Broadway Pizza

652 Broadway, Kingston
(845) 338-8300

Recent Reviews

Patrick Davenport

Great food and service . Place your order early. They can get busy quick

Ivey Melendez

Great food.

Kainius The Great

The staff is always friendly, the pizza is delicious, wings are big, tender, and juicy with a good amount of sauce. Plus, the everyday special cannot be beat (Lg Cheese pizza, dz wings, 2lt soda for 19.50!). Before 2020 they were a weekly, if not twice weekly delivery call for me. Highly recommended. Side note: If they still make the Sesame Chicken pizza try it because it has no business being as incredible as it is!

William Marchetti

Very good pizza and chef salad.

Javier Seda

Great pizza and reasonable prices

Karla Penarrieta

the guy on the phone is really rude❗️

Jay A.

This was my first time trying Broadway pizza. Ordered the pizza and wings deal. Selected garlic/parm for the wings. Sorry but the wings had no flavor to them at all. In fact we ended up throwing half them out. Pizza was ok. Nothing to rave about, but not bad either. They did appear to be overwhelmed. When I went to pick it up at a predetermined time 2 hours after I placed the order it was not ready. Two other people walked in also for pickups and they were told it was not ready. Personally with all the pizza places around here, I probably would not come back again.

Patricia Finch

We got the special tonight. It said 2 large pizzas. They are small pizzas. The garlic knots were burnt bad. We ordered extra crispy chicken wings and got hot wings.

Val Glass

Excellent pizza Very reasonable prices

Anthony Whilden

Pizza is so so slices are tiny they offer no bottled water or ice teas the guy acted like i was interrupting him when i came in and i dont think they deliver not good .update 2/28/20 they do deliver sorry and when i went in it was totally dead and the slices aren't average new york size they are frozen pizza size won't be recommended thanks

Pam E.

Broadway pizzas pizza is good. My problem is with their checkout system. Every time I go in my card is declined.. which is embarrassing. I will no longer do business with them until they fix the problem!

James Daniels

Great friendly atmosphere with the bar staff

Johnathan Wright

They have excellent pizza

Dolores Figluizzi

Excellent food. Excellent service.

Kris Krein

If you like thinner style pizza, this is your only option around here. Fortunately its quick, tastey, reasonably priced. Hard to argue with it.

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