Keegan Ales

20 St James St, Kingston
(845) 331-2739

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Dennis Ames

Great beer, nice outdoor space for hanging out

Tristan Newman

Sours are on point. Haven’t found a place with sours like this in a couple years.Atmosphere is very... tavern/ brewery. I personally enjoy it, but can see the less gritty folks may not have the same comfort.

James Coddington

Keegan's is always a fun place to get quality beer in a nice informal atmosphere

Terry McCann

Are you even questioning?! A good time is guaranteed at Keegan Ales! Tasty brews awesome pub grub as well. Live music usually Thu-Sun. Call for lineup.

Ken Hartman

I met Tom Keegan yesterday. I had to pickup honeybees in Kingston NY. The owner is very friendly. I am glad I stopped in to grab some local brew. Love supporting local breweries. Gotta keep our money with small businesses.

Pegge D.

WE've gone to Keegan Ales quite a few times to enjoy the music. However the last time we went we just had 2 wines for $14.00 and when the credit card statement came it was for a lot more, with a $7.00 tip on the bill. we disputed it, esp since my husband had already given a $2.00 cash tip. It was finally resolved but we had to fight it several times. so if you get a service person called marianne be very careful. Still can't believe this happened and not in my husband's handwriting at all. How greedy and corrupt can you be? she should be fired!

Kristie Ying

Pet friendly, great vibes and good beer.

Christina C.

This place is the definition of a dive bar, but with it's own quirks. Upon entering we were greeted by 2 of the cutest pups which ultimately made the visit 10x better already. We came for some drinks and a bite to eat and everything is prettgmuch DIY. Grabbed some pints from the bar and sat at the awesome high top tables made from barrels. Ordered some food shortly after and werr handed a little buzzer for when it was ready. No one really told us where to go once the buzzer starts wildly vibrating, but we figured it out after roaming around a bit. We got the pretzel with cheese sauce, a cuban sandwich and the steak sandwich. The pretzel was definitely overcooked, but the cheese sauce and mustard that came with were pretty tasty. The cuban sandwich - if you EVER eat here, you must get the Cuban. It is absolutely delicious and so amazingly gooey and perfect. I did not try the steak sandwih, but it was gone before i could even ask so i assume it was also good. Wish there were a larger selection of beers, but decent nonetheless. They had live music which was waaay too loud and kind of ruined any chance of talking to whoever you were there with. Would return again on a night without live music

Jerry Thomas

Great place! Great food and beers! ??

Laura H.

Great IPA and a couple of friendly pups. The staff was also super friendly. Small but decent pub menu. Potato salad was great!

Jason T.

Great example of a hometown bar who knows how to treat thier consumers and host a local band. Salute!

Ryan F.

Made a quick stop at Keegan Ales on Friday evening. Rude patrons, insufficient staff, and weak beers at this dive bar that classifies itself as a brewery. Quality: Our visit to Keegan Ales had very few positives. The beer list is extremely small, with a set rotation of five beers and one or two seasonal beers. When I was told my first choice was kicked and the second wasn't actually ready yet, I moved from considering a Flight to just Drafts. I went with Joe Mama's Milk, an unimpressive coffee milk stout, and Hurricane Kitty, which is classified as an IPA, but lacked all the traditional elements and came out very stale. The Hot Pretzel and Cheese Sauce I ordered was fine, but it was the free Peanuts which was the only thing I truly enjoyed during my visit. Quantity: It was plastic cups, but the pours are fair. The Hot Pretzel and Cheese Sauce was small, but cheap. Value: $6 for a Draft. $4 for a Hot Pretzel and Cheese Sauce. Ambiance: Keegan Ales is located in Upstate New York, not far from Woodstock. It has a very off vibe, as if they could not decide whether they wanted to be a dive bar or a brewery. And even though they seem compatible, it just does not work. The outside patio with kid friendly beer tank and picnic tables feels like a brewery. Inside the dark and grimy bar covered in peanut shells is very much a dive bar. They were blasting metal music and it seemed like a live metal band would take the stage later that night. Crowd: I've never felt so unwelcome at a bar. I got the impression that each guest believed he had an assigned seat and had no obligation to allow space for others to order at the bar. One refused to share his menu, even though he had both food and beer in front of him. I blame the brewery for allowing this atmosphere to take hold. Service: No one cleaning glasses, so they had to switch to plastic cups. No cups by the water jug. No bartenders behind the bar for a good ten minutes as I waited to order. Clear staffing issues. Parking: A small parking lot along with ample street parking

Patrick D.

Wonderful brewery! Really enjoyed our visit here. My wife and I each ordered sandwiches (I had a Reuben; she had a chicken) and they were really good. The beers are very good as well making for a delightful brewery visit. They have a nice selection and variety of beers. We shared a flight and since we were here in $3 pint night - I also had a pint of their Joe Mama's Milk, which my favorite beer of theirs. Great place for dinner and a beer. Highly recommend.

Dominick LoGiudice

Great beer , grea food and fun

Charles Hubert

Great beer, good food

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