La Florentina

606 Ulster Ave, Kingston
(845) 339-2455

Recent Reviews

John Bassett

The best food and people I feel blessed to have this establishment in our town..job well done my Lebanese friends

Jason Stevan Hill

LISTEN FAM!This is the best puttanesca pizza I have ever eaten. And the pesto pizza and the mushroom pizzas were awesome as well.If you’re in Kingston, stop here to tank up.

Ron K.

LA Florentina is Awesome the real deal. You will not be disappointed. My favorites is a penne con funghi dinner and the and the Cabbage Pizza spinach stuffed crust with the mushroom sauce

Diego Sanchez

Garlic bread and pizzas were absolutely delicious! Waitress was friendly and helpful.

Mojha Renee MacDowell

Uniquely delicious pizza. If you buy a "regular" pizza here, I am sorry to say, you are foolish. No cheese and pepperoni for me! Bring on the red cabbage, peas, carmelized onions and porcini sauce! Or the three mushroom pizza!

JFK G Rose

Yes We All Love this Place!!!!! Delicious & Exceptional traditions for all people, family & friends. The best food around!

Sapo V.

After all the reviews we read we decided to drive from New Paltz to this place and we were very disappointed. I ordered a gluten free pizza which was probably frozen to begin with. The toppings were just tossed on it. There is an after taste lingering in my mouth. The regular pizza my companion had was just as bad. We should have skipped it when we saw in the menu that a Margherita pizza had provolone on it. I wonder if the pizzas were fried rather than baked. Revolting pizzas.

Addison D.

Disgusting, avoid at all costs. We should have walked out when we had to send one of the PLASTIC water glasses back for having lipstick on it. The water tasted heavily of chlorine, perhaps a good thing given the low level of sanitation here. Pizza was at or below the incredibly low level of a supermarket freezer pizza -- seemed to be fried, not baked -- crust was greasy and unrisen -- nothing crisp about it. Ingredients of very low quality, without flavor. Weird industrial aftertaste. House wine was inky and watery, with no flavor. I can only imagine that this place earned its good reviews under a previous management -- the photos of pizza from 2017 and earlier look like serious pies from a chef who had at least some idea of how a Neapolitan pie is made. The present pizzas bear no resemblance to those photos, and surely none of the recent positive reviews are genuine. Take your business elsewhere -- your tastebuds and stomach will thank you!

Bill K

My wife, my sister, my brother in law, and I, each loved our meal. I had chicken parm, and I tried my brother's basil pizza. Both were excellent. Even so, I thought my wife's eggplant parm was the best of the items ordered. My sister had some salad all decorated with fruits and colorful veggies that made her happy.

John Kelley

Friendly folks, tasty food and great prices. It's a terrific little place.

Jane Podgurski

Always good food, wine & service

Keith Baxter

The 5 star...nothing but wonderful things to say about a local business..

Rachel Evans

When I found a half-inch diameter rock in the pizza last week it was the THIRD time I have found something other than food in my dinner. After waiting to get a response from the owner, our waitress that he was not going to charge us for the pizza, though we would have to pay for the salad. No apology whatsoever. REALLY????!!

Julia Staines

Awesome food and service. Everything was fresh and flavorful. We will definitely go back!!

Bob Gartner

Friendly staff, excellent pizza

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