered from Scaddles, & I must say , very disappointed, I ordered the curry chicken roti, smh the roti was so hard , burned on one of the sides, the chicken was ok , nothing to die for, I'm throwing in the towel, they will never ever get my money again.

Hykeem Thomas

Great food reasonable prices.

Horace Brown

The food are delicious well prepare

Mar Ruta1075

Caribbean food, just pick up. They have D&G sodas and Ting.

Edwin Carballo

I never been there.

Allister Vincent

I recommend anyone who've never had Scaddies delicious Caribbean food is to try it.

Reginald Anderson

The food is delicious, went back to get my nieces some food.

pitcher ski

One of the best and you can sit

Omadevi Ambeeka

Very good nice


Nice people & Great food! Packaging is a no no, short walk to car and sauce is everywhere.

Chris Joseph

The food is off the chain and the people that serve you is very polite and Welcome Inn


Nice people & Great food! Packaging is a no no, short walk to car and sauce is everywhere.

Lanez C.

Yum yum yum. fresh & tasty Jamaican food. Don't be fooled by the neighborhood and small store. They're food is tassssty! really good rice & peas & fried whiting fish Mac & cheese was alsoooo gooood! will definitely be coming back.

Kai P.

My friends dad owns this place and no bias. The food is really good. I came here for breakfast and got ackee and Saltfish with boil provision! Soo good! && he put a twist to the festival that was quite refreshing! Great service and I'm going to come back! And get here early so the porridge don't finish!