C Gourmet

907 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 338-0033

Recent Reviews

Jj J.

DELICIOUS FOOD! Absolutely wonderful quality chicken.For sure one of my favorite spots in Kingston.Try the orange chicken or the sesame chicken

Shona Chestnut

No,no,no. This place fell off with their sushi especially their crazy boy roll. It was burnt and over priced. Bye bye c gourmet

Kate Kristiansen

Best Chinese in town. Clean, friendly, super good food!

George Wells III

Great food. Clean friendly and by far top 3 Asian restaurants in the area.

John Whitaker

Not really sure how so many people can rate this place above a 1 or 2 star. Portions are small compared to most other Chinese restaurants in the area. Even the egg rolls are tiny, maybe 2/3 the size of other restaurants. Food was bland. Both our boneless ribs and general chicken were very dry. Not to mention the fry oil was old. You could tell by the aftertaste on the wontons and egg rolls. Lastly the price is higher then any other Chinese restaurants in the Kingston or Saugerties area. Definitely won't be a return customer here.

Deidre Hufnagel

Several vegetarian options and sides. Enjoyed sake too! Nice atmosphere, great service.

Anne Frank

Everything was flavored just right and fresh. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable of gluten free cooking.

Fabian Coffey

I adore this place very much. theres a happy mood. The food is very tasty. the service is effective and the waiters are friendly. The pay is satisfactory. extremely recommend.

Jeff Musal

The portions for the all you can eat orders were too big, and the service was very slow. We bonded with the other couples in the dining room over the poor and unapologetic service.

Kevin M.

So I have been here twice, the food is amazing, fresh, well prepared and very authentic Chinese food. Having eaten in both Taiwan and Hong Kong I know the difference and this place is spot on. Now of course they have American Chinese for the American pallet but there are some dishes that are purely Chinese and they do these very well. If I want Chinese food I'm coming here. The bad part and why no 5 star. Service needs to improve one of the waitress can't understand English and the other disappears for long periods I'm sure there is a reason but I'm there to be taken care of and served. Fix that and this place will be packed every night.

Vinnie Winkler

Always my "go to", for chinese. I usually pass up every other chinese place in Kingston for this place. Food is always good and the portions are plenty for lunch the next day.

Kelly Edwards

You get what you pay for they have higher quality food and it feels like they care about it

Malakai Faulkner

Definitely a place worth visiting, the food is fantastic and fresh, the cost is fair and it is consistently neat there. Keep up the good work.

Lawson Stephenson

Yesterday was our first time we went to this excellent restaurant. But It is definitely not the last time. We enjoyed the evening a lot with the good service, with the fine cooking and fine drinks and with the honest pay. We will definitely come back soon.


First Time and a very very disappointed. After be seated by the waitress I wait for more than 15 minutes and she never came back, no to mention that my section was pretty empty check out my pictures?

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