Domino's Pizza

779 Broadway, Kingston
(845) 331-3033

Recent Reviews

Noah Jackson

They delivered quickly and fixed an order while providing beyond what was needed, love this crew

Jon Laneri

This is our go to for pizza delivery. The team is always super nice and professional that deliver from here. Also our order is always accurate from the app and food is all delicious. We are super happy with this location.

Ivey Melendez

They are nice and friendly.

Jaime and Lashonda Rodriguez

I spent $178 on food and my poor baby boy excitedly went to eat a piece of the cinnamon bread and someone at Dominos poured some super spicy sauce on it and he was in tears!!! What kind of sick person does that? I thought it was not nice when after such a large order the manager refused to let me get a small cup of mozzarella cheese for my salad. Burning my son's mouth blows that out of the water!

Jim K.

Because of Corona virus, I started to buy Dominos because of the precautions they used. When I visited the store, I was impressed. Everyone had a mask, including the pizza makers who had to endure the heat with those masks. Another place in the area which I will not mention, couldn't bothered to wear one or take any handling precautions at all. I will be ordering from this place from now on since as you know, it is the second wave is usually the most problematic.

Shona Chestnut

I usually don't do dominos , but their cheeseburger pizza is sooooo good

Anthony Whilden

Employees are young and rude no leadership. The food is soso and wait times at peak times are horrible. Support your mom and pop shops.

Darth Digger

I'm so grateful they're open late. Only place thats open past nine basically. I use the app because I know how busy it is at peak times, I swear these kids running around like headless chickens doing 5 jobs at once. And dang 2 pizzas with pepperoni and sausage with delivery at 130 hits the spot lemme tell you. Its under 19 bucks so the kid gets 6for himself and we all happy.

Marti marti

I give a five star rating because without fail, Domino's never disappoints. I'd recommend them to others because I've used them for my family for years.

Kacey Warbrick

I’d like to complain about a racist employee that works here, Shay Kolbe. I have recently become aware of some videos of her saying she’s part of the KKK, looks forward to killing people, and hates Black people, also using the n-word. Wouldn’t want to eat where racists are employed!

Shawn Sapp

Great people who work there Nice polite Pizza was awesome services Out standing

Joseph Skipp

Store employees are always friendly, and courteous, very understanding when we place orders for the Hospital. The food is always consistent and delivered hot and fresh.

Kainius The Great

The food is just ok, but a $5 delivery fee? Not worth it and not doing it again. Advertise 2 for $5.99 and ordering just that plus one dipping sauce ($1) with $4 tip adds up to $26? I don't know where you where taught customer service but you were taught wrong. I worked for Domino's for 2 1/2 years and can say the state they are in is pathetic.


Sometimes things are a bit underwhelming, but it's offset by friendly service, great customer service, and dealing with my hungry hungry self placing orders every couple days lol. I love this place, but I'm minusing a star for sometimes burnd foods

Trinity Vampress

It is always super easy to place your order online with Domino's. They are extremely careful to make your order, every time!

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