Golden Ginza

24 Broadway #28, Kingston
(845) 339-8132

Recent Reviews

Denise M.

I order from this place often. Most of the time it is excellent. Today, not so much. I ordered through DoorDash. I placed the order in the early afternoon to be delivered later the same evening. I ordered the salmon hibachi and asked for the salmon to be well done. I also asked for two ginger sauces. The food is completely cold and the salmon is harder than a rock. It was like they cooked it when I ordered it and just let it sit there for a few hours. I only got one ginger sauce. Very disappointed as I order from this restaurant a couple times a month. Do not order in advance.

Dangelo Mendez

I prefer this place a lot. It has a very nice feeling. The food is tasty. the service is powerful and the team is courteous. The cost is decent. truly recommend.

Dirk Remillard

I adore this place a lot. there is a unique feeling. The food is very tasty. the service is effective and the team is friendly. The cost is satisfactory. extremely recommend.

Diana Germain

Is always the best! we have eaten here 30 times in the last 20 uears always a great meal!

Philip Gunsett

Must go here if you have not before. The staff is very friendly and make me feel more than welcome every time i sit to enjoy the delicious food. Chefs over the years do less fun stuff and are not too good at shooting sake in your mouth without getting it on your clothes and face but its ok. Still funny when family laughs at u right? Haha Definitely a fantastic restaurant. Must eat here!

David Smythe

Perfect for celebrations. Always fresh

Nissa Mortellaro

Our waitress was wonderful and friendly....our Habachi chef never disappointed, was entertaining and made sure our food was cooked to satisfaction. The food was delicious! Their sake margaritas are the bomb! I couldn't even be mad at my sister for letting them in on my birthday....they don't embarrass you like plenty of other places do. It was one time I appreciated getting the gong!

Mr H

Polite staff, great food and fun atmosphere.

Matt Ennest

Good food. Nice place. Good for birthdays

Charlene LaDay-Hill

HORRIBLE Hibachi night. We went for my daughter's belated BDay dinner. 3 of us had the steak & chicken hibachi. We stressed that it b well done. We saw him cook it on the grill rather quickly. My sister ate a piece & got sick. She threw up all night. We had it sent back to the kitchen to be cooked longer. It was still pink. The manager gave us the food for free. We put it in the fridge & cooked it the next day. My husband threw up. So ended up throwing it out. I don't know if it was the meat or the grill that was contaminated. We're never going there again.


Amazing service. Friendly staff. Even more amazing food! Cozy environment overall where you can relax and admire the scenery as well as the food.

Deanna Kohan

It was great. I really enjoyed the food. Best strawberry daiquiri I have ever had.

kathleen simpson

Very entertaining. Great food. Great atmosphere. Would go again

Elizabeth Arrandale

Delicious food, fun atmosphere and great staff. Highly recommended!

Joaquin B

Great and delicious food, I love the atmosphere the place has, and the cashiers were very kind. Will surely visit here next time.

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