Mid Hudson Buffet

1116 Ulster Avenue, 38 Massa Dr, Kingston
(845) 382-1878

Recent Reviews

Chandy Crandall

Always fresh. Clean and safe. Lots of choices. Miss the crab legs though

Nickki Marie

Food was absolutely amazing! Only complaint was the lack of social distancing. 3xs they attempted to sit someone at the table 3 feet away from me. Multiple people at the buffet bar getting food without masks. No one is enforcing wearing a mask. Very disappointing in this day and age they aren't concerned with covid.

Papa J.

We all know and love our Chinese buffets around the country. Been to all. From L.A. to N.Y.C. From Maine to Miami. It's weird. Kingston, NY is in the top 3... (for me). Behind only D.C. and, yep; Kentucky. Weird also. Mid-Hudson buffet usually requires a wheel-barrel in-tow to roll out to our cars! They also do.....wait for it.....breakfast! Check it! It really is all that!

Kyle Fields

Fast service, good prices. The food was really good and there were a lot of options.

Javon Steele

First-rate atmosphere and very amiable service. The food was crisp and delicious. Will definitely recommend this restaurant to others. Fair rates and generous portions. Good job.


Definitely not in my top ten buffets. No matter what they called it just about everything tasted the same. The sushi was dried out from sitting. Will not be back. Only good thing was the server was very polite and made sure our drinks were always full.

Hail Your P.

I absolutely love this place it's my favorite buffet, I've been going here since I was little. The food is always good and for a decent price. The one thing that really upsets me is that they took away the crab legs, they were so good, now they have this whole crab and it's smaller then the crab legs, idk if they put the crab legs out at a different time I always go for dinner but I miss them

Corey Poirier

Amazing as always, definitely one of the best buffets I've been to. Incredibly clean and cheap for great quality food. Plus the staff Is awesome

Helen Warren

Nice place to go. They offer gloves and hand sanitizer. Was very nice to eat in. No worries at all. Loved it

Mister Personality

Best buffet in the area. Lots to offer and not expensive at all!!

Calvin Stoerzinger

Food and service was good. Not very busy but the place was clean and they kept with covid distancing standards

Tom Jones

Very good food, very clean restaurant, very nice staff. And all this was true before covid-19 .

Richard Gadbois II

Their food is hot and fresh, and they keep on top of keeping it restocked. They supply you with gloves and hand sanitizer, and constantly wipe down the surfaces.

Kathleen Vallee

It’s opened and they are using all PEP and social distance requirements. It was nice.

jaybird slayer

I dissagree it is not a 4.2 star it should be a 4.6 star it is really good and the service is great they come almost every 5 minutes and ask if its good if you need refills and I love the food

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