Mole Mole

23 Broadway, Kingston
(845) 338-4765

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Ulster T.

Consistently delicious food and drinks, friendly service, comfortable atmosphere even when it's packed on a weekend night. My go-to for Mexican. The owner, Chris, and his family are genuinely kind and generous folks, always giving back to their many communities and making everyone feel at home. So so happy they've been around for so long.

issis orrego

It disappointing to write this review. Lately the service has become delayed and unprepared. Two weeks ago, on a Tuesday, I went with a friend (his first time), our waitress seemed new & we had to repeat his order to her 4 times. After ordering drinks, it took 30 minutes for her to tell us his drink was not available. We were never checked up on. He had to get up and request boxes and water for us. The food is honestly what saved this place .Today (ironically a Tuesday), I wanted to give this place another chance. Worse than my previous time!Our waitress brought drinks to our table at separate times (mine arrived, then 20 minutes later my sister’s and finally my mom’s when dinner was being served... 1hr wait...). One of our orders came out wrong and rather then fixing it they provided the sauce (literally the hot sauce we already had, not chipotle sauce at all). Our app was incomplete, when ordering drinks it was double checking if they ‘had it’ , and they never placed something we ordered to be made. We felt unnoticed as we barley got service or even a check up to see if everything was okay.I’m honestly disappointed and think the service is only be terrible on Tuesday’s, because I’ve been here before on other days of the week, and loved it. The inconsistency of the service is a 2 star, but the food has always been good. Just order Take Out next time

William DeGroff

Great fresh Mexican food at reasonable prices. Nice atmosphere

George Mine

Very good, we'll be back again.

Lisa Greco

The veggie enchiladas were decent but for $18 I don’t expect to still be hungry after finishing my dinner. Online menu says $10, but when I got there the menu at the restaurant said $18. And we had already ordered so not much we could do about it.

Chris Hughes

I love the food here and miss it a lot, I wish someone would update their proper hours.

Korbin Mcneil

I honestly loved their dishes and customer service, great area close to my house. The workers are always helpful. Will come visit again.

Pack Ortiz

Delicious food I like meals in general and good care

Melinda Lovelett

the food drinks and service are all outstanding! Thank you for making my mom's 74th birthday extra joyous in these stressful times!

Cindy Castillo

A classic margarita + their chorizo/ mole chicken tacos = a very happy girl! Totally recommend! Great staff, great food.

John Lavin

I was extremely impressed with both their Frozen pina coladas and their enchiladas. Neither are all that simple to make impressively but they definitely pulled it off. I went out to dinner with a couple and the three of us spent a hundred bucks so it wasn't really that expensive either. Kudos to the food once again though!

Jenny Esp-Lee

I loved the vintage and festive vibe of this place..great tasting and well prepared mexican food. The mango margarita was great! Look forward to dining there again.


Great Service Great Quality Very Authentic Very real mexican food Go there when in town Would recommend it Love all their locations


Came here on a tuesday & was delighted to see that they had a taco tuesday special (single taco $2 each!!) I ordered the mole chicken and chipotle chicken taco. Both were good, but the mole chicken was definitely my favorite! the sauce is mouthwatering. Their peach margarita was also delcious!

Christine Malave

Great food and great prices!

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