No 1 House

598 Broadway, Kingston
(845) 338-9779

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Natalie D.

best chinese in Kingston, i usually get the shrimp roll, general tsaos chicken and fried rice. Cheap and very fast service. Took COVID-19 protection seriously for pickups but also delivers.

Heather Nash

The food is excellent. I have been ordering from there for years. This time the food was great however, the credit card processing paper that says “ You’re required to properly destroy customer’s payment information after processing. Do not use as a customer receipt.” Was in fact used as my receipt. Now my bank card information, name, zip code and CCV code were sent with the driver. Now I have to monitor my account. This is not the added stress I needed 3 days before Christmas. Very disappointed.

Mr. Reid

Delicious food. Wide Selection. High Quality. Wonderful website and local delivery. Courteous and prompt service. No 1 House. Good food, great price!

Nick Libretti

Ordered 40$ worth of food . Chicken and broccoli white rice crab ragoo pork fried dumplings sweet and sour chicken .


I've only eaten here about 3 or 4 times and it seemed to be decent food. Although yesterday when I got take out food from here, I got about five fork fulls of food into eating and I bit right into a piece of METAL! I immediately got my money back and contacted the health department! No one should be at risk of getting hurt by a piece of metal while eating. Be cautious if you ever do eat here, but after this experience, I would never recommend their food to anyone!


My son loved it

Margaret Josten

The chicken had no chicken in it..I can go to other similar rest & get better food..totally disgusting

Kelvin Jones

Foods great and the owners are nice

Laura Mitchell

I love that they have an app! It is very convenient. Great food is a plus!!

Michael Dalton

The food is good, but the 7 strands of long curly HAIR in my chicken low mein TWICE IN A ROW is repelling me from ever ordering again.

Zeph Jackson

Order the chow mein, be greeted with slop with no noodles and be told the noodles are packaged in there separately... which was literally those cheap chips they give you with the rice no matter what you order. Mein means noodles, what is so hard? I did call by the way, it wasnt the wrong order. Plenty of other places around here that deserve your money way more.

Ghost LLama

I Placed my order online and got my order in at 6:08p.m the site said it would arrive at 7:10p.m at the latest. Since it was snowing I figured it would get here late so at 7:30p.m I finally called the store to see what was going on with my order. The lady that answered said something very quickly and hung up. I didn't catch what she had said so I called back about 6 times and they wouldn't pick up the phone. I had my friend call for me and they told him that their delivery driver went home so we needed to cancel the order. They had our number since we ordered on the site and could've let us know so we could've cancelled earlier. We ended up getting domino's at around 9p.m all of us were very disappointed especially the kids. Now I have to wait five days for my money to be refunded.

Crow Luv

Fast services, alright food

David D.

On the whole it is decent standard Chinese food but phone ordering and delivery can be questionable. It is not uncommon for them to add an item, miss an item or forget an order all together. Last time I ordered I called them back after an hour at which she said, "Oh we make your food right now".

Lizard F.

I placed an order for delivery an hour in a half ago. Several phone calls later, been hung up on twice, and my order is still not here. Somehow although I was told "too busy to make - doing it now" after 45-50 mins I was charged almost instantly after placing. Avoid this place. Rude and mediocre food.

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